Apr 21 2017 8:15am

Would You Want a Book-Themed Proposal?

Couple in Regency period dress

It's a truth universally acknowledged that Mr. Darcy was not the most romantic of beaus. However, when we find our real-life Mr. Darcy's it appears they can make up for what Mr. Darcy lacked. Yesterday, we stumbled upon a post on Tumblr where a young man did just that. With the help of his girlfriend's very willing-to-play-along family, a young man proposed to his girlfriend with a reenactment of Pride and Prejudice. Scripted scenes were read, his girlfriend's mother made costumes, and then, of course, it all ended with a grand proposal. We may have swooned! 

Would you ever want to be proposed to with a book-themed proposal? Have you? What book/series would you want used as inspiration, or would it generally just be book-themed? 

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1. brontëgirl
The line "The fire and the chandelier were not sufficient company for me" from Jane Eyre and the "every day's most quiet need" line from Elizabeth Barrett Browning's Sonnet 43 beginning a marriage proposal would certainly be effective! :)
2. Sonya Heaney
God, no. I don't even like Grand Gestures in books! I'm very low-key, and would die of embarrassment!
3. Amanda T
I would love a book themed proposal! There are so many different books/series to choose from.
4. SpiritedMuse
I think about the only book themed proposals I'd be up for is him hiding the ring in one of those hollowed out books and present it to me like a gift. Or if he were to some how or other propose at one of my fave authors' book signings or something. Would be doubly awesome that way.

But I don't think I would actually want an actual proposal idea coming from a book. Even if it was my most favorite book at that. As some scenes are uber cheesy. And actually would show a lack of creativity to me. Or worse, less personal. I mean could you imagine, your guy picking a scene from a book where you liked everything about it save for the way the author wrote the proposal as it was soooo not relatable to the couple involved.

And then, here comes your guy busting out the EXACT same proposal. And it doesn't even fit you as a couple either? Ah man that has got to seriously suck.
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