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Has an Author Written Both Your Favorite and Least Favorite Book?


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Not every book can be a home run, but it can be especially frustrating when that book belongs to the author of your favorite book. Has that ever happened, where an author has penned both your favorite and least favorite book? Which did you read first? Did you stick with this author? 

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Hat tip to Megan Frampton for the Morning Coffee question. 


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1. NikkiB
I've loved too many books to have a single favourite but Georgette Heyer immediately springs to mind in this category - there are a number of her romances that I've read more times that I can count, but there's at least one I didn't even get halfway through and another that simultaneously contains some of my favourite laugh out loud moments ever but is so overwhelmingly annoying elsewhere that I just can't bring myself to read it.
2. Vol Fan
Sadly, yes. Paullina Simons' The Bronze Horseman triology is my all time favorite books. Anytime I am asked for a recommendation, those are the ones I recommend. In fact I have 3 copies of them. Hardback for posterity, paperback for loaning and kindle edition for having with me at all times. That said, I was so looking forward to the prequels, Bellagrand and Children of Liberty. However, I found both of them terribly boring and disappointing. Rarely do I stick with a book that doesn't grab me quickly. I stuck these out because I just really thought they would get better. Sadly, they did not. So disappointed.
3. Beirut
Unfortunately, Susan Elizabeth Phillips hit this category for me with First Star I See Tonight, which I only finished because I hoped it would improve. (It didn't.) People seem to be very divided about this book, but my thoughts line up pretty well with this BookThingo review. And yet, so many SEP books have been my favorites of all time, like Dream a Little Dream. Several of her books I cannot figure out why I love so much, but I do. (E.g. Nobody's Baby But Mine.) SEP usually hits the feels so hard—and it doesn't hurt that I love sports romance, especially football. Moreover, SEP can be really, really funny. In NBBM, the Lucky Charms prank the heroine plays is pure joy. FSIST tried to hard to recapture that banter, and it failed so hard. It was also trying to be trendy and diverse, and it just ended up being offensive. Too bad.
4. Kareni
I've read books by a few favorite authors which have fallen flat, but I don't think I'd categorize them as being my least favorite books. It is interesteing though how some authors seem to get better and better while others write a great book and then write books that are more middle of the road. Of course, it could really be about the reader and what is the right book at the right time.
Carmen Pinzon
5. bungluna
I agree with some of the authors mentioned above, but for me the one author that qualifies for this is Linda Howard. I have several of her books in my keeper shelf (and in eformat too) but some of her latter ones were definitely DNF for me. I don't buy her anymore. The last straw was the bear book, can't even remember the title.
6. lauralee1912
Always on my Mind is in the Keeper file on my Kindle. My favorite book by Jill Shalvis and one of my favorite contemporaries. I read all of her books as they came out until My Kind of Wonderful. I knew the fragile, just out of the hospital heroine was going to end up having sex somewhere really uncomfortable with the huge hero and I did not finish the book. I have not been interested in reading any of her new releases since.
7. Heather RR
I loved the Signs of the Zodiac series by Vicki Petterson. They were one of my deepest dives into Urban Fantasy.

Then came Swerve. This book was a huge departure and was so overwhelming disturbing that I had to DNF and search for spoilers online to discover the bad guy.
8. Carol Treefrog
Kathleen Woodiwiss - A Rose in Winter was one of my first romance novels as a teenager, and to this day, I pull it out ad read it every so often. But The Wolf and The Dove was very unsettling to read, and I read it as a much older person. Within the historical context, Wulfgar's actions make sense, but they were so close to abusive control that I had a difficult time getting through it. Other parts of the book were particularly upsetting or frustrating that I barely finished it.
9. Cindy E
Kristen Ashley! I have loved everything I have read from her, one of my favorite books is by her, (I have sooooo many favorite books depending on my mood), but she started a new series called The Honey & as usual, I just bought it because it's her. I love a great love story, I love sexy erotic scenes, I can even read some light bdsm and like it. This book went waaay over the edge for me. I even made eeeewww noises at one point. To be honest, it was just not my cup o tea, as they say. So favorite from her and very un-favorite from her.
10. Nicki S
J R Ward. The first 4 BDB books are still favs, and every book afterward went downhill from there. I quit the series entirely after struggling with The King, after overlooking way too much for far too long (terrible made-up slang, annoying brand-name dropping, gaping plot holes, wonky timelines, V's ghost bride, Phury's lack of HEA and the blatant switch from PNR to UF without simply saying so, Tohr breaking the world rules of a bonded male vampire, the awful M/M sex between Quinn and Blay...I could write a dissertation).
11. Kareni
After more reflection, I thought of an author who has written both a favorite series as well as a series of books to which I had a very different reaction -- Anne Bishop. I really REALLY like her Other series. I know that her Black Jewels series gets a lot of love; however, I was both drawn to and repulsed by it.
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