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What Romance Novel Should You Read Next? Madame TBR Returns!

My name is Madame Thumbelina Brontë Radcliffe, but you can call me Madame TBR for short. I have returned to offer you more romance novel suggestions than you could have imagined! Not even in your wildest dreams! I am so please you have returned for my powers of intuition and foresight have been begging to be used to offer romance recommendations once again! As a reminder, by answering a few simple questions, I can help you find the hero of your dreams, the exotic locales you've been yearning for, and so much more—all through the power of a reading recommendation!

These question will help me find what you seek:

  • Who are a few of your favorite authors?
  • What do you wish to find in your next read? Perhaps a reformed rogue, or a fake relationship is what you seek? Tell me a little bit about what sort of book you're looking for!
  • Romance can be hot as Hades, or sweet as an early summer's day... what heat level do you prefer?
  • Last but not least, to feel the sweetest love, you must know the deepest pain—or not! What angst level do you prefer, on a scale of 1 to 10? (One being low angst, ten being the highest)

Let Madame TBR see into your reading future! Answer my four simple questions and receive a recommendation of what we'll see in your reading future! 

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1. Hart
1. JD Robb, Linda Howard, JR Ward, Joanna Wylde, Lorelei James and Meghan March
2. I'm looking for a pygmalion-esque plot in which most people consider the heroine dowdy or plain and the hero (alpha preferably) can see beyond that.
3. Hot as Hades
4. Angst level: Not more than a 6

Jennifer Proffitt
2. JenniferProffitt
I'm looking for a fake relationship story, and if it has a plus-sized heroine, all the better!

Some of my favorite authors are Kresley Cole, Emma Chase, Lexi Blake, Charlotte Stein, and Anne Calhoun.

I like my romances pretty spicy, so on the hot side would be ideal!

LOW on the angst scale. I can handle a little but low low low--and no love triangles!
Madame Thumbelina Bronte Radcliffe
3. MadameTBR
@Jennifer-- Your appetite for a fake relationships will be satisfied with The Hooker and the Hermit by Penny Reid and LH Cosway.
Madame Thumbelina Bronte Radcliffe
4. MadameTBR
@Hart, for a pygmalion-esque tale, you may find the sweetest of dreams with Kristen Ashley's Sweet Dreams, or Royally Matched by Emma Chase. I also foresee a deep love for Beautiful Player by Christina Lauren.
5. LBR
1. JR Ward, Sarah J. Mass, Sherrilyn Kenyon,
2. A strong heroine that faces immense challenges that she finds the strength to overcome while maintaining her awesomeness (No becoming a damsel when the hero arrives everytime trouble pops up)
3. I like my heat close to hades after a good walk through a few weeks of spring heat.
4. Angst in the 7+ range
6. Jenny T
Greetings, Madame TBR,

I'm a science fiction and fantasy fan with a desperate need for some romance in my life. In the genre, I really enjoy Sherrilyn Kenyon, Jeaniene Frost, and Kerrilyn Sparks. J.R. Ward is a guilty pleasure. I've read and enjoyed Lynn Kurland as well, though I'm looking for a bit more passion in my next book--something a wee bit darker.

I'm looking for some magic in my next romance -- either the hero or heroine, or both having some sort of magical abilities. Or perhaps they're not entirely human... I'm flexible!

I like things pretty darn hot and a good brooding, angsty hero makes me swoon!

Thanks for your help!
Madame Thumbelina Bronte Radcliffe
7. MadameTBR
@LBR, Hot as Hades you say? Then look no further than Cynthia Eden's Devil in Disguise!
Madame Thumbelina Bronte Radcliffe
8. MadameTBR
Salutations, @Jenny T!

Thank you for coming to me with your reading desires! If you're seeking a magical adventure, with a good brooding hero, you can look no further than Grace Draven's Radiance (and remember not to judge a book by its cover) or Laura Thalassa's Rhapsodic! For passion, though, you may find happiness with The Emperor's Arrow by Lauren D.M. Smith.

I hope these books bring you great joy!
10. Aishwarya Saxena
1. Judith McNaught, Tessa Dare, Nora Roberts, Rachel Gibson, Julia Quinn, Jill Mansell and Lisa Kleypas.

