Jun 16 2017 7:02am

Do You Think You Could Ever Give Up Your TBR Pile?

Tuesdays and Fridays—two days of the week when we tend to load up our e-readers and bookshelves with new books and get ready to read! However, for some, the idea of this growing to-be-read pile can be very stressful. And so they give up the pile... and just read what comes up! 

Do you think you could give up the TBR pile? Is your TBR pile a list or do you have an actual pile? 

Tell us all your TBR angst down in the comments!

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Heather Waters
1. HeatherWaters
Mine is out. of. control. But while I go through and donate physical books every once in a while that I just know I'll never read, I can't imagine walking away from the whole thing.
Katy Cooper
2. katy.madellio
I know already that I will die with books I own that I never got around to reading. When I say I have hundred of books in my TBR Himalayas, I'm not exaggerating. I have a log. I know how many books I have that I haven't read.

And you know what? I'm totally cool with it. I had a stretch in my early 20s when I had relatively few books to read, so I re-read them and re-read them. Having an entire mountain range of books to discover makes me feel rich and happy. And the odds I won't have anything to read -- you know, that awful sensation when you can't find something that grabs you, or at least tweaks interest -- are quite slim...

The only downside is pawing through the pile to find what I want. Oh, and buying a book I already have. (And not on purpose, as when you by the ebook version of something you have as a physical book.)
Carmen Pinzon
3. bungluna
I must confess that, since converting to the dark side (e-reader), my TBR pile has dwindled into a manageble hill. I keep lists of books I wish to read and only load about 10 at a time. As I get older, I've become more impatient. I'll try the book for a few chapters; if it doesn't hold my interest, I'll remove it from the reader and move on to the next one.

My list of wished-for ebooms is monumental, though.
4. MelM
I consider my e-library as a sort of a pet to be fed and groomed. Granted it is kind of overweight because I feed it too much, but it's so adorable how can I resist giving it just one more book? It's only a novella. Who's a good library? Who wants to go readies after lunch?
5. lauralee1912
LOL @ MelM

I don't think I could just walk away from my TBR pile/file because I have always needed to have at least a couple of new books in reach since I was a teenager. I have a few paper books in my TBR pile. I'm saving Julia Quinn's Girl With the Make Believe Husband for the Fourth of July weekend when I have some time off from work. Have no idea where the self control is coming from! I stopped buying or borrowing eBooks for a time and whittled down TBR file on my Kindle. There are still some books in it I'll likely never read. Most of them were free or 99 cent books. Now that Amazon removed the "sort by price" feature on Wish Lists, I'm probably going to cut my Wish List to make it managable. There are books on the list I've added almost four years ago. They haven't gone on sale, my library doesn't have them, and I haven't felt an urge to purchase at full price.
6. Kareni
I'm another with a Mount TBR; mine has over a thousand (or two) if you count both paper and electronic books. I can't imagine giving up my TBR pile; barring a fire or an electromagnetic pulse attack, I always have something to read.
7. susan59srw
I have a list, a 3 and 7 foot bookcases filled with TBR (on top, too). Can I help it if there are way more authors and genres since I graduated from college? I moved not too long ago and made an effort to weed, but my brother-in-law still complained about the numerous boxes of books. With the new books I have acquired since moving, I believe I am on the way to replacing what I got rid of. My new spot to stack is on my wall unit in the living room. I haven't noticed how many are on my Kindle. My TBR is here to stay.
Wendy the Super Librarian
8. SuperWendy
Ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha!

What was the question again?

Oh yeah.

Ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha!

(Will never happen. I'll likely die under a pile of unread books. I cull and weed on a semi-regular basis but to get it down to a managable mole hill? Will never happen.)
9. willaful
Finding romance has saved me from an adulthood spent desperately trying to find new books and constantly rereading when
I couldn't. My TBR is my security blanket. I have culled the print TBR to a more reasonable size and do cull the ebook one as well sometimes, but I'll always have one.
10. flmom1957
I love the comment by Willaful about her TBR is her security blanket, I totally understand! My TBR journal includes ebooks and tree books I own (or want to own!) as well as books I can borrow from the library. Occasionally I get a slight twinge about the amount in my journal but I just blame all the fabulous authors and websites and blithefully just keep adding!
11. lizzie18
It's funny you should ask this now because I asked myself the same question a few days ago, but with a choice :

Would I rather keep my TBR piles or keep a same number of favorites from my keeper shelves ? (had to be one of the other, not a mix of both)

My answer came so quickly and easily that it surprised me : I would keep old favorites. Why ? Well I kept them in the first place because I really liked them; they give me pleasure, comfort, and are a sure value. With a big pile of TBR books, I would end up with just a few as keepers and give most of the others away.

So even though my TBR pile always intrigues me, I am not yet attached to any of the books, and yes I could give it up if I had to.
12. lvj1
Not only will I not walk away from my (e) TBR pile, even if hit with an EMP, I'll carry the tablet just in case there's a way of recovering the books.
I still add to my list daily, even though I have hundreds and hundreds of books TBR. Sometimes I spend a lot of time adding to my lists instead of actually reading - I just noticed that and will get back down to reading. LOL I also have piles of TBR paperbacks. Altogether almost 1K, but somehow still not satisfied. Love having the right book for the right mood and will keep on adding them. So there.
I'm with SuperWendy...
13. bookaday19
Lizzie - I agree 100%. I know, deep down inside, I'll never read most of the physical books on my literal TBR shelves. I know I probalby won't read most of the e books waiting for me on my Kindle and my Nook. But giving up my keepers is a deal breaker. Not spend time every year with Cal and Min or Wolf and Mary or Anthony and Kate? Never happen.
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