Apr 3 2017 1:30pm

New Lauren Blakely Promises Satisfaction Guaranteed

Earlier today on Twitter, we saw a very special Lauren Blakely announcement! We have loved Blakely's take on the romantic comedy world with her romance (like the upcoming Joy Ride, the titilating Big Rock, and the fantasy-enducing The Sexy One). Now we'll be adding Satisfaction Guaranteed to the list, which promises to be rom-com gold! 

Satisfaction Guaranteed looks like it will deliver on all the trope-y goodness that we've come to know and love from Blakely. Here's what we know:

“A carefree city girl hires a man with a past from Craiglist to both placate her family and drive them nuts during a family reunion.”

Fake relationships? Opposites? Probably a little bit of “I hate you but I want to make out with you tension”? We're all over it! What are your thoughts? Are you as exceited about this as we are? 

Stay tuned, we'll be filling you in as we learn more about this book! 

Get caught up and read Lauren Blakely's latest, The Hot One,  available now:​

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