2. Strong leads, funny, feminist, maybe a fake relationship or a marriage of convenience.

3. Definitely a lot of sex but it doesn't have to be erotica.

4. A 7 at most.
11. ReneeM
Favorite authors: Megan Crane, Kresley Cole, JR Ward, Lisa Kleypas, Penny Reid, KF Breene, Vivian Arend, Jennifer Ashley, Jennifer Dawson, Marie Force, Stephanie Bond, Elle Kennedy, Mary Calmes, Sarina Bowen, Lara Adrian, ok I guess I should stop now!
I love the reformed bad boys, can't get enough. Also a sucker for post apocolyptic tales. High heat most of the time, but angst depends on my mood, I'd say low to medium.
12. AnnieB

My favourite authors are: Lisa Kleypas, Tessa Dare, Gaelen Foley, Julia Quinn, Sarah MacLean, Lauren Layne, Emma Chase (to name a few lol)

I love reading about strong leads, reformed rake perhaps, either historical or hockey related book (I've been going through a hockey phase). As for tropes, I love second chances or childhood friends but I'm open to others!

I'm open to any heat level! Though hotter the better and for angst I'd say from 4 to 6 on a scale of 10.

Thank you!
13. KarenK
1. Penny Reid, Molly O'Keefe, Christina Lauren, L.H. Cosway, Kylie Scott, Jennifer Crusie, Ruthie Knox, Julia Quinn are some of my fave authors.
2. I like most tropes, but I'm not fond of love triangles, billionaires or kids in my romances. And I love smart heroines with true friends and lots of witty banter.
3. Heat level--scorching!
4. Angst level--6ish.
14. caitriona3
1. JD Robb, Nora Roberts, Sherrilyn Kenyon, JR Ward, Christine Feehan, PC Cast
2. I love pretty much any romance with a happy ending, but my favorites always have something "extra" - supernatural, psychic, whatever. Alpha males dealing with stubborn females who are strong in their own way are always fun too! I don't need (or want) Wonder Woman, but I love smart and sassy heroines.
3. Not Erotica but I don't mind things getting kind of steamy
4. around a 5
15. lauralee1912
My favorite authors include Julia Quinn, Grace Burrowes, Susan Mallery, and Lily Everett.

I like second chance stories and not a huge amount of angst. The story can get steamy. I have been reading a looooong string of historicals. I have a feeling a book hangover will be mine after I finish reading Passion Favors the Bold, so I am looking for a small-town contemporary to change things up. A springtime setting would be a bonus.
16. Janga
Favorite authors include Eloisa James, Mary Jo Putney, Anne Gracie, Loretta Chase, Lisa Kleypas, Kristan Higgins, Karina Bliss, Barbara Samuel, Meredith Duran, Kathleen Gilles Seidel (who will have new books out soon—yay!), and others.

I never tire of second-chance/reunion romances, but please—no patient Griselda heroines.

Hmm—somewhere between an April day and the abode of Lucifer will suit me best.

All things in moderation—a 4-6 angst rating would be lovely, but I’d rather go lower than higher. (The reverse didn’t work well in other contexts.)
Madame Thumbelina Bronte Radcliffe
17. MadameTBR
@ReneeM, I see that like me, you have paranormal leanings, and so may find what you seek in Keystone by Dannika Dark!
Madame Thumbelina Bronte Radcliffe
18. MadameTBR
@Aishwarya - A Lady Awakened by Cecelia Grant is certain to bring you your heart's desire.
Madame Thumbelina Bronte Radcliffe
19. MadameTBR
@KarenK for your love of witty banter and scorching hot love, look no further than Kristen Callihan's The Hook Up!
Madame Thumbelina Bronte Radcliffe
20. MadameTBR
@AnnieB -- I recommend you take a shot*wink* on Taking a Shot by Jaci Burton
Madame Thumbelina Bronte Radcliffe
21. MadameTBR
@lauralee1912-- for a small town contemporary with a second chance at love, Donna Alward's Somebody Like You awaits you.
Madame Thumbelina Bronte Radcliffe
22. MadameTBR
@caitriona3, for your "something extra" I will recommend my fellow seer Ally from Suzanne Wright's Spiral of Need.
Madame Thumbelina Bronte Radcliffe
23. MadameTBR
@Janga-- How about Hannah Howell's Highland Guard? Indulge in a second chance at love against a Scottish backdrop.
24. LKR
1 - JR Ward, Kresley Cole, Gena Showalter, Larissa Ione, Sherrilyn Kenyon, Laurell K Hamilton, Darynda Jones

2 - Human stumbling into the unknown paranormal world. Preferably a plus size lady. The paranormal hero that saves her recognizes her as his fated mate.

