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Olicity Reunion Ahead: Arrow 5x22 Olicity Heart-to-Heart

Arrow, Season 5, Episode 22

Show/EpisodeArrow Season 5, Episode 22, “Missing”
Ship(s): Olicity

Arrow 5x22 Captain's Log

We start the episode in a happy little lull.  Adrian Chase is locked up and everyone is feeling relieved. Except Oliver, perhaps. He’s waiting for the other shoe to drop. But in the meantime, it’s his birthday! And he tells Thea he has dinner plans with Thea. He’s hesitant to hope that it’s a date but it’s clear that he very much hopes that it is. 

Unfortunately for us, but fortunately for the aww-factor, it’s not a date or dinner… but a surprise party! Oliver shows up at the loft and nearly takes Curtis out before realizing the ruse. It’s the first time he’s celebrated his birthday since before the island. We see him blow out the candles on an epic Lord Mesa designed cake (lovely fandom in-joke there!) and then there’s a champagne toast. Everyone talks about what they want to do with their summer vacation, with perhaps a little innuendo from Felicity. The looks she and Oliver kept sharing were loaded! And what does Oliver want to do? Buy socks. I’m not even kidding. 

The team gives Oliver and Felicity a moment alone and in that moment, the two basically agree to take things step by step. Oliver even refers to dating his ex-fiancee. I’d say these two are reunited, wouldn’t you? The smiles and heart eyes they are sharing can’t lie. And it feels like a relief, to be honest. After over a year of this broken up nonsense, it’s fantastic to see them back to flirting and being sweet to each other. 


But the happy feelings don’t last long. After the party, Curtis goes to Dinah’s apartment only to find the place ransacked and Dinah missing. While he’s on the phone with Felicity, he’s knocked out and taken too. This team is getting decimated! Oliver has Dig take Thea and Quentin to a safe house and he goes to visit Adrian, who just admits that yes, he’s behind what’s happening. He promises to see Oliver later. Oliver then goes to the bunker to make sure Felicity is secure. She is, if a bit shaken. He wants to keep her in the bunker instead of sending her to the safe house. He wants her with him, where he can be sure she’s safe. It’s not just about needing her help on the computers. She’s touched. Dig shows up and right about then, they find out Black Siren busted out of prison and so they head to the safe house where she’s surely going to try to take Quentin. Why? Because Prometheus would enjoy tormenting Quentin with the vision of a woman who looks just like his dead daughter. And they’re not wrong. 

Quentin believes it really is Laurel, not wanting to believe Thea when she says not to trust her. It doesn't matter anyhow, because Evelyn tranq-darts both of them and they end up in a truck headed to the airport anyhow. Oliver, Dig and Felicity arrive at the safe house too late and Oliver suggests she and Dig leave town, get far away and not let him know where they’re going. He’s trying to outthink Chase, expecting that Chase will expect he’ll want to keep them both close. They agree, if reluctantly. 

Felicity’s not happy about it though. She has a bad feeling. She doesn’t like leaving Oliver alone. But he’s not alone; Malcolm shows up in the bunker. He knows Thea has been taken and wants to get her back. But first… We see Dig and Felicity’s car get intercepted by Talia al Ghul. The car flips in spectacular fashion, leaving Dig and Felicity banged up. And then they’re taken. Oliver and Malcolm arrive on the scene too late and Oliver is enraged. Interestingly enough, it’s Malcolm who talks some sense into Oliver. He urges Oliver to keep the people he loves close to him, because they keep his humanity intact. Did you just recently learn this Malcolm? Because, I’m just saying, I remember Season 1. 

Oliver goes back to confront Adrian and he threatens to have all of Oliver’s loved ones killed if he gets transferred to Idaho that night. Oh, and by the way, you’re about to get a video call. Who’s that? Oh, just William. Begging for help. Oliver is out of his mind in that moment. The desperation he shows, trying to get to Chase, working with Malcolm again.. it’s palpable and my heart goes out to him. He pleads with Chase, after the ARGUS agents transferring him are neutralized, to let his son go. He’s an innocent. Chase doesn’t care. He takes off in the helicopter, leaving Oliver feeling helpless. 


Or is he? He calls on Nyssa to come help out. Malcolm is understandably reluctant to work with her, given their issues over the ownership of the League (and the disbanding of it too, I imagine). And Nyssa is less than thrilled to learn she’ll be facing off against her sister. Oliver learns the plan Chase took, the one also containing all his loved ones, is en-route to Lian Yu. Yep, that Lian Yu. So they hop a plane and head west. 

The team is chained up on the island, looking a little worn (and banged up, in some cases) but alive. Chase taunts them with Black Siren, Evelyn and Talia lingering in the background. The team is concerned that Oliver won’t be able to take on Chase all by himself. But Oliver has his own team. He goes to Slade’s ARGUS bunker, bringing him the Deathstroke suit. Looks like another one for Team Oliver! Bring on the showdown.

In the flashbacks:

Kovar has Oliver chained up in the same bunker/cell block that we saw in the season 4 flashbacks. He injects with some sort of psychotic agent, meant to make him hallucinate pain and torture and trauma, fueled by things that have already happened. Every time Kovar touches one of Oliver’s scars, he remembers when he got that scar and relives the pain. The guilt he feels over all that he’s done is overwhelming. Kovar urges him to kill himself, leaving him in a cell with a gun loaded with one bullet. 

He hallucinates Yao Fei, who urges him to shoot himself. He tells him that those closest to him are fated to suffer for his sins. But Oliver’s stronger than this torture. He hallucinates Laurel next, who urges him to come home. He uses the bullet to shoot open the lock on the cell and get out. Good boy. Now go kill Kovar. 

Memorable Lines:

“Hypothetically dating my ex-fiancee? No.”
-Oliver when Felicity asked him if this was hard for him.

“The way you guys dressed up for each other? Sizzle, sizzle!”
-Curtis, teasing Felicity about the sexual tension between her and Oliver.

“Where I need you is down here with me.”
-Oliver to Felicity, wanting to keep her safe. 

“That’s my boy.”
-Oliver to Chase about taking William.

“Ms. Smoak…”
-Chase to Felicity on the island. I just like the big bad goes up against my girl!


Charting the Course: 

Well, I say the course looks smooth as glass now, wouldn’t you? That scene at the party, where Felicity suggested they take things step by step and Oliver enthusiastically agreed? That was them reuniting. That was them agreeing to date again. This is new, it’s burgeoning, it’s almost quiet, but it feels like them. They are two celestial bodies, orbiting each other and drawn into the same orbit over time. There’s no denying it or stopping it either. I imagine we’ll get more confirmation of this new status in the finale, but I think for now, Olicity fans can take it easy, take a cleansing breath, and enjoy our ship being back together.  

Next Stop:

Next week is the season 5 finale, 5x23 “Lian Yu.” Appropriately titled, since it takes place entirely on the island, both in flashbacks and the present. Well. Mostly. I hear there’s some flashback scenes that might show the present, namely, Oliver’s mother. Will we see her get the news her son was found alive? I sure hope so. In the present, we’ll see this big showdown between Team Oliver and Team Prometheus. Who will die? Will Olicity finally kiss? All important questions! 



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