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First Look: Emmy Curtis’ Aces Wild (May 2, 2017)

Aces Wild by Emmy Curtis

Emmy Curtis
Aces Wild (Elite Ops #1)
Forever Yours / April 30, 2017 / $19.99 print, $3.99 digital

One thing 1986’s Top Gun proved to us is that we love smug, hot shot, Air Force pilots and we simply can’t get enough of their phenomenal acrobatics.  Emmy Curtis’s new Elite Ops series starts with Aces Wild and she takes us to the Nellis Air Force Base in Nevada for this year’s Red Flag exercises. These exercises help train NATO pilots in advance aerial combat by simulating combat situations. 

As the pilots and their crews arrive, representing the various nations, they believe this year will be just like every other year teaming the various fleets against the Aggressor Squadron made up of an elite team of pilots.   Securing an invitation to perform in these topflight training games is already impressive, but standing out as an exceptional pilot is something which both Royal Air Force pilot Dexter Stone and U.S.A.F. Major Eleanor Daniels are counting on since both their futures might just be riding on how well they perform in these games.

Most of the pilots are here for fun and have the luxury of drinking and socializing with their fellow combatants but Eleanor has been trying to prove that she didn’t receive her rank simply from being the daughter of a 3-star General, and Dex needs to prove that last year’s crash didn’t have anything to do with pilot error. 

Dex and Eleanor have to stay focused on their team’s missions and prove their superior performance against the other teams.  While there is no question that the future of their careers is hanging on the line, neither can deny the attraction that causes them to seek each other out time and again.  And as long as they don’t figure out that their biggest competition is sitting right in front them, they might just have a shot at a little romance in between war games.

“What are you thinking?” he asked, expecting her to say that she’d never done that before, or that she was embarrassed, or those things that women usually say when they show their dirty, wanton side.

“I was thinking that sex with you would be a battle worth fighting.”  She leaned back and rocked gently against his erection.

Suddenly he didn’t know why he’d expected such a commonplace answer from such an unusual woman.  “Do you now?”  He looked her in the eye and gently scraped a fingertip over one of her nipples through her dress.  “Who do you think would win?”

She arched her back languidly, like a cat.  “It depends what the benefits of surrender would be.”  She tipped her head to the side. “Don’t you think?”  

But something is not right at this year’s Red Flag.  A private organization known as TechGen-One seems to be pulling the strings at this year’s military competition.  It seems that the program would have been cancelled due to budget constraints until TGO generously stepped in to cover the expenses.  TGO’s generosity seems to be boundless, but is it selfless?

Thirty minutes previously she would have told anyone who asked that it was great that the contractor had paid for Red Flag, that she couldn’t begin to imagine the cost of it, that she was thankful Red Flag hadn’t been canceled.  But now she realized TGO must be getting something huge in return.  Something that involved her father.  Something that involved billions of dollars and the complicity of lobbyist and people high up in the government.  She just couldn’t figure out what.

What does a private Tech firm have to do with military practice maneuvers and what do they plan to get out of being the generous benefactor here? 

TGO has all but taken over the military base.  Pilots are being locked out of their own hangers while strangers are poking around the multi-million dollar aircraft.  When Eleanor goes to complain of the dangers to the pilots if someone is tampering with their planes, she overhears a closed-door conversation which puts her in the cross-hairs of the wrong people. 

When Eleanor’s plane crashes in the desert, far the base, was it an accident or did someone sabotage her plane?   And when help arrives, have they come to rescue Eleanor or make sure that she never makes it back to the base?

What happens when you mix aerial combat training, dogfights, sexy pilots, conspiracies and cover ups and add a big dollop of romance, you have a story that just can’t lose.


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