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First Look: Kate Baxter’s The Untamed Vampire (May 2, 2017)

The Untamed Vampire by Kate Baxter

Kate Baxter
The Untamed Vampire (Last True Vampire #4)
St. Martins Press / May 2, 2017 / $7.99 print & digital

For the Love of Strong Heroines

The strong heroine is a staple of paranormal romance and urban fantasy. It’s a glorious thing, everyone should read it. Whether they are born into the paranormal world or end up there after a bite or some magical event, heroines in paranormal and UF are typically, the toughest cookies on the block. Physically and mentally, these powerhouses of the story, are rarely the damsels in distress and often end up saving the day and usually the world. Kate Baxter’s Last True Vampire series is chock full of strong women and each one is a force to be reckoned with. The Untamed Vampire gives us Chelle’s HEA and let me tell you, the tethering/mating process might seem instant on the outside, but the work that goes into bringing two dominant characters together is never easy.

If you’ve followed along with this series you remember Chelle as Ronan’s sister who was magically turned into a vampire via time spent in Sets chest. This unique transformation causes her powers to be stronger and closer to what the gods experienced back in the time of species origination. To say she is bad ass would be an understatement. This woman has powers no one has even dreamt of. Her powers are so great, there are moments Chelle fears her own abilities. Needless to say, a woman as powerful as Chelle, with rapier sharp wit and sass for days is going to need one hell of a man to tether to. Enter, Gunner, the Alpha of the Forkbeard pack.

Now, I should point out, The Last True Vampire has all sorts of beings. So far we’ve met, bear shifters, vampires, dhampiers, witches, mages, beserkers, werewolves maybe a fae or two and some demons. All of these creatures have pretty much kept to themselves until recently. In the true spirit of love is love is love, we have souls being tethered and mated across all sorts of species barriers. Old timers might not be too happy with this but change is good so embrace it or get steamrolled! But I digress, Gunner is the HMFIC Alpha and let me tell you, Baxter does a phenomenal job portraying his power over his pack. Another thing Baxter does well would be spicing up the werewolf back story by making them descendants of Vikings…VIKINGS!! That attention to detail is greatly appreciated by this reader.

As mentioned, the females of this series are Alpha in their own right. From Chelle, to Naya to Siobhan to even young Vanessa, the females of The Last True Vampire series are a cut above the rest. Pairing them (not Vanessa of course, it’s not that kind of story, she’s a child) with equally alpha men is not always easy to pull off, a certain amount of vulnerability has to be displayed by both parties. Showing that level of unguarded truth, without robbing the reader of the inherent strength of the main characters can be tricky business. However, with one statement, Baxter pulls this off…

“Gods, Chelle. You’re like the moon to me. A power that calls to me. Holds sway over me. Commands me.”

You felt it didn’t you, a full-fledged swoon, right? Not every Alpha man can say that to a woman who could scatter his brain and possibly rip him to shreds if she were so inclined. Baxter manages to keep Chelle and Gunner on equal footing and for that, I applaud her. This somewhat frustrating but quick with a pun, and ready for a fight woman is rendered to goo by the male her soul has decided to attach itself to. You can’t blame her!

The Untamed Vampire goes a long way in moving the larger story arc of this series along. This one is definitely not a filler book, pay attention to all of the secondary characters and their impending stories. Alliances are made, bad guys are a whole new level of bad and hints of prophecies are thrown out for us to ponder. Kate Baxter has built a world that is both dangerous and breathtaking. The history is intriguing and the promise of more things to come, especially more exceptionally strong heroines makes it a true page turner.


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