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J.R. Ward’s The Chosen Discussion Thread (BEWARE: MAJOR SPOILERS)

The Chosen by J.R. Ward

Here you have it: It's FINALLY HERE! We took to Twitter and found some of the most epic reactions to all of the events in J.R. Ward’s The Chosen (Black Dagger Brotherhood #15), out today. This post is made up ENTIRELY of SPOILERS and is intended only as a place for fans to gather and discuss the book AFTER reading it, so if you have yet to finish, steer clear of anything after the jump. Go finish the book, then come back.

(If you're not ready to discuss The Chosen, check out our post talking about J.R. Ward's Bourbon Kings finale, see which Black Dagger Brotherhood book earned a spot in our list of the 7 most romantic scenes in fiction, and then discuss Ward's take on Death and the Afterlife).




***LAST CHANCE: Seriously, leave this post now if you haven’t finished The ChosenThis is a post to discuss the entire book. ***

From our friends on Twitter, we learned:




From Our Blogger:

Note: Our Blogger, Kate Rothwell, is still in the process of reading the book, stay tuned for more commentary in the comments!

The highlights: 

I’m not done yet but yes, for sheer readability, I like this book. Truth is, the rhythm of Ward’s language and her cutesy repeated sayings sometimes annoy me (if I never hear the phrase “shit-kicker” again, I’ll be fine) and yet something in that same writing always sucks me right into her books. I can’t put the damn things down. As usual my attention doesn’t wander. Life doesn’t happen when I have a new Ward book in the house.

The Lowlights:



What? What?  

The things he does almost at the start (shooting off a gun in a nursery? Because he’s angry that his kids were put into danger?) and the things he says to people he “loves” . . ..That’s going to take more than a grovel and so far his groveling has been pathetic. He’s way too self-righteous. And Blay is being mature but I can see that he’s wilting because he loves Qhuinn. That set-up reminds me of a lot of abusive relationships I’ve seen—so this part of the book is a real wince-fest for me. All of the “I’ll die to protect my mate” thing doesn’t mean doodly if strong emotion turns you into a total monster to them.

And anyway, Qhuinn has spent too much of his time growling about That Slut Layla, going after Xcor, and not enough pining for Blay.

To be honest, what Qhuinn said to Layla ended him for me. He went from kind and understanding to a wall of abusiveness in four seconds. Nope, sorry. Done. If Qhuinn doesn’t spend pages groveling and in life-transforming pain at realizing his own abusiveness, he will remain done to me.  Even then, well….we’ll see. I’m about half way through and I’d say he is no kind of hero and doesn’t deserve Blay, whom he shut out way in the most painful way he could.

I read on the reviews that Vishous also is a moron later in this book. Well, fine. I can’t wait to have another one turn into a horror show.

Hey, I care about these guys enough to get all ranty. But on the heroic heroes scale, only Xcor gets a 4 or 5 star rating, no, wait, the king, as usual, gets the 5 stars. Qhuinn? You get negative ten.  Blay is ranging in the 3 to 4 at the moment.

Still to come...

So far (46 out of 70 chapters read. I’m doing an audiobook so it’s taking forever and it’s a real pity how my life has ground to a halt) my favorite thing has been a reveal about Lassiter and of course Xcor and Layla, though they’re kind of a done deal. The tension between them is resolved which I suppose is a relief. Maybe later on in this book, we’ll get more.  Xcor’s backstory is good and Ward weaves it in just fine. I know they’ll have to part, but that doesn’t feel real enough to hurt yet.

I want to see the Bitty’s brother, the illiterate carpenter, and Saxton the lawyer again. I liked that pairing. (And as Summer Devon, of course I would).

And the apparent reincarnation of Trez’s love? Hmm. . .  I dunno about this one. What do you think? She feels written to a familiar Ward theme—plucky character who’s apparently been rejected by family and poverty stricken. Mid-way through, she’s not a unique enough character to know if we’re rooting for her.

It’s been only a few months since Trez’s true love died. I’m not sure I buy the fact that just because the woman looks, smells, and sounds like his lost love she can take her place. That makes the whole bonding in these books seem kind of superficial. I wonder if readers’ outrage about that is what brought on this new character?  

But at least she isn’t Qhuinn. Rawr.

And that left us wondering...