3 - A gradual increase leading to the hottest of hot

4 - 5 max. Tired of reading about every hero having suffered some horrific trauma
25. MamaBearrrr
Madame TBR,

My fav authors are JR Ward, Skye Jordan, and Lori Foster.
I'm looking for protective, possessive, gotta have her kind of alpha male.
The hotter the better.
With an angst level of 8 or 9.
Madame Thumbelina Bronte Radcliffe
26. MadameTBR
@MamaBearrrr, I think you may like the alpha male of Kendall Ryan's Hitched. He's a man on the mission, and my crystal ball tells me you'll like the mission he finds himself on!
Madame Thumbelina Bronte Radcliffe
27. MadameTBR
@LKR, You may find your perfect tour guide to a new paranormal world with the heroine from Karen Marie Moning's Kiss of the Highlander
28. MonkuSan4Ever
Greetings, Madame TBR!
1) I LOVE and have read most of Sherry Thomas, Joanna Bourne, Georgette Heyer, Jennifer Crusie, Courtney Milan and Susan Elizabeth Phillips
2) I'm looking for a Contemporary read with a character driven plot and realistic relationships. Something funny. No mopey, distressed damsels or a hero who knows exactly what his girl needs, please.
3) I like the entire spectrum of heat levels. If they work for the people involved, I'm in.
4) I'm willing to go to a 6 on the angst level. With a growing sense of trepidation, she wrote.
Thank you for the fine work you are doing:)
Madame Thumbelina Bronte Radcliffe
29. MadameTBR
Bonsoir, @MonkuSan4Ever!
Thank you for coming to me with your deepest reading wishes! Should you desire a classic realistic romance, author Kristan Higgins will serve you well with Anything for You.

However, if you want laugh-out-loud funny, the new kids on the block's Grin and Beard It by Penny Reid! It is sure to please!
30. lizzie18
1. My favorite authors are :
- J.D. Robb\Nora Roberts, loves her romantic suspense books (yep Roarke still does it for me), but do not like Ms. Roberts' fantasy triologies.
- Julia Garwood, both her historicals and romantic suspense.
- I always enjoyed Sharon Sala but her last few series are all of them about second chance / lovers reuniting. I know it's a popular trope but I can't stand it. I will sometimes even skip a favorite author's book if it has that trope.
- And Linda Howard was/is? a favorite. I'm late reading Troublemaker and I'll have to get to it to see if I enjoy it as much as her previous books.

- For paranormals, I prefer the story with a bit (or a lot!) of humor. I really enjoy shifters, so love Shelly Laurenston and also Alanea Alder's Bewitched and Bewildered series; JENNY T. try that one it's hilarious, shifters and vampires and witches, oh my...
- In the same vein (ah, ah), I also enjoy the vampires in Linsay Sands' Argeneau series, and Dianne Duvall's Immortal Guardians series.
Don't enjoy fantasy books in fey realms or stuff like that. I like my paranormal stories grounded in this dimension.

- For historical, I seem to have lost the taste a bit. I'm more into re-reading my old favorites : Julia Garwood, older Amanda Quick, older Lynn Kurland, definitely Hannah Howell with her earlier Murrays books and derivatives, and earlier Wherlocke books (a bit paranormal). What does it for me now in Historicals would be tall, big, muscular Highlanders.

Now what were your questions again ? Ah, yes :
2. Romantic suspense if it's contemporary
Feisty heroine with big strong shifter if it's paranormal
Feisty heroine with big strong Highlander if it's historial
(a dash of paranormal in an historial novel would be welcome)
Kids are OK, but I'd rather they not be his kids. Frankly, I enjoy seeing the reactions, the bafflement of big strong guy when they meet and have to deal with little kids, toddlers. I melt.

3. I want the sex hot but the romance hotter, and I'm not into hardcore erotica or menages. And I want it to mean something (again think Roarke). Or raunchy and energetic and funny like Shelly Laurenston can make it.

4. Angst, not so much. But sometimes it plays really well in Historicals, so I'm open to it. And no love triangles please, that is so '70s and '80s where there was always another more glamorous or sophisticated woman in the picture.
Madame Thumbelina Bronte Radcliffe
31. MadameTBR
@lizzie18, To renew your love of historicals, look no further than Kerrigan Byrne's The Highwayman--these Victorian Rebels will also offer you a highlander later in the series so your future looks brights!

