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The Song is Sung: What is the Future of Karen Marie Moning’s Fever Series?

So, chances are if you're reading this post you've probably finished Feversong, but just in case: SPOILERS! DEAD AHEAD!

Feversong by Karen Marie Moning

Still with me Fever Fans?

It’s been a wild ride since release day! Feversong roared onto bookshelves everywhere and I for one was knocked clean off my feet.

The newest arrival in the Fever Universe, Feversong artfully wrapped up the series’ bigger storylines. Not only those that began with the arrival of the Hoar Frost King in Iced but even those that began further back with the original five books, such as Cruce being locked in his cell below the abbey, and the mirror image of the Sinsar Dubh buried deep inside Mac’s mind.

But as fans of the series might be aware, though the actual “Fever Series” ended with Feversong, KMM has apparently signed for two more books (!!!) set in the greater Fever Universe. Which is awesome because there’s still so much in this expansive universe left to explore! Including a number of loose ends that KMM didn’t clean up in Feversong.

ONE of the two future books is already spoken for, so to speak. KMM has announced that the next book, High Voltage, will be a Dani book! According to a very mysterious facebook post, High Voltage won’t pick up where we left off at the end of Feversong. Instead KMM has promised us a book that starts at a “different time”... *flail of frustration and anticipation*

Does that mean the we finally get to learn about Dani’s time in the silvers?! Or are we leaping ahead into the future?Maybe into the future of a certain couple so many of us are cheering for?

(Hear us, Oh Beloved KMM!)

It seems certain, post-Feversong, that our new favorite “superhero” couple, Dani and Ryodan, are an endgame waiting to happen. Who can forget Ryodan’s (awesomely possessive!) claim in Feversong that he might not be Dani’s first, but he would definitely “be her last”. But beyond one seriously hot “almost” moment between them during this latest book, Dani/Ryodan shippers were left going without. So cross your fingers, shippers! Maybe High Voltage will see your ship finally sail for real!

But the news about High Voltage still leaves one future book as a total unknown! So let’s play with some of the aforementioned loose ends that KMM might pick up for Extended Fever Universe Book #2!

  • Cruce’s back again. (Always Cruce! That feathery menace.) At the end of Feversong Cruce supposedly made a valiant sacrifice by giving Mac the other half of the Song of Making so that she could save the world… even though that would mean his own unmaking. However Cruce is around to feel the moment that the Unseelie King resigns, so that means he did NOT die when the song was sung! And now he’s waiting, trying to lure the Unseelie King’s power into himself. And I have to admit that I am 110% here for a book about Cruce, King of the Universe.
  • Christian and Enyo. It should come of no surprise to you that I am shipping leftover Fever Series characters like a fiend. So it stands to reason that our beloved, winged hero, left out in the cold, could use a little love. No one can deny that Christian’s tortured battle with the darkness within him, as he stalls out somewhere between human and Unseelie prince, is the stuff of romance hero legend! And the flirtatious encounters between he and sidhe-seer Enyo are FULL of romantic potential! Looks from here like she could handle his monstrous moments, and he could smooth out some of her sharp, wounded edges. The stuff that romances are made of!
  • Lor! After the death of Jo and his violent confrontation with Mac, which resulted in his death, Lor is sort of looming in the background. Not only is his fight with Mac unresolved but he’s also stuck, like Christian, in a sort of limbo place. Because according to the man himself Jo’s entrance into his life opened up a place in Lor, emotionally, he hadn’t expected to reach again. BUT at the same time her death and his subsequent rage have driven him back into a phase of his life we only caught a glimpse of: Bonecrusher. And um… I don’t know about you folks but I kind of want to know what THAT is all about.
  • Life after the Song! We had life AWC when the walls came down, but now there’s a whole new world in the offing! The Unseelie have (for the most part) been unmade leaving just the Humans, their newly healed world, and the Seelie fae who now owe Mac (of all people!) their allegiance! Not to mention the work that will have to go into rebuilding society, and the new pact that needs to be reached with the Seelie - do they go back to their own world? Or do they stay and become a permanent part of ours? After all, the world may be safe but it’s far from back to normal.

With two books still to go, one accounted for and one still unknown, what do you think? Where is KMM going to take us next? Is it possible that the next two books will introduce all new characters somewhere in the extended universe? Other than Dani maybe we won’t see any familiar faces at all!

What story—or whose story—do YOU most want told?


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