  • How do you think Vishous' actions will effect future books? 
  • We've learned that Qhuinn does something pretty unforgivable... how will he redeem himself?
  • Do you think in another life that Xcor and Wrath could have been friends?
  • Was Xcor a worthy hero to Layla? 
  • Was Layla the heroine Xcor needed?

Have you finished the book? Tell us your thoughts in the comments!


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Jennifer Proffitt
1. JenniferProffitt
It looks like there's a lot of Qhuay going on, but I don't love what Quinn did.... like what?! How!?
Jennifer Proffitt
3. JenniferProffitt
Also, I would read the crap out of AU fan fiction on this series, just saying. Dial down the angst and stick 'em in a coffee shop and I'll be there!
5. Bretton
I've been trying to decide if I should pick up the series again, so what does Quinn do? Because that might be the deciding factor. Spoilers completely appreciated.
6. Raven Angel
I agree, where are the spoilers? I am debating waiting for my library to get the book or buy it. 14.99 is alot for a Kindle download! What did Quinn do??? Did Blay do it too? Do we see Sola in this book? Where are the spoilers I love spoilers! I need to know if I should wait , the book goes down to 7.99 in 6 months.
7. Broothe
Qhuinn does a metric ton of dumb stuff. Finds out that Layla was seeing Xcor while pregnant and tries to strip Layla of her right to see the Twins, fires off a gun IN THEIR NURSERY, and then tells Blay he doesn't count as a parent.

No Sola but Assail is mentioned in a couple chapters (his detox is going... not well, and apparently Vampires + Cocaine = bad news)
8. Broothe
The two people I'm very interested in after reading this book are Throe and V. Throe only gets a few chapters of page time in the book, still bumming a couch from glymera families in exchange for his... services. He definitely comes off as a guy who's hit rock bottom especially with his visit to the human psychic shop.

What he does with the ghost/demon/thing from the ancient book he found in the psychic's shop will be very interesting. His interactions with the thing show him becoming more unhinged. I haven't read the Fallen Angel series, so I don't know if it ties back to those books, but it's mentioned Throe sees/hears a dancing female figure in the candles right before he summons the thing. It's definitely not from the male Omega.

Meanwhile, V goes on a roller coaster ride. On the one hand, his rounding up all the Shellans to take care of Layla's kids while Wrath hammers out the Layla/Xcor situation did hit me in the feels. But his treatment of Jane, some of the things he thinks (the one that most stood out to me was something along the lines of "this is what it felt like when you were ready to cheat on someone") and his exit scene at the end of the book left me wanting to smack him/ask him wtf was going on in his head.

The resolution of the Qhuay plotline struck me as good, but I'm not sure if I'd have taken Qhuinn back if I was Blay. Qhuinn has Saxton declare him mentally incompetent which makes sense (gunshots + nursery = WTF?!?) and Blay is declared the legal guardian of the twins, but it's never outright stated whether or not Blay signs the documents. Qhuinn point blank asks if Blay is going back to Saxton at the exact moment I was thinking he should do just that, but that idea gets shot down by the end.

In the end, the book left me in a bit of a mixed state. Will I keep reading BDB? Absolutely. Ward's writing is still fun and funny in equal measure, and can still tug the heart strings. But personally, I found it hard to focus on Xcor/Layla while they shared the spotlight with Qhuay, V, Trez and iAm (no sign of iAm's beloved AT ALL in the book), and Throe. I think the Legacy series is definitely a useful tool that Ward could use to introduce new faces and deal with some of the side drama. Hopefully she continues writing those books as well, because they carry the freshness of the first books in the series.
9. Gillian Dickson
8 hours of intense emotions reading The Chosen. I really enjoyed it but was shocked by Qhuinns behavior (I'll never hate him though.) V needs to sort himself out but I don't really get him & Jane, they don't go together for me. Thankful for Wrath he's amazing.
10. Lucy D.
I wanted more spoilers. I haven't decided if I want to bother reading this one. Xcor and Layla didn't excite me.

Can anyone fill in what's going on with the V situation? The S.V. saved Jane's soul and gave her to V. Is she bound like Mary is to Rhage? Why is he going to cheat on her? Is she going to be forced to stick around if he is cheating on her? Will she be moving on the fade/heaven and V will move on to a new shellan?
11. Broothe
@Lucy The honest answer to most of those questions is... we don't know.

