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Kylie Scott’s Dirty Discussion Thread (MAJOR SPOILERS)

Dirty by Kylie ScottWhether you're brand-new to Kylie Scott's Dive Bar world or you've been anxiously awaiting the release of Book 2, Twist (April 11!!!), nothing beats reading Dirty (pun 110% intended), which is why Dirty is the first selection in our newly announced Heroes and Heartbreakers E-Book Club!

So chug the book that started it all, pull up a bar stool, and share your observations about Lydia and Vaughan's sexy story in the comments!

Note: The comments for this post will be made up ENTIRELY of SPOILERS and is intended as a place for fans to gather and discuss the book AFTER reading it, so if you have yet to finish, steer clear of anything after the jump. Go finish the book, then come back. (There’s a non-spoiler-y Q&A with Kylie Scott, the author, to whet your appetite, not to mention our fantasy casting of the Dive Bar crew to help you visualize as you read.)


***LAST CHANCE: Seriously, leave this post now if you haven’t finished DirtyThis is a post to discuss the entire book.***

Did you down Dirty too fast? Here's a quick synopsis:

After learning she'd been betrayed by her fiancé and running away from her own wedding, Lydia finds herself making a break for the nearest safe place...which happens to be a neighbor's house. Enter the sexy (and totally naked) homeowner, Vaughan, who pulls back his shower curtain only to discover—much to his completely understandable shock—a bride, still in her wedding dress, crying in his bathtub.

And with that unique meet-cute, Lydia and Vaughan's delightful story begins, as a friends-with-benefits arrangement quickly becomes more to both of them and Lydia comes to realize (with some help from her newfound friends at the Dive Bar, of course) that Mr. Right Now may just be her Mr. Right!

Let's discuss!

  • If Lydia hadn't run straight into Vaughan after running out on her wedding, how do you think she would have handled her breakup?
  • Vaughan's childhood friends and family felt like he abandoned them when he left town to pursue music and then didn't call or visit. Can you relate to how Vaughan handled that scenario? How else could he have handled it?
  • Do you think Lydia has fully forgiven Chris for his betrayal by the end of the book? 
  • Lydia and Vaughan are both facing major life changes. What do you think was the turning point for each of them in the story? If they were your friends, what advice would you have imparted at those crucial moments? 
  • Lydia and Vaughan have a whirlwind courtship. What were your thoughts on the timeline of their relationship and where they were at the end of the book?
  • Nell's love triangle with Pat and Eric was a complex and fascinating subplot of Dirty. What are your hopes for Nell's future after Dirty?
  • Kylie Scott's banter is out of this world—what was your favorite line?
  • Twist by Kylie ScottWhich character was your favorite in Dirty and what did you love about him or her?
  • The next book in the Dive Bar series, Twist, is right around the corner, releasing April 11. Who are you hoping shows up in Twist?
  • At the end of Dirty, we get a sneak peek at Twist. How do you think that very complicated situation between Alex and Joe will play out? What are you most looking forward to about their story?


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Jennifer Proffitt
1. JenniferProffitt
I honestly don't think if Lydia hadn't run straight into Vaughan's arms that she would have hopped into bed with him. I think that being with him gave her a lot more confidence in relationships and I can't wait to see how she grows in future books with her interactions with other characters.

Speaking of other books--OMG I CAN"T WAIT FOR TWIST!!!! I think Joe and Alex have SUCH an interesting story to start and it's a lot of my favorite things--mistaken identity, epistolary romance, it's gonna be great!
Carmen Pinzon
2. bungluna
I personally liked the way Lydia handled the situation with her ex and his family with the support of Vaughan. He was just what she needed at that point in her life.
Heather Waters
3. HeatherWaters
@JenniferProffitt -- They ran in such different circles it really seems like they may have never ever met without Lydia escaping her wedding, which makes their meet-cute all the better. It changed both their lives!

@bungluna -- Poor Lydia just wanted to get away from them. I can't believe how rude her ex's family was to her, as if she'd betrayed THEM, which is not fair at all.

Which character was your favorite in Dirty and what did you love about him or her?

