May 23 2017 7:13am

What Romance Trend Do You Wish You Understood?

Confused Woman

So many books coming out every week means so many different trends for people to try! Not all books are for all readers, however. There are some trends we just... don't get. 

What trend do you not get? Do you ever WANT to get it? Do you not get the appeal, but still find yourself intrigued by the books? 

Tell me about it in the comments!

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1. azteclady
Any 'romance' where the 'hero' is a killer, a misogynist, or in any way a manipulating, abusive asshat: I don't get them, and I don't want to get them.
2. Cerestheories
This comment has a heaping side of "this isn't my thing but I get how it can be yours." Not trying to yuck anyone's yum.

Step-brothers! Maybe it's because I lived with mine from the age of 2 to 17, but no no no. There is no world in which I would want to bang the guy I took baths with at the age of 3.

Daddy kink (yes, I saw the post yesterday). My relationship with my father is adversarial at best. So... nope.

And here's one I think everyone will disagree with me on: boss-employee. UNLESS it's gender-swapped. I've seen too much of the man-in-power dynamic in the real world and it almost always pushes the wrong buttons for me in fiction.
4. lauralee1912
@ Cerestheories - Another reader who is not a fan of the "man in power" boss-employee romances. I work in a male-dominated field. Enough said.

The "Daddy kink" trend explained so well yesterday by Sara Taylor Woods is one I do not understand and have no plans to read any of the books mentioned to try to understand. I'll leave that to others. :) I never understood the draw of Fifty Shades of Gray, which seems to be along the same lines and a boss-employee story as well.
Donna Watson
5. Sookie65
Mafia.....especially all these Russian mobster ones that seem so trendy atm.
I just don't get the whole "he's a nasty, murdering *#%€$¥*^%%, but I love him anyway".
I think it's because I know that people behave like that in real life, and do all those awful things in real life .....it's just not for me.
Elizabeth Halliday
6. Ibbitts
I have seen several "mafia-family" romance or romance/suspense series lately, but I don't read books where the H/h is a criminal or a con artist. I just don't have any interest in that type of person.
The other that I avoid is when the H/h is an addict. I lack the empathy gene for addicts, specifically, and addiction in general.
I just don't want to waste my time reading about people that I have no hope of caring about.
7. Lovebooks
I don't get the biker gang books. I tried one and I cannot stand how controlling the "heroes" are and some of the "love" scenes were borderline rape. I hate the forced love scenes too, I just can't deal with it. The whole "she says no but means yes" give me a break!
Lynne Connolly
9. Lynne Connolly
Oh and Victorian romances. The Victorian era was not fun. Aristocrats were on a steep decline, factory owners were beyond cruel to their employees, and poor people lived in unimaginable squalour. Plus, those in charge had hypocrisy off to a fine art. And oh yes, Jingoism.
Carmen Pinzon
10. bungluna
I think all my peeves have been mentioned: incest, biker gangs and domineering males bordering on the criminal. I can read boss-underling, as long as the underling has some recourse in his/her life and is not too beholden to the boss figure.

The one thing I cannot stomach is any story in which the heroine is coerced into any type of sexual relationship with the excuse that she really really wants it.
11. Heather RR
Motor cycle club is an instant turn off for me. I've loosened a t I n y but on ex-cons but unredeemed criminals aren't something I need.

And daddies... As so as I see this in a summary my Ick alarm rings so loud I can't even finish the description.

And finally, one where I can understand but it's not for be...BDSM. As soon as it gets past the most basic dabble stage I find myself turned off... And distracted by the mechanics.
12. Christine L
I'm sure I'll be unpopular but I don't get M/M or F/F. But I do like M/M/F threesomes on occasion. Although the ones I've read have been in series with well established characters. I'm sure that has something to do with what I liked the ones I read.

I agree with the daddy kink genre. I didn't read the article yesterday because, just the thought - bleach.

I also don't like romances where one of the main characters is unredeemable. The thief has to give up his/her ways, the mysogonist has to see the light, the bad boy/girl needs to soften up, not all at once by the end, but I need to see steps in that direction.
13. Blue
I don't like the whole "handsome, cocky male falls for the feisty and gorgeous girl." In other words, most of the genre.
Terri Rose
14. Terri L
The BDSM trend that started following Fifty Shades. I just don't like the weird/controlling power dynamic in the relationship. The characters always feel to contrived or robatic for me and completely unrealistic. I can get that some might enjoy it...but it just isn't my thing!
15. SherriB
Billionaires. Bech. If you have to have one, make it a woman!
16. Moxie
Agreed--billionaires, daddy issues (including daddy's best friend), uber alphas that bully women into doing what they want. No more female characters who are bakers, please! Roommates with men who have ulterior motives. I personally don't go for the paranormal or regency stuff but that's just me.
Lynne Connolly
17. Lynne Connolly
I actually like the billionaire stories. My bad! They are, I admit, my crack. But I'd love more books about billionaires and what it took to get them there. Self made billionaires are incredibly driven. The ones who inherited are often entitled. It would take a really great heroine to knock them out of that mindset.
19. Althea Claire Duffy
Daddy kink (or anything else incestuous-feeling) is also definitely not my thing.