Why he's thinking of cheating is the only thing V remotely addresses, and it's mostly because V sees himself and Jane as two professionals wrapped up in their own work rather than two people in a romantic relationship. The last we see him in the book, he tells Jane to focus on people more injured than him from the climactic fight, walks out of the Brotherhood's ER, and keeps walking without saying goodbye. Cut to next chapter.
12. Gray
I took the V situation with Jane as similiar to the Butch/Marissa trouble from the Legacy Series book. Jane and he had drifted apart b/c of being busy with their own jobs. He seemed sad it had happened.
13. SarcasticPumpkin
Honestly, I will be very, very sad if V and Jane break up because they are my favourite couple after Z and Bella. They went through so much together, had their bump in the road (and what a bump it was!)... and now, after the piercing beauty of his speech about the similarities betwen relationships and the blades he crafted, he's just 'nope, I'm bored of this, I want a new toy'? Really? The most rational, most logical out of all of the Brothers? No. Just... no.

We need couples like V and Jane in RomanceLand. Couples who are not tied to the hip and sickeningly cute, couples who live their own lives as well as have a life together, couples that tell us that our love is no less real or ture or, well, LOVE just because our lives do not revolve around the one who is the heart of our heart 24/7.

JR... please... please don't kill them off. I forgive you the toxic masculinity of your male heroes and awkward, forced pop culture and fashion references because of the way you tell us that love comes in so many different ways and all of them equally valid. People like me need to hear that every now and then, because the rest of the world usually just smacks us down and tells us how unnatural we are. Please, JR. Please.
14. AshF18
I read this book straight through in one sitting and while I enjoyed it...I don't think I can ever look at Quinn the same again. To go from loving Layla as a family member to being completely hateful and toxic to her is shocking. As a person who was abused by their family and knows all about people turning their backs on them, I thought Quinn overall would be a much more understanding and empathetic person and that so was not the case. His flipout and treatment of Layla and Blay was a little too much for me and I really didn't find his resolution with Blay to be enough. Above all though, Quinn's treatment of his daughter Lyric upset me the most, there is no excuse for that ever. I hope I can find my way back to liking Quinn, because previously I adored both him and Blay, but for now a little too upset. As for V, I have no idea what's in store for him but it will be so sad if he and Jane split. I personally really liked Layla and Xcor's story and was so very happy they found a positive resolution to their big issues and got their HEA. J.R. Ward is a talented author and I always look forward to her books. I am eagerly awaiting the next installment. I am so pulling for an Assail and Sola reunion and for him to overcome his addiction...also looking forward to learning more about the possible Selena reincarnation.
15. KateRothwell
I'm with you AshF18. I'm farther along the story now and Qhuinn's doing a better job --giving Blay the babies was the right move. But he's kind of trashed for me. And yeah, not being able to hold his own baby is awful. I like the books for the escapism aspect and this felt too real (even if I haven't lived through it.)

Layla is currently kicking ass and that's a nice touch. She's coming into her own.
16. KateRothwell
And here's another spoiler:
how do we feel about Xcor turning out to be Tohr's brother? (It was slightly annoying that Tohr ONLY stopped being unreasonable when Layla told him that. As in Tohr could only think of Xcor as possible human when he turned out to be a blood relation.)
17. KateRothwell
I am really hoping that Lassiter gets a book. He is my current favorite character and now that he's a honest to god god, that'll be fun. I love the way Laylah had to think of who to pray to now that the "blessed scribe virgin" is out of the picture.
18. KateRothwell
And I agree with Blay -- Qhuinn giving him the babies was "showy bullshit".
19. LRW
Ok I've read it twice now. My thoughts on this and I hope I don't spoil this for anyone. First off Quinn is a jerk. Lost a lot of respect for him. Not sure if I will ever like him again. I like Excor and have from the begining. He's a darn good fighter and leader and that's what the Brothers need along with more fighters so I was happy with the ending, it was what I was hoping for long term.
Now some odds and ends - Since when did the Sinsar Dubh make it to Caldwell LOL? First I thought it was a Mummy reference (you know, do not read from the book!!!) but yeah it may be a nod to Karen and I'm ok with it - and Throe was not dealing with the Omega- he's making a deal with the devil on those shadows. Another thing, this "I have faith and my faith has me" - can we say Rogue One? "I am one with the force and the force is with me" ? LOL Made me laugh- I actually love picking up on that stuff. And lastly Vishous. Sigh...... love him but he's being an idiot. I'm hoping that whatever plot line they are making for V its handled in it own book not a legacy one cause this is gonna be a doosie
20. Charlayne
So, my take on this:

