Mar 1 2017 8:01am

Where Would You Most Like to See a Book Set?

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Romance novels are, for many, read for escapist reasons, especially if we can escape to a place that we've never been before! With so many small towns and big cities as the setting of a romance, it can feel like readers can go anywhere! However, is there a place where you haven't seen a whole lot of romances set and would like to? Where would you like to see a romance set? 

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1. AltheaClaireDuffy
Sooo many places (and times). Don't get me wrong, I like Georgian, Regency, and Victorian England and the Old West, but there's a whole rest of the world!

I recently read a book on the social history of Ethiopia and I'd love to see historicals set there.

Ancient Egypt or Mesopotamia would be fabulous.

Fairytale-ish German forest country is also on my wish list, especially for paranormal.
Dr. Opossum
2. Dr. Opossum
Watching Moana made me wish there were more romances set in Polynesia, especially the pre-historic period depicted in the film. I love the rare ancient times historical, so bring on more ancient Egypt, Greece, Mexican, Peruvian, and Indian love!
Dr. Opossum
3. Laurie Wood
Canada, whether present day or historical, I'd love to see more Canadian stories.
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