I love Victorian-era romances (Courtney Milan especially) - in large part BECAUSE of the problems of the era and how the characters deal with them. I prefer my historical romance heavy on history and heavy on angst - and the social problems of the Victorian era can provide great conflict. (Or, really, any other era!)

The "gimme Sturm und Drang" is definitely a personal preference, though, and I know it's not for everyone.
20. KristaH
These are the things I roll my eyes at and 99% of the time don't even read any further into the blurb if they're mentioned: billionaires, mafia, historical, stepbrothers, MFM (and if they're brothers? hell no), incest/twincest, angels and TENTACLES.
Honestly, otherwise I'm pretty much game. And I do make exceptions for some of those. But not often.
21. Carp
Love triangles. Fastest way for me to ignore a book. I do not understand them, and my friends who love them do not understand me. :)
22. Carp
Love triangles. Fastest way for me to ignore a book. I do not understand them, and my friends who love them do not understand me. :)
23. Libraryone
It's nice to see some of my turn-offs confirmed by others. Biker and mafia stories, billionaires, boss/employee, books where the hero is too domineering (which often fall into those other categories). I don't find books with a very large power imbalance between the hero and heroine romantic, UNLESS the person with the power gets brought to their knees somehow.
24. Kim312801
Anything having to do with tentacles (?!?!), bikers, or step-anything. Billionaires aren't too bad, LOVE SEALs, military, LEO's!!
25. deb_b
cannot get into any step relationships, hate daddy kink and cannot read anything involving prejudice. also, although i love reading hot steamy sex scenes i can't stand books that are just that over and over with little to no back story
26. Debyrah
BDSM-i grew up abused, I'm not paying to read about more of it no matter how you dress it up.
SHIFTING-I do not understand the whole "animal" thing and I don't want to!
STEPBROTHERS-If you have to look at family members for entertainment you have issues...get thee to a counselor!
VAMPIRES-I'm pale enough thank you!
27. pjclark13
I don't think M/M or F/F should be in hetersexual books. If M/F needs its on genre, then so be it, but I think anything but M/F should stay out of the hetersexual books being written and feel betrayed by authors who include either of these. It makes me feel as if it is being forced upon me. You can search any major bookseller's site for an LGBT book, but you can't search for a M/F-only book. I think it is unfair to those of us who have contributed many thousands of dollars to the book publishing business and have many years remaining to continuing spending these dollars.
29. Michelle H.
The one I am still puzzling on is M-preg. Just can't get in to it.
30. Dexterity
I'm so glad I'm not the only one put off by so many of these!
I can deal with the protective hero, but the overbearing ass? Not so much. The daddy/daughter, stepbrother/sister kink? blech! I grew up with male cousin and to think any of them touching me it's just NOOOOOO!
And what about the heroine that thinks she's a doormat and will put up with everything in the name of love? Nope, nope, nope.
31. Layla D
I can't accept a heroine who falls for her kinky Dom kidnapper after he's forced her to submit to him. Not sexy.

And I'm soooo tired of billionaire romances unless the billionaire is the woman.
32. juazella
I am so not following with the tentacles-- there are books that feature tentacles? Or is that code for something? Seriously, I'm totally lost here. Maybe I need to read more of the sci-fi romances to encounter this.

Like other people, I hate the stepbrother, BDSM, and men who are awful. I also dislike books that have multiple storylines in them. I just really want one couple's story, not multiple couple's stories. I don't mind billionaires or boss/employee, as long as the power isn't too high on the male side.
33. SpiritedMuse
Seems there are many a like minds here. I've never gotten the whole Tentacle, Mafia, MC, Billionaire, and arrogant beyond the point of human reasoning heroes trends. But I've often come across people that say they can't stand guys like that in real life. But will nearly verbally throw down with you, if you even say something about their FAVE characters being that way!

I'm also no expert on the lifestyle even if I do enjoy he occasional BDSM story. The trend I don't like regarding that, is the fact that there are so many authors that do not grasp the concept of those relationships are at their very core built on trust and serious consensuality measures that at times don't even exist in regular relationships. So when someone writes a story about the Dom doing all kinds of left of center crap to their partner and the partner just takes it. Tells me real quick this person needs to switch genres. Cause they are just advocating abuse and have no real understanding of the bond between a true Dom and Submissive. As it's surely not about taking advantage of another person.
34. Swoman
I don't even know what BDSM Means! Why do you people use capital letters to describe a reading genre? Are you afaid to just say the words??????
Don't get it! What is it?
Carmen Pinzon
35. bungluna
Acronym for "Bondage and Discipline, Sadism and Masochism"
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