1) Qhuinn gets the giant "wtf" medal for his behavior against Layla. I'm not so much angry at him for what he said to Blay during all that, we've all been stuck in a major pissed off scene and said things we need to take back.
2) Blaylock gets the "pissy whiny stupid" medal for the reaction to Qhuinn's statement (see above). Blay should have taken that with a salt block about the size of Qhuinn's Hummer because his mate was totally out of his head with the anger thing. To run home to mommy and play the "I'm so delicate" card when Qhuinn tries to apologize was just making me want to smack the boy into next summer. Seriously!
3) V--who has been a favorite has made me want to pour Pepsi in his computers for the way he ended the book. Back off dude, go love your woman and find what gives you love.
4)Throe--this boy needs to die in a fire, violently. This whole big nasty magic book making magic army thing is out of total left field. I kept waiting for the Omega to come out and suck his soul and plant his heart in a rose vase...
5) Xcor--you FINALLY won my heart, and I hated you up until this book. I really wanted you hung out for the sun and I wanted to hang Layla out with you. But...ok. You showed me. Bravo.
6) Layla--I kept trying to tell you, pick a path and stay on it. You keep meandering back and forth and making me crazy. Let's see if you can make this one work now since you made a decision, of sorts.......
7) Wrath-- the best part was you under Vishous screaming "give me a gun....." You're blind dude, what do you think you're going to do with it? Yes, lessers smell like baby powdered fish chum but damn, two words: collateral damage!
8)Tohr-- don't make me come up there and smack you. Behave, you have a THIRD chance....don't blow it.
and finally:
Lassiter--you got this. Yes, you're gonna do it and make it look FABULOUS. But damn, that last plan you had is a bit over the top, scale it down a bit.......please?

So yeah, this is a 5-star review without the spoilers. I MUST read it again to absorb the parts I missed--as I turned the pages fast saying "OMG, OMG, OMG" the whole time.
21. LilyP
To be honest for most of this book I felt so underwhelmed.

I had been so excited for Xcor and Layla's story. And I feel that they kinda got shelved for the first half of the book. Even their "first time" felt rushed, like an afterthought.

Quinn's reaction felt out of character for me. It's not how I expected him to react. The possible breakup with Blay made me wonder how real their feelings are if Blay could so easily decide on leaving Quinn.

The reincarnation? Of Selena feels too soon for me but my guess it's Lassiter's handy work. Lassiter was a real highlight for me in this book! Could have done with more time with him. Wrath once again proved his is a great King, no real surprise there. I also rolled my eyes at the evil book... I mean really? Not even going there.

And I actually understand where V is at. He had needs before Jane which she then fulfilled for him and now that she isn't those same issues are coming back. Yes I agree that it's nice not to have a sappy couple but there still needs to be some effort and the fact that she can't see he is unhappy makes it worse. I have a theory where this is going...if I'm right it's going to be interesting...

It was only as I had 100 or so pages left, from when Xcor found the Bastards to the epic battle and the HEA that I felt riveted. I finally got the passion I wanted between Xcor and Layla. She finally found her self and someone finally put Tohr in his place. I missed the fighting with the lessors, I had missed the suspense and action so I'm glad we got some towards the ends.

In the end I enjoyed it. Excited to see where Ward is going to take the story next.
22. Mella
I agree that Quinn was a total train wreck and to be honest his words to Layla were so hurtful I don't think you can ever 'unhear' them - she threw herself at him during the needing? Better the twins not be born? Seriously?! Wow

As for V, I find it difficult for a bonded male to contemplate cheating on his shellan. I would think he would be sick and literally impotent before another female, guess I was wrong. Xcor swore to Layla there would be no other, Trez had no interest in sex before he met 'reincarnated Selena'; Rhage would die before he did that to Mary, remember she was contemplating having him lie with a chosen before Bitty came into the picture?! Jane is still 'alive' sit down and work it out already.
23. AshleyE
I was very upset with Quinn. I felt like his anger was somewhat justified, but he just took it several steps to far. He had the right to be angry with Layla for meeting the enemy while pregnant with his children. But then for him to turn around and fire a gun in their nursery he put them in danger as well. He said things to Blay and Layla that were unforgivable. Also his treatment of his daughter broke my heart a little.