While you may prefer staying in this dimension, I want to broaden your horizons just a touch and suggest the dragon shifter that can be found in Grace Draven's Wyvern. He's sure to please!
32. lizzie18
MadameTBR, thanks for the recommendations.
I already have The Highlander and it's in my TBR pile. On your recommendations, I read The Highlander but that the 3rd in the series so I immediately ordered the first two. Just need to get to them.
As for grace Draven's book, I see it's Kindle only, which I do not have nor really want. So that one's out for me. Sorry.
Madame Thumbelina Bronte Radcliffe
33. MadameTBR
@lizzie18, My third eye must have been clouded--even psychics get a case of the Mondays, it appears--however I hope you find great happiness with The Highwayman and the rebels thereafter!
34. melabonbon
Hope I'm not too late!

1. Eve Silver, Jennifer Ashley, Amanda Quick...I'm a big reader but I have to admit I've had a hard time finding romance novels that really work for me...

2. I love books about misfits who find true love with each other. I'm particularly a sucker for melodramatic gothic romances, beta heroes, and doctors (esp. psychiatrists). No kids please, or happily ever afters that depend on having a baby...

3. I feel like lately I keep running into books where there's a lot of hot sex early on, with very little build-up and romance. I enjoy the steamy scenes, but I think it's more rewarding after some anticipation and some real feelings on the part of the leads. Instalust kind of leaves me cold in books.

4. Let's say 6 for angst levels. A little on the high end, but not unbearable.
Madame Thumbelina Bronte Radcliffe
35. MadameTBR
@melabonbon, it is never too late--fate would never separate a reader and their book! The other side is giving me a strong sense that you will fall for Never Kiss a Rake by Anne Stuart. For a mysterious slant, you may find what you're looking for in Simone St. James' An Inquiry into Love and Death. And finally, if you want to come into the present, look no further than Heroes Are My Weakness by Susan Elizabeth Phillips!
36. LisaB
1. Christina Lauren, Sally Thorne, Kristen Callihan, Tessa Dare, Lisa Kleypas, Sarah Maclean, Julia Quinn, Penny Reid, Elle Kennedy (Off-Campus series).

2. I like enemies to lovers and friends to lovers. I like slow burn, but if it's drawn out too long I get fed up. I'm really not into insta-love. I LOVE humor in romance, and I'm a huge sucker for witty banter. I don't mind a little drama, but I don't really care for suspense/mystery, anything paranormal, or plot lines involving babies.

3. Angst level: 6. I'm good with angst as long as it's realistic and not too bananas. I like to see people work for their HEA!
Madame Thumbelina Bronte Radcliffe
37. MadameTBR
@LisaB-- I'm being led to tell you to try Mariana Zapata's The Wall of Winnipeg and Me and well as Kulti. Slow, slow burns with all the romance and humor you desire.
38. CM1T
1) JENNIFER CRUSIE, Cecilia Grant, Tana French, Julia Quinn

2) Smart, feminist romance between true equals (no alpha heroes need apply!) maybe with a little gender-role reversal and really strong charismatic larger-than-life heroine. Quick and witty banter also great. (No first person, no new adult, please).

3) Sensual to Spicy

4) Angst level around 3 or 4?
Madame Thumbelina Bronte Radcliffe
39. MadameTBR
For your love of role reversals, I foresee a happily-ever-after with Megan Frampton's My Fair Duchess. For contemporary flair, you'll fine love with A.J. Pine's Six-Month Rule!
40. dejavu
My favorite authors areeeee: Ilona Andrews, Patricia Briggs, C.E. Murphy, Nalini Singh, Meljean Brook, and Faith Hunter.

What I like in my reads are paranormal/magical worlds, beastly heroes and wise-cracking heroines, and a plot that hasn't been overdone. Ilona Andrews and Patricia Briggs are my favorite authors because they have such a great balance between believable plot/action and romance and and I'm never really sure where we'll be landing once the book is finished.

I love me some romance! I prefer a real kind of romance and one that isn't hindered by stupidity or stubbornness by one character or another. The whole forbidden romance thing isn't often done well, anyway. Hot as Hades would be swell but if it takes a couple of books in a series to get there, then I'm down to wait for it!

