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First Look: Christina Lauren’s Dating You/Hating You (June 6, 2017)

Dating You/Hating You by Christina Lauren

Christina Lauren
Dating You/Hating You 
Gallery Books / June 6, 2017 / $16.00 print, $7.99 digital

Christina Lauren is back. And I for one am glad that this writing duo has ventured into stand-alones with Dating You / Hating You, their first romance release after the long-running, fan-favorite Beautiful series. And if there’s a shift in tone, it’s still the same great Christina Lauren we love.

Carter and Evie hit it off at mutual friends’ couples Halloween party, where they’re singles and strangers, but who come dressed as Harry and Hermione… I mean, this is a no-brainer. But it’s really in the brutal light of day that they discover they’re both top Hollywood agents, and the hits keep coming when they learn in that Twilight Zone kind of way that their companies have actually merged and not only are they now under the same roof—they’re in the same department, competing for the same job. Talk about trick or treat.

So far I’ve only given them the bullet points:

  • Hiding in my office, worrying I was going to be fired.
  • Meeting with Brad.
  • Thinking I might not be fired.
  • Surprise! There might only be a job here for one of you.
  • And by one of you, we mean you or this new guy you want to bang.

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It’s a conundrum indeed, and Evie and Carter are left spinning. They’re married to their careers, and this is Hollywood in all its up-front, not-so-glamorous glory, where it’s 24/7 show business, office gossip, and sleazy bosses, and getting ahead and making your mark is the name of the game. But in the midst of this, there’s a very earnest connection made right at the start between Evie and Carter, and when the focus pans back to that, no matter how crazy things get with these two, it’s magic.

This whole situation would be about a million times easier if I didn’t want to kiss him as much as I want to shove him.

And when office antics start to escalate, Evie and Carter really let the fur fly, pranking at the most basic level. It’s a hilarious stretch to be sure, but the best thing about Dating You / Hating You are the moments when they stop and share a look, when the one-upping actually turns them on and makes them just as likely to work out their frustrations behind a closed office door or on top of a conference table as wring each other’s necks.

…this combination of attraction and competition makes me completely insane.

When the whole thing begins to unravel into something much bigger than Evie and Carter and they realize that maybe they always were stronger together than as adversaries, this is where they really come out on top. And the great thing about Dating You / Hating You is that in writing stand-alone stories, we’ll get dozens of Christina Lauren settings and scenarios, and the real fun is just beginning. 


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