The ending also confused me a little. He had all this anger towards Xcor but then all of a sudden they are best buds teaming up against Blay and Layla discussing the children's futures. All the buddy buddy seemed a little fake.

I would love to slap V and tell him to pull himself together. He seemed very whiney and that was kinda annoying. I never pictured him being Whiney.

The Throe stuff was weird. To be honest I didn't really read the parts having to do with him. I just skimmed them.

I really missed John Matthew in the book. Usually when Quinn and Blay are the subject JM is around somewhere close even if its just background. He was only mentioaned once that I can remember and it didn't amount to anything.

I'm very curious what Lassiter has up his sleeve. Especially in the case of Trez. I really enjoyed Lassiter in this book. He seems to usually be the comic relief, but I'm hoping he is going to play a more serious role in future books. I hope he doesn't lose himself in the process though.

I also missed all the banter between the Brothers. Glad we got more Wrath though. He didn't want to step up in the beggining, but he seems to be an awesome King.
24. ReneeM
Ok, Qhuinn left me with a bad taste in my mouth and I still can't get over the nasty things that came out of his mouth! Did anyone else think he should have had his ass kicked for how he talked to Beth, his Queen? I could go on for days about how disappointed I am in one of my favorite characters! I bled for you when you were pining for Blay for HOW MANY BOOKS? Even though I finished the book I am still worried about fallout from how he treated his daughter. Yep, V is being an idjet! I have a theory too, LilyP, want to compare? I felt a little uncomfortable with Trez' reaction to Therese. Just because she looks and sounds like Selena she can replace her? Whether or not she is Selena reincarnated, I feel like he should be mourning his love just a little while before he replaces her.
Now, what I liked! I liked how Xcor & Layla's story turned out, even though they weren't my favorite couple. I liked how we got to revisit so many people, even though we missed a few. I loved that the Band of Bastards are staying, think of all the future books! I liked how Wrath was really involved in what was happening, not just as an afterthought. I liked how Lassiter showed a moment of doubt. You can do it! Thanks Charlayne for making me laugh! And Blogger Kate, I agree with your comment about the repetitive stuff 'on so many levels', but it won't stop me from reading everthing the lovely Jessica writes!!!
25. Leah123
Im currently in the middle of reading the bookq but can someone please explaine to me the situation with Quinn, and mainly with V and Jane(what os going on with them)? Thank you in advance
26. JenniferA
I just finished the Chosen. While waiting for it to be released I reread many of the books in the series. I enjoyed the book immensely. I was shocked at Quinn's behavior toward Layla when he found out she had been spending time with Xcor. He flipped out completely. Then the separation and break up of the family was very upsetting but was what enabled Layla to have time with Xcor. I was expecting some Blay and Quinn makeup action that never occurred but was implied. The passion between Layla and Xcor could have been built up a little more. The shower scene was sexy though. I was hoping for more Assail but now that I know that he and Marisol are the focus of the next book, I am definitely in for future installments. I want to know more about Jo as well. Will she transition and if so who will she feed from? Will V discover she is vampire and do something to bring her in? Also - his crisis with Jane was weird. I understand that they had not made time for each other...but damn, they are two of my favorites. I also thought the scenes with Throe were weird and was trying to figure out where it was leading. We shall see. I am not sure Lassiter would have been my pick for a successor to the Scribe Virgin - I thought it would be Selena. Overall - the book was good. I enjoyed the battle with the Brothers and Bastards fighting side by side!
27. Raven Angel

1. Boo is and has been the Scibe Virgin all along!
2 Lassiter brougth Teresa/Selena back
3 Lassiter is the replacement for the Scribe Virgin
4 The stupid book, idoit Throe is bringing back Devina and does not know it. She needs a new body which is why she is making him so evil and dark! (moron)
5 Well, JR said, V and Jane will go through a very hard time, however, he will not cheat- she was asked that, not emotionally , or physically. She also spoke about her feelings about V and Butch and how at first she wanted them together.
5 Down the line the time lines will come together and we will get Eddie, Devina etc in the BDB world
6. The Band of Bastards will join with the BDB and eventually be inducted.
7 She is considering doing a big time jump for a novella about the kids Nalla Little Wrath etc and their dating.... etc....
I still think Quinn was out of control and I would not have forgiven him that easily what he said and did to both Blay and Lalya was horrid.