Nell snuck up on me! I really felt for after learning she'd been with her ex since they were teenagers. How devastating to see your marriage fall apart after being together for so long, and for what feels like no good reason. And, honestly, I couldn't really blame her for hooking up with Eric even though as her friend I would have told her to pick ANYONE else, especially because it's clear she still does love her ex. And now there's the baby... What a dilemma. Poor Nell. I am very curious about where her story will go from here.
4. KimberlyBell
I really did like the easy chemistry between Vaughn and Lydia, and Lydia's trainwreck awkwardness in the beginning of the book (I feel that, on a personal level :P). Their attraction/escalation was a little odd for me, felt jerky in places, but I was rooting for them the whole time, so it was ok. LOVED the Nell baby drama. And my favorite character was probably Joe :P
Jennifer Proffitt
5. JenniferProffitt
@KimberlyBell, ME TOO! It was so relatable. And I think that's what made me buy into their HEA in the end. LOVED The Nell-Pat-Eric drama too. Can't wait to see how it plays out in Twist--hopefully amicably!

@HeatherWaters, I totally agree. That's what's so great about their meet-cute because you KNOW it wouldn't happen any other way. It's one of my favorite things about unique meet-cutes.
Karen Harding
6. Karen Harding
Thanks for starting this club, and thanks for featuring such a terrific book. LOVED this one!
7. TanyaLK
I'm pretty certain they wouldn't have met if it weren't for her crashing his tub. I love the banter and vaughn's cool vibe, and how he starts out a man of few words, sexy as all getout. Definitely want to read Neil's story, too @heatherwaters and @kimberlyBell.
8. TanyaLK
@jenniferproffitt you'll love twist! I think it's better than dirty!
Jennifer Meriwether
9. JenM
Dirty was so much fun to read. I loved how Lydia picked herself up, brushed herself off, and tried to move on and figure out what would make her happy. I think the message in so many of these "runaway bride" romances is that sometimes you have to be willing to take a sledgehammer to your life in order to clear away the debris and make room for the good things that are waiting for you just around the corner. So many of us put up with relationships that are not that great because we are afraid that nothing better will ever come along!

I'm sure I'll enjoy Twist, but I have to say, I'm hoping that Nell gets a book (and a relationship) of her own, although not necessarily with Pat. If they do get back together, he'd better have a darned good reason for dumping her in the first place.
Karen Harding
10. Goergieal
Ok. I had no idea what to expect out of this book and am so glad I joined up to read it!

Like others have said, these people and their drama? Real. Relatable. Ok maybe not the hop into a stranger's bathtub with your assets hanging out but what do I know? That totally could happen.

Dude, Lydia is awesome. And Vaughan and that blank face needed a slap or two. Lydia dealt with him and his penis / man / idiocy with aplomb. Better than I would be done. Just saying.

I cannot wait for the next in the series. Here's to handbags and bitches!
Heather Waters
11. HeatherWaters
@JenM -- Yes, I have to admire Lydia for recovering so quickly--I imagine I'd be depressed and hiding out for ages. Though meeting Vaughan might just make me turn it around too. ;)

Pat has some MAJOR, MAJOR groveling ahead, no doubt, but I am intrigued by the idea that they've been together since they were teens. There's obviously a lot of love and history there, so maybe they'll get a second chance at love?

@Goergieal -- Yay, welcome! So glad you enjoyed, and thank you for joining the discussion! Ha ha ha, agreed, Lydia handled him beautifully--he needed some reality checks.
Karen Harding
12. Georgieal
@heatherwaters but the way she handled him! Ohhh I could take lessons.

Question was: Nell's love triangle with Pat and Eric was a complex and fascinating subplot of Dirty. What are your hopes for Nell's future after Dirty?

My answer: she and Pat have to work out their issues. Clearly Eric isn't ready for relationship status and it doesn't seem Nell wants that out of him anyway. But how the hell do you wrap your head around a second chance romance with your friend's baby hanging out in your second chance's oven as it were? Mind blown. Nell needs a totally new man.
Karen Harding
13. Nancy Goldberg Levine
Which character was your favorite and why?
I loved Lydia and Vaughn--their banter was terrific. Vaughn was so nice to her once he got over the surprise of finding her in his bathtub.
I liked Eric a lot, especially in the scene when he made all the different drinks for Lydia--I liked his creativity. And I loved Nell.

I can't wait to read "Twist." I pre-ordered it!
Karen Harding
14. Lil
I really enjoyed this book and I absolutely adored the author's sense of humor. I was honestly snickering too loudly and too often to get hung up on the rather abrupt timing of the romance between Vaughan and Lydia. So much happened in the story that it felt like a lot more than two weeks passed in the book.

