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First look: Graceley Knox’s Mark of Truth (May 23, 2017)

Mark of Truth by Graceley Knox

Graceley Knox
Mark of Truth (Wicked Kingdoms #1)
Graceley Knox / May 23, 2017 / $5.99 digital

If you like your heroine strong, sassy, and sarcastic, then Ever is your girl and Graceley Knox's Mark of Truth is your fantasy romance. She's been raised among humans but her kind has not been secreted from her. In fact, she goes around and hunts messed up fae and brings them back to their world. 

But a prophecy years ago talks about how a girl with fire red hair will eventually rule the realm of the fae. Also years ago, a decree was created that made it illegal for the different type of fae to marry.  Yeah, we're talking purification of species. And Ever is of course tied to everything. Even she may not be what she seems, being of half Elf and half human.

Ever Leath Cine knows her mother is Elven loyalty. She’s no nonsense and has come to love her role hunting messed up fae. Part human and part Fae, she roams the earth and protects us from fae gone bad.  That is until thee goblins decide they must protect Ever, convince her she’s the daughter of a lost goblin king. Which would make her half-goblin , not human. She’s not quick to embrace this new stature since it implies a death sentence. Apparently, when the light elven king purified the races, it also made offspring like her illegal.

But Dare is different. He is an alpha male through and through and through. He’s hell bent on protecting Ever’s long lost father and does a terrible job of staying away from Ever, because we all know, Ever is his soul mate! Now its convincing Ever of the truth.

He drags his nose down my jaw to my ear and breathes me in at my hairline. He shudders against me and my own body quakes. We’re so close his chest presses against mine with each inhale.

Even though she values her life, she can’t deny the attraction between this goblin and her no matter how hard she tries to resist.

“What is it you want from me?” I breathe the question on a sigh.

He draws teasing little circles on my neck, driving me to distraction.

He moves his hand for the tall to my waist, lingering for a moment before is lands at the base of my spine, his old possessive. Clenching both of my hands at me sides,  I’m determined to keep them off of his enticing body. The desire coursing through me wages a war between what my mind’s saying and what my body’s demanding. Every fiber of my being screams for more.

But yet she still tries and resists the inevitable:

“Little álainne, would we be so horrible together? Am I that awful to behold? He asks softly, his posture relaxed.

Not sure where he’s going with this, I purse my lips and regard him seriously, “it has nothing to do with my feelings for you. It’s a death sentence for us and for anyone else who knows.” I pause before emphasizing, “Death. Sentence.”

Yikes. This is a tough situation indeed.

Yet Ever is not in the High Eleven Kingdom. And what does it mean if she’s part Goblin?  Is there going to be a death sentence after all. And who all knows about this prophecy? You’ll have to read and find out. This indie gem is a gem indeed, filled with everything we love about fantasy. A fantastical world, flush characters, a mystery and mistaken identity, and an alpha male who makes us weak in the knees.


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