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First Look: Robyn Carr’s Any Day Now (April 18, 2017)

Any Day Now by Robyn Carr

Robyn Carr
Any Day Now (Sullivan's Crossing #2)
MIRA/ April 18, 2017 / $26.99 print, $12.99 digital

One of the things that readers enjoy most about Robyn Carr’s books is the unique scenarios she incorporates within her books. We’ve read about a heroine who lived in a commune; a hero who served time in prison and many more. Carr continues this trend in Any Day Now with Sierra Jones.

Sierra and her brothers and sisters had a very atypical upbringing. Sadly, their father is schizophrenic and their mother’s focus has always been more on  supporting him rather than her children’s welfare. This lead to a very unstable childhood:

“My parents?” she asked. “Oh, Sully. Hasn’t Cal told you about Jed and Marissa? They raised us mostly in a converted school bus! On the road. Sometimes we picked vegetables to make ends meet. We hardly went to school. Jed has a serious screw loose. Last time I saw him he was wearing an aluminum foil beanie on his head. He was the first person to give me a joint!”

Feeling abandoned by her siblings, and being the only one left behind Sierra turned to drugs and alcohol but never felt that she was addicted or that these substances controlled her life. But then she met Derek and what he did devastated her:

Well, there was an accident. I wasn’t driving but it was my car. He was driving. He took me out of a bar, took my keys and was driving me home. He said I was drunk and he was just taking me home. I think he put something in my wine because, seriously, it wasn’t that easy for me to get wasted like that. It was still early. I knew we hit something but I didn’t see it happen. He stopped the car and looked and got back in and drove away. He said it was a cyclist and he left him there. Left him. Left him to die.

“He told me he called the police and said he was a witness, that he saw a woman driver hit a man and leave him. I didn’t hear him call the police. I don’t know if he did. I don’t know if he hit a man or a tree branch or a dog. I was in and out. He told me what he said. I said, “But I wasn’t driving!” And he said, “No one will believe you—you have a history.’ And then. . . And then he convinced me. In a brutal way. In a terrifying way. He said I would never tell anyone anything.  Or I’d be sorry.

Derek scared her so much that she ran straight to rehab and then to a group home —spending nine months isolated from the world. Needing a fresh start, and to put distance between her and the toxic people in her life, she decides to visit her brother Cal, and his new wife Maggie in Colorado.

Now, at almost thirty, Sierra is trying to put her life back together, taking one step, and one day at a time. She is definitely not looking for love or romance especially with someone as stunning as Connie Boyle.

Conrad Boyle’s upbringing, while not different, was not especially easy. His mother and father divorced when he was in fourth grade. His mother re-married, and picked the same type of man –brutish and angry. In school, he was short and small, and had to deal with other kids calling him Connie, instead of Conrad. It would be fair to say that he was bullied both at home and school:

But I was a very scrawny kid. I just didn’t grow for a long time and I got sick a lot—winter colds and stuff. I got teased a lot, picked on a lot. My dad was the worst—he picked on everybody. So, I wanted to be someone big and strong and someone everyone looked up to.”

“And here you are,” she said. “Everybody loves Connie.”

“Nah,” he said

“Oh, they do, but never mind that. So you were scrawny and picked on and then . . . ?”

“Then finally I grew. Not a moment too soon, that’s for sure.”

When he was seventeen his mother divorced his step-father, and moved to Denver. Rather than move with her, he moved in with his best friend’s family, and discovered a true  healthy family atmosphere. When he fell in love with Alyssa, he thought he and she would create that type of family. Instead he discovered Alyssa was cheating on him with a fellow firefighter.

Connie still hasn’t left that behind, even though he dates quite a bit, and finds Sierra very attractive.  Sierra has enough on her plate with her sobriety, and moving to a new place. So, falling in love her not on her agenda either. But when the right person comes alone, and the feelings are there, it is difficult to fight.

Any Day Now is a wonderful story of two people moving forward, leaving past mistakes behind and embracing the future. Sienna’s courage is impressive as she leaves behind her old self—the one who had few friends, and distance family ties.

Along with the romance there is Carr’s wonderful sense of community. The way the surroundings and people are described just makes you want to move there. We were introduced to Sierra’s brother Cal, and his wife Maggie, in addition to the wise, down-to-earth Sully in the first book of this series, What We Find and they are just as appealing in this book.

The Jones family is fascinating, and readers can only hope that Dakota’s story, the military brother of Cal and Sierra, is in our future.


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