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Kylie Scott on Dirty’s Meet-Cute, Plus-Sized Heroines, and Naked Vaughn (Spoiler-Free!)

Dirty by Kylie Scott

Ready to dive into Dirty? As part of our Heroes and Heartbreakers E-Book Club festivities for March, we're thrilled to sit down with author Kylie Scott as she sets up the book for us, including the idea behind Dirty's delectable meet-cute (in which the hero is *gasp*—naked), plus-sized heroines, and more!

Feel free to read this interview BEFORE starting the book, but come back next week after you've finished the book for the spoiler-y second part of our interview with Kylie, in which she spills about Dirty's ending and teases us about what's ahead for the Dive Bar crew in the next book in the series, Twist, which hits shelves April 11.

Now, onto some Dirty talk with author Kylie Scott...

Heroes and Heartbreakers: You give us a wonderful plus-sized heroine with Lydia; Was there anything you wanted to make sure you got right about her portrayal and especially her perception of her own body image?

Kylie Scott: It’s my goal to give heroines of all shapes and sizes a happy ever after. Advertising does a great job of making us all insecure about ourselves. I’d like to try and balance that out a little with some body-positivity messages and women who are a little closer to home to us readers.

H&H: Lydia and Vaughan meet under unusual circumstances. Is there a story behind how you arrived on the idea that Lydia would be a runaway bride breaking into Vaughan’s house?

KS: I honestly don’t know. Weird scenes just pop into my head randomly now and then and won’t go away. Those are the ones that usually wind up being the first scene in a book. I just pictured a bride in a bath looking a mess with tangled hair and mascara running down her face. She refused to go away until I gave her a story.

H&H: A naked Vaughan pulling back his shower curtain only to discover a stranger in his bathtub will always make us grin. But he’s so chill about it! Is there any situation that would make him lose his cool? Tell us he has a fear of spiders. Something. Anything!

KS: He is pretty relaxed about most things—up to a point. I think mostly he’s in denial about the messed up state of his life and how things are with his family. So dealing with someone else’s crazy is a welcome distraction.

H&H: Readers have fallen in love with Lydia and Vaughan as a couple—their friendship, their chemistry—but what do you love the most about each of them as individuals?

KS: Ooh, that’s a hard one. It might sound odd, but I really like how Lydia wants to be part of something. That she appreciates the family and friends that Vaughan takes for granted. I like that she says what’s on her mind most of the time. As for Vaughan…I like his dry sense of humor, amongst many other things.


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A question ~ what formats are available for downloading the free e-book?
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I already have this book and am sooo looking forward to discussions and any insight the author may shed. I loved it and can't wait for the next one in the series.
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5. HeatherWaters
It might sound odd, but I really like how Lydia wants to be part of something.

I thought that was very sweet too and can't we all relate to that? Watching Lydia be so quickly embraced by the Dive Bar staff made my heart happy.
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6. HeatherWaters
@bungluna -- Yay! And agreed. Looking forward to seeing where the series goes from here.
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