As for angst, please save me from love triangles and the aforementioned "we can't possibly be together because of x, y, z lame excuses". Maybe a 6 is good? Although if you've read the recent Kate Daniels book, I'll say that angst was well done and I would definitely read a book/series that well done. Thank you for doing this! :)
Madame Thumbelina Bronte Radcliffe
41. MadameTBR
@dejavu--I hope you do not get deja vu with this title, however I foresee great satisfaction with Rafael and Elena from Nalini Singh's Guildhunters series, and a long-lasting love affair with Stacia Kane's Unholy Ghosts, which may be a little on the angsty side but also heavy in the deliciousness!
42. TanyaLK
Hello Madame TBR, I hope you're still offering book suggestions. My favorite authors are Christina Lauren, Colleen Hoover, Nailini Singh, Lorraine Heath, Emma Chase, Lisa kleypas, Julia quinn, renee carlino, seressia glass.

I love friends to lovers, enemies to lovers, or best friend's sibling. Steam can be high. I do love vampire/human love stories, and also diverse characters. Angst medium? Unless the book is so awesome with the high Angst.

43. Angie W
Who are a few of your favorite authors? Julia Quinn, Penny Reid, Lucy Parker, Sally Thorne, Gretchen Galway

What do you wish to find in your next read? I love regency era, fake relationships, and boss/ employee themes.

Heat Level - Medium/Low. I hate a bunch of raunchy sex scenes and would prefer more plot than sex.

Angst Level - Low. I will stop reading books with too much drama, any deception of who the characters really are, or when the men are dicks. I like uncomplicated reads that don't give me anxiety waiting for the outcome.
Madame Thumbelina Bronte Radcliffe
44. MadameTBR
@TanyaLK--for enemies to lovers with a bit of fake dating thrown into the mix, add Katee Robert's Fool Me Once to your TBR pile.
Madame Thumbelina Bronte Radcliffe
45. MadameTBR
@AngieW, For your love of Regency era fake relationships, you'll find lots to enjoy from Maggie Robinson's Ladies Unlaced series, but the first book, in particular—In the Arms of an Heiress—should fulfill your reading destiny nicely!
46. TanyaLK
@MadameTBR Thank you! I have added it to my list and it's waiting on my nook! :)
47. sewpie
Madame TBR,

Amanda Quick, Julia Quinn, Katie McAlister and Jayne Ann Krentz (yes, I know she is Amanda Quick)

Mostly I like historicals, hysterical historicals are fun. I like strong, feisty heroines and heros who are wimps but can admit when they are wrong. I do love a reformed rake. A little paranormal is fun. Sex is fine but I don't really want it to be over the top. Leave a little to my imagination. As to the angst, probably at least a 7.
48. Shadowspun
Favorite Authors Patricia Briggs, Ilona Andrews, Annie Bellet Janyne Ann Krentz, Anne Bishop, Cecy Robson, Chloe Neil...basically urban or contemporary PNR or urban fantasy

I am sick to death of Alpha heroes and heroines - I just want to hit them upside the head and say think of what someone else may want for a change.

As for heat level - I like it hot but not graphic - I agree with the recent article on many of the squick words.

As far as Angst about a 7

Vania Pires
49. Vania
Hi,Madame TBR!
1.CD Reiss, L.J. Shen;
2. A bad boy that's consistent from beginning to end (as in Vicious);
3. Any, just not sugary, or so overdone that it sound ridiculous;
$. Over 6. Can you help me with suggestions? I really loved Vicious. Thanks!!!!
50. Diane D.
Are you still answering posts here, Madame TBR? I hope so.
My *favorite* authors nowadays tend to lean more to the fantasy side than PNR, but the books wouldn't be near as appealing w/o the romance; Patricia Briggs and Ilona Andrews top the list. Others I enjoy include Eileen Wilks, Nalini Singh, Grace Draven, Thea Harrison ... Old favorites Nora Roberts/J.D. Robb and Jayne Ann Krentz/Jayne Castle/Amanda Quick are still entertaining, with or without sf/f elements, but they're getting a bit stale. I can't even think of any romances w/o action/suspense and/or sf/f/pn that I've read and loved recently.
What I like/want to read: when the hero and heroine get to know each other, with emotional honesty and naturalistic humor (it's hard to really care about characters if it's too farcical ((though Gail Carriger is fun)), but no sense of humor is NO fun to read), in the course of an adventure or mystery.
What I don't like: triangles, TSTL heroines, insta-love — especially with sex too soon (Eileen Wilks's fated mates still have to work to build a strong relationship), too-arrogant alphas who never learn, and abruptly chopped-up, resolution-less serials. I rarely favor stories where the central relationship is built too long on deceit.
Heat level: I'm flexible (as my favorites list makes clear), as long as the story is "about" the plot and emotions, not the sexy stuff. Preferably, the lsexual anguage should strike a happy medium: neither too flowery, nor too purple, nor especially too blunt and crude.
Angst level: Some of my favorite leads have had to overcome painful pasts, but I'm not interested in reading about rape or torture happening "now". Also, if one of the leads treats the other unforgivably, I WON'T forgive them!
51. Diane D.
Me again. I noticed I could definitely share a bookshelf with dejavu (40), but can I get a rec. of my own, anyway?
Madame Thumbelina Bronte Radcliffe
52. MadameTBR
@Diana D., Madame TBR is always available! It's good to know you and dejavu share similar tastes, so this will be dejavu for me! (However, I think you'll find another reading twin with Jenny T) For your love of Paranormal romance and suspense, you may find a happy ever after with Trigger by Scarlett Dawn!
Madame Thumbelina Bronte Radcliffe
53. MadameTBR
@Vania, for your Vicious love, you may find happiness with The Devil You Know by L.A. Fiore!

