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10 Predictions for Kresley Cole’s Wicked Abyss

Wicked Abyss by Kresley Cole

Kresley Cole's Immortals After Dark series has more than 15 books spanning a variety of timelines, and with a long running series where multiple plot points intersect, they don't necessarily connect in the order readers expect. Published on April 25, Wicked Abyss is the latest foray into the IAD world. Many readers have been surprised that the last two IAD releases focused on new, never-before introduced characters. As a result, some of the plotlines of earlier books have questions left unanswered. In Wicked Abyss, it's my hope that Cole will bridge the gap of one specific book, MacRieve. At the end of MacRieve, we were left with a werewolf paired with a mate who did not react well to him. In the books since, we've gone further into the fey and demon realms. I am interested to see if Wicked Abyss is a transition book that ties together the fate of Munroe and his mate and launching off the action we saw in Shadow’s Seduction while still delivering the signature Cole worldbuilding IAD fans love. With that in mind, I present you with 10 predictions for Wicked Abyss:

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1. Kresley Cole will tie the plotlines left over from MacRieve together. How I know? In a recent interview on Heroes and Heartbreakers, Kresley she talks about how books need to string together.

2.  Furie is still going to be trapped under the ocean. Why? Last time we saw Furie was in Dark Skye, literally trapped under the ocean. There hasn’t been expansion on that storyline in quite a while and I think it’s going to take something cataclysmic to trigger the revival of Furie.

3. Kosmina “Mina” Daciano is out in New Orleans and has the vampire plague. We know the vampire plague has decimated the vamps’ females and at the end of Shadow’s Seduction, Mina is missing and the books mention a female vampire with the plague, my bets are on Mina.

4. We won’t know who Nix’s mate is until the end of the series—Nix the Ever-Knowing is a fan favorite and readers are dying to know who she’ll be paired up with. Kresley has played coy but in the past on her website forums as well as in interviews has mentioned that Nix’s book will probably be towards the end of the series.

5. Incarnation will cause more problems than ever—We dealt with the concept of incarnation in Wicked Deeds on a Winter’s Night when Bowen thought Mariketa was the incarnation of his prior romantic interest. However, we haven’t really had an incarnated soul before. As a result, Wicked Abyss’ heroine, Lila, has some tough times ahead of her.

6. Sorcerers are going to make more of an appearance! This is more of a series-wide prediction than anything else, based on Shadow’s Seduction where “The King of Sands” is introduced, it wouldn’t be unheard of to introduce the male equivalent of the female Sorceri.

7. Someway the demonarchies and main factions of the Lore will blend- There’s been a lot of focus on the demonarchies within the books, we’ve seen at least 3-4 now with Bettina, Rydstrom, Thronos, Rune and now Sian. I’m curious as to how Cole will integrate all the action in the demonarchies with the contemporary plotlines found in the earlier books. We really entered with the demonarchies with Kiss of a Demon King and continued to blend the contemporary events with the demonarchy in Demon from the Dark (my favorite BTW). That is the last of the IAD books that I considered really having a modern fantasy bent whereas the demonarchy books tend to focus mainly on the otherworldliness of the demonarchy (except for Sweet Ruin)

8. Nix will reach goddess status BUT…Gods and goddesses don’t necessarily last long in the Lore. Nix is vying to become the goddess of Ascensions but it might come at a great price as often power in the Lore does. Examples: Lucia has pain when she misses with her bow, Neomi’s resurrection into a human body cost her the price of keeping the details secret, Lothaire turning Elizabeth into a vampire meant giving up his beloved ledger of favors to La Dorada etc. etc.

9. Thaddeus has some growing up to do before he gets a book – His sister, Josephine’s book, Sweet Ruin, reunited the siblings and shows Thad in the care of the Valkyries. There’s just one problem with Thad, he’s too nice. I think he has some growing up to do or some angsty dramatic event to go through to really fit the mark of a Cole hero.

10.  Furie and Kristoff are mates—this is a theory that, for some, is as disputed as who Rey’s parents are in Star Wars. However, it makes some kind of sense—both are the leaders of their factions, they’ve both been imprisoned, and I think the shared pain makes for a great story. The conflict between the Valkyrie and the vampires—even the Forbearers—I think will come center stage since so much has changed since Furie went missing. Though we have Valkyrie pairings with the Wroth brothers (also Forbearers) it’s safe to say that not every Valkyrie is fine with every vampire. Add to the fact that Furie was put in the bottom of the ocean by a vampire and you’ll have some great hate-sex going on in their book. 

Now you've heard mine, what are some of your predictions for Wicked Abyss?


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Jennifer Proffitt
1. JenniferProffitt
Oooh, I hope ALL these things happen!

But: ALL THE DEMONS! They're my favorite... depending on my mood they might be my favorite over the Lykae! It's great.

So, Shadow's Seduction leaves us off on a HUGE cliffhanger, and we have the huge cliffhanger from MacRieve to tackle... I'd like a little more about those too. And I imagine Furie and Kristoff will be LATE in the series (maybe right before Nix?) but yeah... don't think we'll be getting them for a while, but I'd like a little hint!
2. Cliffysgirl
My speculation is that La Dorada gets her own story -she now has Lothatire's Book and I'm putting her with Thad who could temper her evil (I have no idea how Cole would make that work) but he may "age" as Capsian did on POLY. She must have a really interesting backstory- a Sorceri locked away in a jungle tomb with a ring obession.
3. Hammerpixie
Isn't Declan a reincarnate? Also Saroya? I think there are many more reincarnates in IAD. Valkyrie daughters are likely mothers/vessels for THEIR courageous mothers to be reincarnated as immortals. Nix told Lucia she wouldn't know her mother until she had children of her own. Berserkers are likely reincarnated through berserker blood lines as they train and prepare as warriors in Woden's army.

I think Mari and Kari (Princess Calliope) are connected - maybe sisters - through fey mother Jillian and they're all part of Queen Magh's line currently being hunted by Rune Darklight. Remember the cloaking tattoo Mari had all her life? I think Mari's rogue warlock father Warren connects them to the Quondam warlocks. "Those Best Forgotten" could be a play on words meaning " those best Loreans who've been forgotten".

I think The Well of Souls in Rothkalina is "The Well of Sols", sol meaning sun, connecting Uthyr the Morior sun dragon with the rage demons and Sorceri.

Woede and Wroth both mean rage/madness. I think the Wroth brothers are connected to Rothkalina. Maybe Nikolai and brothers are descended from berserkers? Nikolai was the 5th vampire Myst blooded. She beheaded all but Nikolai. Maybe she slayed the 4 previous fallen versions of himself?
Sebastian Wroth went back to kill the vampire Kaderin tortured, as if slaying a fallen version of himself, therefore fixing the timeline. Riora said you could only go back to a time you'd previously been.

Nix said she would be Phenix, goddess of accessions. Accession was lower case and plural, so it would mean royalty acceding to a throne. I think Nix's "squatters" in her mind are separate entities, demon possessions like Saroya was to Ellie. Nix's post it notes under the bed and t-shirt slogans are somehow cryptic messages to herself. KC said as much about the t-shirts in the Q & A of Blood Red Kiss.

KC said Erol's bar was Lore spelled backward and the final round of Talisman's Hie was Yelserk, Hungary - Kresley reversed. I noticed Caspion's mentor Leyak is an anagram of Lykae.
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