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First Look: Cecy Robson’s Feel Me (May 23, 2017)

Feel Me by Cece Robson

Cecy Robson
Feel Me (The O'Brien Family)
Cecy Robson / May 23, 2017 / $12.99 print, $3.99 digital

In Cecy Robson’s latest O’Brien Family novel, she turns the spotlight on the O’Brien who truly enjoys his time there, and expects his name to be one everyone’s lips.  Declan O’Brien has always been the most serious brother of the crazy clan.  Not that he doesn’t have his own collection of outrageous stories growing up.  It is just that after his father’s death, while his older brothers went to work to support the family, Declan felt it would be up to him to shoot higher for the family’s success.  Nothing has gotten in the path of his life plan until Melissa Fenske stepped in the way and he has been tripping over his own feet ever since. 

After law school, Declan joined the District Attorney’s office.  He plans on taking over the Homicide Division and someday replace his mentor, Miles Fenske, and become the youngest District Attorney in Philly.  And his goals don’t stop there.  Declan plans to become Mayor and eventually even Governor someday. 

Everything in his life is planned out with each goal in mind.  The one thing Declan O’Brien does not plan for is love and romance.  He doesn’t believe in either and after watching his womanizing father crush his mother’s love slowly and painfully, Declan knows he has no time or desire for a woman in his life.  A beautiful woman on his arm for a formal function and maybe a night of hot sex is necessary from time to time but he only bothers with women who understand that his interest wanes with the coming dawn.

That’s what makes the current distraction to his life plan so annoying.  The one woman who doesn’t fall at his feet is the one woman he can’t stop thinking about.  In fact, the harder he tries to charm her, the more he pushes her away.  He could blame this issue on her hearing loss and call it a simple language barrier, but he knows that it comes down to him simply losing control over his natural charisma and reverting to a twelve-year-old boy noticing girls for the first time.

Mel? What I can say? She’s the one person who’s never been taken by my charm.  Today’s no different. Unlike the other females who work here, from interns to attorneys, she doesn’t meet me with a grin, flash me a little leg, or pretend to flirt. 

Mel doesn’t like me. Not that I blame her considering the way I keep wrecking each rare moment we find ourselves alone. Of course, she has to be the one woman I can’t get out of my mind.

Their meet-cute wasn’t so cute as he accuses her of pretending to be deaf to avoid talking to him only to find out she really was hearing impaired and since then he hasn’t managed to yank his foot out of his mouth whenever they are together.   Working in the same building was hard enough, aggravated by the fact that she is the daughter of his boss, D.A. Fenske, but now Declan is being reassigned to head the Sexual Assault and Child Abuse Unit, not Homicide as he has always planned.  Not only is this messing this his life goal, but it is going to force Declan and Melissa to work closely together day after day.  Much to both of their dismay. 

Mel hates him and Declan can’t stop thinking about how much he wants her in his bed. How can they possibly work together?  Worse, she also knows SACU isn’t where the ambitious Declan wants to be. 

Mel has no problem fighting her attraction against the reprobate oozing fake charm.  But as the days go by, Declan shows Mel the man hiding beneath the politician’s charm. A man who loves his family and who is truly dedicated to protecting the victims. A man who would be an asset to the people of the City. 

I like what he has to say. Declan is tall, suave, handsome, I’ve always known that.  But this is my favorite side of him, the one who teases and plays, and proves that there’s more to this man than ambition. 

Lust transforms to romance but when an opportunity arrives for Declan to step in as District Attorney, attaining the next rung on his ladder of success, will Melissa believe in him, the man who never believed in love, or will she presume she has been used as a means to an end to boost his career to the finish line?  


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