I have returned after a moment of clarity! And urge you to also consider Cole by Tijan!
Madame Thumbelina Bronte Radcliffe
54. MadameTBR
@sewpie--the spirits recommend A Notorious Countess Confesses by Julie Anne Long, and How the Duke was Won by Lenora Bell.
Madame Thumbelina Bronte Radcliffe
55. MadameTBR
@Shadowspun, My third eye tells me you could find happiness with the YA fantasy in The Thief by Megan Whelan Turner--though it's not until book 2 that the romance kicks up! For an adult PNR/fantastical book, I urge you to turn to Truthwitch by Susan Dennard!
56. Kareni
Truthwitch does sound intriguing! Thanks for mentioning it, MadameTBR.
58. DarcangeloHunter
Hi Madame TBR

1.Some of my fav authors are : Nalini Singh, Julie James, Thea Harrison,Jayne Anne Krentz-Amanda Quick-Jayne Castle, Mary Balogh, Pamela Clare (I team), Kresley Cole, Georgette Heyer, Christine Feehan, Lauren Layne, Meljean Brooke, Shannon Stacey,Robyn Carr, Elizabeth Hoyt, Siri Mitchell , Ellen O Connell , Courtney Milan, ...

?.What I don't like : infidelity(OW or OM after meeting h/H )..YA.. Big Misunderstanding plot, Love triangles,

2.what I am searching for - romance novels with magic users in it... witches, wizards, mages , Fae
And some good western romances

3. Heat level - flexible

4.Angst - flexible

Thanks for your suggestions and foresight ..!!
Madame Thumbelina Bronte Radcliffe
59. MadameTBR
@Vania and @Kareni, I am always at your service! I'm glad you've found much to appeal to you!
Madame Thumbelina Bronte Radcliffe
60. MadameTBR
@DarcangeloHunter, For your thirst for westerns, we urge you to seek out Melissa Lenhardt's Sawbones. However, if it is a magical world you seek, you may find what you're looking for Through the Veil by Colleen Halverson.
61. SansFoster
My favourite authors are: Tammy Blackwell, Kristin Cashore, Tessa Dare, Matt Fraction, Stehen Fry, Alissa Johnson, Naomi Novik, Maria V. Snyder, Tammara Webber, Andy Weir

What I'm looking for: Slice of life, low-key (or non-existant) drama, friends to lovers, good humor or any combination thereof. Any subgenre works, m/m a plus. No perpetual misunderstandings or love triangles please!

Romance level: Doesn't matter to me.

Angst: One, maaaaaaaybe a two.

62. bigedsgirl1
Some of my favorite authors are Beverly Jenkins, Marie Force, Lisa Kleypas, Catherine Anderson, Brenda Jackson, and Nora Roberts. I would love to read a suspenseful romance featuring a strong woman in peril with children to protect and a tough guy who doesn't want to get involved. I like all kind of heat levels as long as I'm emotionally engaged with the characters and enthralled with a great story. As far as angst levels go, I like a good tear jerker but with spots of humor included to alleviate some of the pain. Think, Steel Magnolias.
63. DK Books
Favorite Authors - Eloisa James, Maya Rodale, Tessa Dare, Susan Elizabeth Phillips, Sarah MacLean, Linda Francis Lee
Looking For - I want to laugh or snappy dialogue, life has been way too serious lately.
Angst - 4
64. Ilonka Molano-Peña
Favorite authors: Grace Burrowes, Mariana Zapata, Vi Keeland, Penelope Ward, Kendall Ryan

No preference really; not a fan of cheating.

