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First Look: A.M. Madden’s Vanishing Act (June 20, 2017)

Vanishing Act by A.M. Madden

A.M. Madden
Vanishing Act
Loveswept / June 20, 2017 / $4.99 digital

If love at first sight is your thing, then Vanishing Act by A.M. Madden is just the book for you. Bonus, the heroine is biracial and her family fled from racial discord in Apartheid South Africa. This is not your usual cute-boy-meets-cute-girl and falls in love story. Rather, there’s deception and depth to these characters, which makes the story interesting.

Landon Price is famous. He has won an Oscar already, and after his latest film is wrapped up, he needs an escape. Thus he travels with an alias for a name and heads to a little unknown island in Hawaii. Here he meets Zara Jobert, eight years his junior with looks that could melt him into a puddle. Only she doesn’t know she’s beautiful. WHAT? How can a modelesque twenty-three-year-old not know how beautiful she is?

Well, that is part of her backstory.  Without giving too much away, we learn early on that her father was very political and black. Her mother was ten years his junior and a blonde beauty from Europe.  This interracial union might seem uneventful here, but back years ago when Apartheid was toppled in South Africa, interracial unions were unheard of and dangerous. The Jobert’s felt this danger firsthand with a crime resulting in the death of Zara’s sister. Hence Zara was sheltered to the greatest degree. And why we understand why Zara can be so clueless.

And what  I love is how Ms. Madden turns this movie star into a “normal” person.

My eyes searched the faces for the one I’d hoped was there… I had thought long and hard over the obsession to see her again. I came up with only one logical explanation. Going in, I had no expectations of having any kind of a sex life while I hid in paradise.

..I hadn’t had a wet dream in years.

Yes, celebrity and all, we see Landon through the eyes of Zara….a real person.

Our eyes connected and held. I waited to how she’d respond.

What I didn’t expect was for her to say, “I’ll be right back.” She disappeared into what I assumed was the kitchen…clearly I once again freaked her out with my honesty, I knew her well enough to know she just needed to take a few minutes to digest what I said. But I couldn’t regret sharing these little tidbits of information. When near her, weirdly enough it all made sense.

Let’s face it, folks, we all have a celebrity crush. And we all want our celebrity crush to be normal, or have normal feelings. And lo and behold, Landon is our man.  Of course, the truth of his real identity finally comes out and puts a monkey wrench in things. But as we've come to hope and love in romance, there is an HEA.

Also, Zara is biracial. Sure, she's tall and beautiful. But she’s different than what we normally see in today’s society. She’s not white. Don’t get me wrong. I like reading about all colors of our rainbow. It’s just dominated by western European norms. So I get excited when a main character deviates from that norm. Someday there will be so many characters of all backgrounds I won’t have to point out a biracial heroine. Until that day, here’s a start.

Thank you, A.M. Madden.


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