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Sharing is Caring—Especially in a Group-Listen of Christina Lauren’s Wicked Sexy Liar

Wicked Sexy Liar by Christina Lauren

Christina Lauren’s Wicked Sexy Liar took my audiobook virginity in a crazy threesome last year and my reading life has never been the same . . .

Before my audiobook threesome, I’d been completely against audiobooks. I’d sworn that listening to a book instead of reading was dishonest and downright cheating. I never believed that I’d be completely spent after one weekend with a new book boyfriend, even after I’d shared him with two other women who’d swooned right along with me.  

My friends and I had been on the road for two hours already, and we’d exhausted all the car games we knew, listened (and sung at the top of our lungs) to as much old school music we’d been able to tolerate and we’d still had at least three hours before we’d reached our destination – the Spring Fling writer’s conference. Chicago North Romance Writers hosted the conference and Cristina and Lauren were one of the keynote speakers. After some debate, we’d agreed to listen to Wicked Sexy Liar using the car stereo. 

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It didn’t take long before my friends and I utterly swooned for Luke Sutter, read by Deacon Lee. There was something so intimate when the sexy smooth voice talked to you over the loud speaker. It didn’t matter who was in the car with me, Luke and I were relishing the closeness between us. I was completely hooked and hanging on every word that came from the loud speaker. When London Hughes, read by Olivia Song, described her feeling to Luke I’d understood them. Felt them. Lived them with along with London. It was magical. Enchanting. All consuming. Collectively we’d been completely engrossed in the performance of the readers and the journal of the hero and heroine, but everyone reaction differs. While listening to the book as part of the three amigos, we didn’t realize that everyone’s reaction varies and weren’t prepared for distractions.

Friend number one selected the most critical moments to interject with an, “I don’t get it,” causing us to pause the audiobook to explain and many times having to rewind the scene from the beginning. Friend number two unconsciously answered Luke’s sexual plea with an, “Anything for you Luke.” I admit that I’m friend number two – don’t judge me please. Friend number three is the person you would normally find on the side line at a sporting event either yelling, ““B**** don’t do it,” or cheering them on when she’s proud with praise, “Yes, honey, yes.”

After we’d agreed that we’d keep our traps shut while the book was being play, disappointment plagued us went we reached the hotel. We’d had another five hour with our voyage with Luke and London and longed to continue listening. We’d made an unbreakable vow that under no circumstance could the book be played without Team Luke together. In truth, we become obsessed. We found ourselves unable to stay away from the audiobook and spent most of the conference sneaking out to the car to listen to the book. There was still the unintentional interruption’s, but we’d come together on a mission to finish the book together. We’d felt horrible for dashing out of the conference every change we’d gotten, but it was like a spell had been cast and we weren’t able to stay way. Despite our best efforts, we didn’t finish the book until we’d driven home.When the book ended, we’d all forever been changed by our experience, had a newfound love for audiobooks and were fortunate to have shared the experience with each other.

Have you ever listened to an audiobook with anyone? What book was it? Tell us about your experience? 


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1. Kareni
I've listened to audiobooks with my husband and daughter on lengthy car trips. I recommend the audio versions of The Hunger Games and The Martian.
Meghan Schilling
2. Meghan Schilling
This post made me snort laugh! There is definitely something to be said about audio books. It's almost like eavesdropping on your favorite characters. Your friends sound like a riot! Glad you got to try an audio book together.
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