May 19 2017 8:02am

What’s Your Most Anticipated Book of the Summer?

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It's nowhere near summer yet—at least not officially—but with temperatures around 90 degrees at the H&H offices, we already feel like we're in the dog days of it! Since though it's not official, we have a lot to look forward to this season—especially in the books department! We're waiting on a lot of great releases!

What is your most anticipated read of the summer? 

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Jessica Moro
1. JessicaMoro
I can't wait for J.R. Ward's last in the bourbon kings!
Vindhya Gupta
2. Vindhya Gupta
I am waiting for White Hot, by Ilona Andrews (May 30) and Silver Silence by Nalini Singh (June 13). Dying to know what happens next in both the series.
Vindhya Gupta
5. Althea Claire Duffy
@Kareni - that's tied with the new Rose Lerner book for me.
6. lauralee1912
Scandalous Ever After by Theresa Romain was pre-ordered last month for my Independence Day holiday reading fun.
7. smmoe1997
I'm eagerly awaiting the 2 new Ilona Andrews' books in the Hidden Legacy series. Burn for Me was the first one of their books I ever read, and I been waiting for the sequels ever since! Luckily just a week and a half left for White Hot!
Vindhya Gupta
8. Nena Chandler
Sarah Maclean's "The Day of the Duchess" (June 27th), Ilona Andrews "White Hot"(May 30) and "Wildfire" (July 25), Sabrina Jeffries "The Pleasure of Passion" (June 20th), and Tessa Dare's "The Duchess Deal" (Aug 22). I'm sure there are many more. My TBR queue is giant!
9. Janga
I've already read Julie Anne Long's Dirty Dancing at Devil's Leap and several others of my most-antiipated summer reads. At the top of my still unread, must-buy list are Joanna Bourne's Beauty Like the Night, Mary Jo Putney's Once a Rebel, Tessa Dare's The Duchess Deal, and next week's release of Eva Leigh's From Duke Till Dawn, the start of a new series.
Dawn Roberto
10. love2read28
Looking forward to Nora Roberts Come Sundown, Marie Force's next Fatal series book, Fatal Threat and her novella in the Butler, VT series, Can't Buy Me Love and Susan Mallery's Secrets of the tulip Sisters.
Vindhya Gupta
11. Caitlyn Morelock
Day of the Duchess by Sarah MacLean; From Duke Till Dawn by Eva Leigh; The Pleasures of Passion by Sabrina Jeffries; Lady Be Bad by Megan Frampton; The Scandal of It All by Sophie Jordan

It's going to be a great summer for HRs!!
Vindhya Gupta
12. lizzie18
Dianne Duvall's new Immortal Guardians book is supposed to come out this summer but I haven't heard anything yet. I wrote her last December because I thought she had stopped the series and left us hanging. She assured me that no, that she was writing Aidan's story. Wasn't sure when it would be published but she thought it might be this summer. And more to come later in the series (including Seth!)

Also, I am impatiently waiting for the paperback format of Alanea Alder's latest two books, My Champion and My Defender. It's Kindle only for now but I've been assured the paperbacks are coming.

Call it Magic by Janet Chapman. The previous one was hilarious and we met the hero of this one. Can't wait for his story and the feisty McBain he will meet. Hum, I think I'll re-read From Kiss to Queen before reading this one.

And Hannah Howell is starting a new series 'Seven Brides for Seven Scotsmen', so should be at least 7 books. The first one is in September. Does it still count for summer ?

Anyway, I will print out this post with your suggestions and check them out. Thank you ladies.
Vindhya Gupta
14. Janice Rahn Francis
Wired by Julie Garwood is my most anticipated book of the summer.
Vindhya Gupta
15. deb b
mmm my big time wants in the coming months are Rhenna Morgan's Claim & Protect, Suzanne Wright's Ashes, Suzanne Halliday's Everlasting & Lexi Blake's Love Another Day
Vindhya Gupta
16. Michelle H.
Singh's Silver Silence!
17. bigedsgirl1
Chasing Down A Dream by Beverly Jenkins and Fatal Threat by Marie Force. I am addicted to both series and both books will be released in July, 2017. Finally!
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