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First Look: Elle Kennedy’s Midnight Target (April 25, 2017)

Midnight Target by Elle Kennedy

Elle Kennedy
Midnight Target (Killer Instincts #8)
Berkley / April 25, 2017 / $7.99 print & digital

In her final book of the Killer Instinct series, Elle Kennedy gives us a novel so full of danger and heart-pounding excitement that I would recommend making sure you can finish it once you start because putting it down is not an option.

Cate Morgan is in a South American city which is on the verge of implosion.  She saw something she shouldn’t and gets caught in the cross hairs of one of the bloodiest cartels. Jim Morgan takes his team in to bring his daughter home and as shots are fired between the mercs and the drug lords, lives are lost and the hatred and retaliation grows as both sides refuse to stop until the other is destroyed.  

As this series draws to an end, Elle Kennedy brings us not one romance but two in Midnight Target. The last few books have left us panting for the resolution of these problematic romances and in doing so she also makes us pause and question how often we live our lives making decisions to please others rather than ourselves.  

When she first came to live with her father at the compound, Cate Morgan was barely seventeen and naturally gravitated to the youngest member of the team, the group’s rookie, David Ashton.  While he might have been the youngest, Ash was well aware of the eight year difference between himself and Cate. A difference which was pointed out often by Cate’s father, Jim.  

Ash is as drawn to Cate as she is to him, but Ash knows that Jim wants more for his daughter than hooking up with a merc.  As the years pass, Ash fights harder and harder against his desire to keep Cate close and indulge in some of those fantasies that keep playing in the back of his mind, while Jim wants Ash’s help convincing Cate to go away to college and live a “normal” life.  Ash owes so much to the man who gave him another chance to put his life back together.  The thought of disappointing Jim is too strong to indulge in fantasies of a happily ever after with Cate.   

“Ash, honey, at some point, you need to decide that you want something more than Jim’s approval,” Noelle whispered as she slid off the sofa.

Ash followed behind with a bitter taste in his mouth.  He knew that.  The problem he’d always had was that he wanted both.

Jim’s approval…and Jim’s daughter.

Liam Macgregor and Sullivan “Sully” Port became the best of friends when they were first teamed up in Morgan’s group.  They worked hard and played harder.  These two men were closer than brothers until a passionate kiss threw their worlds into turmoil.   Sully has never had a problem with finding pleasure in life—men, women—it never mattered as long as everyone was in it for the fun, but Liam grew up in a large, conservative Irish-Catholic family. 

It took Liam a long time to come to terms with having sexual feelings for Sully, but even if he is willing to try a relationship, he knows deep down that embracing a life with Sully would mean giving up the family that he loves.  When you grow up in a world where rules are simply black and white, there might not be a way to win the battle between what Liam wants for himself and accepting the limitations of what his family wants for him. 

“What have you told her?”

“Nothing.  Said it was just a misunderstanding.”

Of course Liam would say that to his sister.  As much as the man griped about his family, Sully knew that their opinion meant the world to him.  Liam hated the thought of them finding him lacking or being disappointed in his life choices.  They wanted him to wind up with a nice Catholic girl and pop out the requisite number of rugrats.  Anything less than that was unacceptable to the Macgregor clan.

The fight to survive against the cartel will be bloody, but the fight for love might be even more brutal.  Will either couple be brave enough to fight their own need for outside approval and grab for the future they want so desperately before they lose everything?

As we dive into the final novel of the series, the stakes are high and the fights are personal, but will anyone survive to celebrate a victory?


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