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You’ll Want to Stand the Heat in This Kitchen in Rachel Goodman’s Intercepting the Chef

Intercepting the Chef by Rachel Goodman

Chicken wings and football go together like Bert and Ernie, but not if Chef Gwen Lalonde has anything to say about it.

In Rachel Goodman’s latest novel, Intercepting the Chef, Gwen has lost her job at the top restaurant in San Francisco. She is a top trained chef and managed to earn Brindille the prestigious three star rating in the Michelin Guide.   But as a reward for all of her hard work trying to keep her boss/boyfriend’s restaurant running successfully, and award winning, while he was busy trying to become the latest Food Network sensation, she was tossed out of the restaurant and as good as run out of San Francisco.

Being accused of trying to steal another chef’s kitchen doesn’t exactly open doors for a chef. So Gwen tries to tell herself she was backed into a corner and had to accept a position as the head chef at the new steakhouse owned by Colorado Blizzard’s Quarterback Logan Stonestreet.  She might have returned home to Colorado to lick her wounds but that doesn’t mean that Gwen has to turn in her knives and accept a menu of mozzarella sticks and wings covered in Fred’s Five Pepper Insanity sauce…from a bottle.

Logan opened this restaurant in his mother’s honor and features all of the favorite dishes that she made for her hungry son growing up.  Gwen really wants to shake things up but even putting a twist on his mother’s recipes seems to stir some bad feelings with Logan.

Gwen wants to make changes to the menu, and stamp her own personal style into the foods being prepared.  Yet the only way she can get Logan to agree is if she accepts his own version of a Chopped challenge, creating a special dish out of items he chooses, and to cook something special just for him…which sounds a little too much like a date.

As much as Gwen might secretly like Logan Stonestreet, sleeping with another boss is not the way to reclaim her tarnished reputation, and getting involved with a big sports star like Logan isn’t something you can keep quiet since the paparazzi are always following him around.

When an opportunity to become the top chef of the newest trendy New York restaurant literally tracks her down in Colorado, Gwen has to decide if her dream is still to take on the brightest chefs New York City cuisine has to offer, or has it become spicing up a kitschy steakhouse and warming up its spicy, yet sweet owner.


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