Lassiter did send the lessers to fight the BDB and the Band of Bastards in the final fight scene, he is just getting the hang of this SV stuff and he is on a learning curve.
V and Jane will be the other couple in The Thief -besides the main couple Assial and Sola. That's all for now! :)
Heather Waters
28. HeatherWaters
@Raven Angel -- Thank you for that roundup! I saw bits and pieces on Twitter but it's nice to see them all together here... Hmmmmm!
29. HeidiAnne
The Band of Bastards and the Brotherhood had a kick ass fight with Lessers so no more talk of treason. Layla finally finds a spine (Thank You). Quinn needs a good butt kicking but the ever forgiving Blay forgives him AGAIN! Now Layla, Xcor, Quinn, Blay and the babies are one big happy family (I wonder how long that will last). V and Jane - there is a huge train wreck in the wings.
I miss Z and Bella, John Matthew too. I'd like to hear more about the in training gang.
I love this series but more whining, wishy washy characters are not wanted. I get angst, self scrafice, disliking self but there is no need to wallow in it.
30. Hollilee
I love the BDB and hang out for each book, but the ending of this one has left me quite cross. The Xcor and Layla story had a satisfying ending, and the reunion of Tohr and Xcor was lovely.

What wasn't lovely was V. Someone above said it was sad that V and Jane had come to this. It's not sad when one person decides to cheat on their partner. It's weak and selfish, destructive and dishonourable, but it's not sad. I get that V is feeling neglected, I'm sure being a doctor in that environment means Jane has little free time, but instead of discussing his feelings or asking for some of his Shellan's attention he is busy feeling sorry for himself and sneaking around setting up a booty call.

At this point he is already emotionally cheating, the real thing is a very short slide away. Can't believe how weak he has turned out to be. For a character who has always been upfront and confronting this self serving cowardly behaviour came as a rude shock.
31. Nichole Carger
The Chosen was another awesome addition to BDB series. Didn't see the Lassiter thing coming, that was a great shock. But Vishous is breaking my heart, thinking of cheating. Excited that the bastards and brothers are working together. Ready for more about Assail and Trez with his Selena look alike. Next book won't come fast enough
32. Koushambi Dixit
When I started reading it, 'The Chosen' was something I was excitedly waiting for. Xcor and Layla were another complicated couples for me. On totality, I liked the way how the characters were built and Ward's exciting, but loveable at the same time, language kept on the edge as the plot began to unveil before me. I despised Quin, for the monster he became and dearly hoped for Blay to never return to the mansion to this idiot!
I am, for the first time, piqued about Vishous, though. Somewhere, and this might be a spoiler for future reference, I have a feeling he has accepted the fact that he is living with a ghost, and not a real female! I have never particularly cared about V and Jane. Their pair and their book 'Lover Unbound' is the only one, which I have never gone back to after my first reading. I think he is really looking out for a solid, stable, flesh and blood, companion now, and not some misty shadow! I don't really get what exactly he means by 'cheating and betraying' on his partner. I guess that statement made me alert to something fishy going on inside his head. A clever move by Ward to make this 'cliffhanger' series more clingy and addictive to the readers. Well let's hope something better, and not dark comes this way!
Anyone? any ideas as to how exactly he is planning to betray Jane? (If it is physical! Then Jane sweetie, it is better for you to go into Fade and forget this attraction ever took place)
33. BT
Thoroughly enjoyed all the comments and fan theories! Totally agree with Devina coming back and somehow getting mangled into the BDB world. Very exciting and well played by J.R. I shrug at the whole V storyline--it was his and Jane's turn to have a rough patch in their relationship, and we all know he has certain needs; makes sense for him to think about straying. Quinn's reaction was way out of character, but I do believe it was the catalyst needed for Layla to get some backbone. Although I do admit that the happily ever after ending between Blay, Quinn, Xcor, and Layla was too wrapped too neatly. Like, Xcor and Quinn being all buddy buddy over Lyric? WTF--nice, neat, bow. Bleh.

I'm just gonna throw this out, but Saxon and Bitty's uncle. Yep. I said it. There was some obvious chemistry, and attraction (at least from Saxon's end) towards the quite, rugged, thoughtful uncle of Bitty's (what's his name?)--Wouldn't be surprised if he discovers his sexuality being so "young" for a vampire.