Hot as Hades works for me

Low angst for now

Madame Thumbelina Bronte Radcliffe
65. MadameTBR
@SansFoster, For a m/m romance you're sure to love try HIM by Sarina Bowen and Elle Kennedy, for a contemporary YA you might love The Start of Me and You by Emory Lord may be just the treat you're looking for!
Madame Thumbelina Bronte Radcliffe
66. MadameTBR
@bigedsgirl1, for a heroine with the protective instincts of a mama bear and a hero who's hesitant to get involved, try Pamela Clare's Falling Hard.
Madame Thumbelina Bronte Radcliffe
67. MadameTBR
@Ilonka Molano-Peña, the spirits tell me you'll find a happily ever after with Emma Chase's Royally Screwed or Olivia Dade's Driven to Distraction.
Madame Thumbelina Bronte Radcliffe
68. MadameTBR
@DK Books, I have two Scottish romances that may take your mind off the present. First, Lecia Cornwall's Beauty and the Highland Beast might be just what you're looking for, but if that doesn't do the trick Lynsay Sands' An English Bride in Scotland is sure to please!
69. AngieA
Fave authors: Lauren Layne, Julie James, Katee Roberts, Jana Aston, Julia Quinn, Lisa Kleypas, Sabrina York, Sarah Addison Allen

Looking for: Realistic contemporary romance (NOT involving firlthy rich billionaires and/or big-time playboy if possible). Something relatively light and witty; Lauren Layne-level rom-com, but not too cheesy.

Heat level: Flexible, but 7-10 preferred

Angst level: 5 maybe? Not too heavy but not without realistic conflict.

Thank you!! <3
Madame Thumbelina Bronte Radcliffe
70. MadameTBR
Dearest AngieA,

I'm so sorry for my absence! I was away at a psychic retreat, but have returned—my connection to the spirits is stronger than ever! The spirits are telling me you may enjoy Amy Andrews' Some Girls Do.
71. LizetteO
1. Sarah J. Mass, Sherrilyn Kenyon, Gena Showalter, Nora Roberts, Lisa Kleypas, Linda Howard, Jennifer Crusie
2. A strong heroine that faces immense challenges that she finds the strength to overcome while maintaining her awesomeness (No becoming a damsel when the hero arrives everytime trouble pops up)
3. I like my heat so hot hades needs a fan
4. Angst in the 6+ range
Madame Thumbelina Bronte Radcliffe
72. MadameTBR
Hello LizetteO, The spirits are telling me that for a lighter heat level, Grave Mercy by Robin LaFevers or Burning Sky by Sherry Thomas might do just the trick. But if you're looking to put Hades out of business as the hottest place in town, try Christine Warren's One Bite with a Stranger or Heart of Stone. Either is sure to please!
Madame Thumbelina Bronte Radcliffe
73. MadameTBR
@LizetteO, further inspiration has struck--you may find a Happy Ending with G.A. Aiken's Dragon Actually.
74. Blue
1. The only romance genre writers I've read are Laura Kinsale and Jo Anne Ferguson. Love Laura!
2. I'm partial to the British Isles as a setting. Arranged marriage that grows to real love or spinsters finally finding love are favorite tropes.
3. Hot!
4. I have a high tolerance for angst. 7-10
75. Debboo
1. Jennifer Cruise, Tessa Dare, Susan Elizabeth Phillips, Stacy Reid, Eloisa James.
2. I'm looking for some laughter and escape of all the stress at work, home and in the world. I want one of those stories that you pause reading and hold onto the book for a second because you don't want it to end.
3. Anywhere on the range of hot as hades to a summer day.
4. Mid range angst from 5-7.
Thank you so much!
Madame Thumbelina Bronte Radcliffe
76. MadameTBR
Dearest Blue,

Apologies for the delay... My connection has been hazy as of late.

For spinsters and arranged marriages, look to Lisa Kleypas' Hathaway series...particularly Love in the Afternoon and Tempt Me At Midnight.
Madame Thumbelina Bronte Radcliffe
77. MadameTBR

For light-hearted frivolity, angst, and sexy times, I'm guided to tell you to read The Hating Game by Sally Thorne.
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