Mar 20 2017 7:07am

What Benign Fantasies Do You Have?

Recently, Chris Evans posed for Esquireand it made our whole week. In the shoot for the magazine, Evans looked like your cozy college professor boyfriend, who was all prepared to rub your back and ask you how your day was. For Team H&H staffer, Jen Wattley, it elicited quite a benign fantasy: he makes you a cup of tea because he thought you had a rough day, or gives you his sweatshirt because you look cold. We then spent a lovely afternoon comparing benign fantasies, that really show that that sweatshirt that Chris is offering you? Yeah, it's made out of boyfriend material. 

What benign fantasies do you have? With which celebrity? We'll tell you ours, if you tell us yours!

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Jen Wattley
1. JenWattley
Cups of tea, folding laundry, snuggling on the couch when it's raining outside. Sigh. Just the best.
Jennifer Proffitt
2. JenniferProffitt
It is well-documented in my personal life that my biggest fantasies starring Tom Hiddleston is just Tom and I cooking in my kitchen while we dance to Ray Charles and the like... Very benign!
3. lauralee1912
George Clooney and I take our cocker spaniels for a walk in the woods and have a beer on my porch afterwards. The only obstacle I see is the resident cocker spaniel is my husband's sidekick and probably wouldn't want to hang out with Einstein.
Wendy the Super Librarian
4. SuperWendy
After a long day at the office I come home to find that my boyfriend, Ewan McGregor (the slightly scruffy version) has done all the mopping and cleaned the bathroom. Two chores I abhor. You know, because he's a sweetie like that.

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