And then I thought I had it down, when we introduced the Legacy series--I thought for sure, Axe would somehow fixate on Bitty. Hear me out. Because Axe is into kink and Bitty experienced an abusive childhood, the fit wouldn't be right, but they'd figure it out together, yada yada yada. I thought I had something good there. *shrugs* can't win 'em all.
34. Nersy W
I still love Qhuinn, still don't like Layla, neutral on Xcor. Iffy on Blay and his whinny responses. Blay actually caused the gun to discharge by trying to wrestle out of Qhuinn's grip. It's not like he purposely discharged the gun. I totally understood his reaction.
Everything he said to Layla was true, however I did not like the whore comment.

Unrealistic response from Beth who had PTSD in the King from the murder attempt on her mate.

The Ending with three dads and the babies, too soon.

My least favorite book in the series. Not one tear shed, not emotionally moved at all. A first for me in the series.

Looking forward to Blood Fury and the Thief, so I can erase this novel from my memory. Really not hard to do.

Finally really not interested in the BOB as B rate brothers. Sorry. At one time I was interested in them. Now? Not in the least.
35. Angel123
I never loved Qhuinn but he was OK until The Chosen - childish, macho behavior plus cruelty to his mate. I like Layla while at the same time acknowledging her mistakes, which are a result of her sheltered life until this time. She's like a teenager emotionally and experientially, trying to grow up and reaching for happiness while making all the mistakes possible. There is no malice in her, however. That's why I don't understand the inflexibility of readers who brand her as a threat, a slut and a traitor without looking underneath her actions. These fans would hope to be treated better than they have treated Layla, I am sure. Understanding, forgiveness - nope, they'll have none of that. No "judge not lest ye be judged" for them. And they berate and mock anyone else - like Wrath, for example - who chooses the practical path of moving away from an eye for an eye. Wrath is the King - what he decides goes and he has the balls to move away from medieval practices to engender more peace and loyalty from and for his subjects. Blay is not a whiner, he was truly hurt by Qhuinn who acted like a supercilleous maniac convinced only his view was correct. I will forgive Qhuinn, however. The females in the household, led by Beth, put motherhood first. They are real women, as opposed to those who want her to be punished for helping a sister. The three dads and the babies was too rushed to be completely believable. This comes under the heading of "situations not explained and justified", like Jane and V together after Jane returned as a ghost. They were happy but JRW didn't show us that. While not my favorite book in the series I don't dicount The Chosen or dismiss it because of the characters' actions. It is a part of a whole. It moved me emotionally, as it should have moved anyone with an open mind and an ounce of mercy. The BOB were shown to be as good fighters as the Brothers and they are needed, they have a place now and a purpose. When we get to know them as individuals and they begin looking for mates we will return to the theme of the earlier books in the series when the Brothers found theirs. New blood is good. The BOB are rough around the edges to put it mildly, but their objective has always been the same as the Brothers - to destroy Lessers and their source. Too bad some readers can't find anything of value in The Chosen because of their rigid ideas of what the author should write. Last time I checked, JR Ward was in charge. I'll wait for more to be revealed before I "write her off". And I find so much more to look forward to - Saxton, Lassiter, Jo, Assail & Sola - all stories I await with anticipation. To sum up, The Chosen has much to offer for those willing to see.
36. Saharajinni
I miss John & Xhex, Marissa, Z & Bella... etc. I know there are a lot of characters and everyone can't be in every book, but the look at the every day normal interplay between this extended family is part of what makes these books so awesome! Now people seem to get lost along the way.

Qhuinn is stupid. Not a fan of Xcor. Throe must be the new Lash???

I enjoyed the book but it didn't thrill me like the earliest books where my day stopped until I finished the book. Maybe The Thief will bring back the thrill.

And OMG everyone doesn't need to be related!!
37. Kharky
So after reading this book and reading these comments, I want to try some of Ward's other books series, as they seem to tie in?
What is the recommended reading order?
38. Shelia Griffin
OMG I cried, laughed, and was so mad I wanted to punch Quinn it had me saying wth and at the end dieing for the next book it is very few authors that make you fall in love and go threw Evey emotion know to man I love J.R. Ward she gives you all and I love the BDB one you will never get enough of so Thank You
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