I think that meeting Vaughan saved Lydia from the worst of the fall out from the wreckage of her relationship with Chris. Lydia has some smarts and some spunk all her own but her self esteem took a major hit and she literally had no one in her corner. Chris and his family were portrayed as so overbearing and overwhelming that I think they would have completely steamrolled poor Lydia had Vaughan not been there to keep her grounded.
Nicole Leapheart
15. BoxyFrown
I always love to see a plus sized heroine written well and Lydia was great. Loved the book and I'm chomping at the bit for Twist! I actually didn't pay that much attention to Joe in this book so I'm intrigued. Vaughn pressed all my girly buttons, from his looks to his demeanor and temperament. Lydia literally fell in his life when he needed someone to rescue him and he certainly rescued her back.

It was good to see Mal, too. He was my fave Stage Dive guy.
Karen Harding
16. Tina A
What a way to start a story! My impression of Lydia is that she was looking for a family more than a relationship. That is why she overlooked the lack of intimacy with Chris and why she took to Vaughn and his friends and family so quickly. Her parents really have not shown her any affection or loyalty and she wants to be a part of something like that. I do not think she has forgiven Chris by the end of the book. It was less than a month right? That kind of betrayal is going to sting for a long time to come. It was not just that he cheated--it was that he was willing to build a life with her based on a lie. He used her unapologetically. I really liked this story and all of the drama that ensued. There was a lot of the unexpected in this book. I like books that are quirky and unpredictable. The only thing I nailed early on was Nell's pregnancy. I like that Lydia called out Vaughn when he talked down to her. She was in a vulnerable spot and that took strength of character. I have to admit I had Twist in my Amazon wish list before starting this book. I had seen it being promoted and loved the premise of the book. I paid more attention to Joe in this book because of that. He is a big ole Viking softy at heart. I don't think there will be a complication between him and Eric over Alexandra. Eric was his usual douchebag self and even though Joe is the one that catfished her; Eric's attitude showed her he was no prize. I am sure he will have redemption at some point but he is a great foil until then. Overall a really good book and I read it in one sitting. Looking forward to Twist in April.
Milena Mutter
17. love_tea78
I hope Nell and Pat will sort their relationship out, it was obvious that they still have strong feelings for each other. I don't think Eric is right for Nell, he is not in love with her and he doesn't come across as emotionally mature.
Jennifer Proffitt
18. JenniferProffitt
@boxyfrown, I LOVED how she did Lydia as a plus-sized heroine. And Vaughan. I just loved it all!

@love_tea78, I don't think Eric is right for Nell either, but did you see the new information about Chaser? It makes me even MORE excited about Twist because I think it answers some questions about Eric/Nell/Pat
Tina Mason
19. ratchet409
@love_tea78 - I agree with you. Eric seems very immature and is in no way ready for a relationship, much less a child. I'm very interested to see how the story progresses between these three characters (Eric, Nell and Pat).

As for the book overall, I enjoyed Lydia and Vaughan's story but didn't want to think about Lydia's past too deeply. Lydia is, for me, very different from how she's initially portrayed. I found her to be, for the majority of the story, strong and intuitive. This is in conflict with where we find her in the opening pages and what we know about her before the wedding. How was she so easily duped by Chris? Anyway, that's not *really * relevant to the story. It's just a means of getting her and Vaughan together. As I said, I liked their story and was glad to have read it.
Karen Harding
20. Diana Gru
I love it when I discover a new author that is worthy of my time. I have since ordered and read all of the Dive and Stage series. The little things like how funny the 10 foot fence with barb wire story grew with each telling scored major points with me. I love a good story and If I laugh a lot it rings my bell! Thanks for my newest "discovery"!
Dolly Sickles
21. Dolly_Sickles
I agree with TinaA in that Lydia was looking more for a family, although I did think her willingness to jump right into the Hewson fray made her a little unrelatable to me. First-person is never my favorite POV in fiction, so that's probably a bit of my inability to relate to Lydia. On the other hand, I did like how she and Vaughan forged a friendship first. "Crazy ideas deserved support." No truer sentiment has ever been spoken.

I really enjoyed the post-rumble commentary:
"They did the manly chin-tip thing then got to work. If the fight had been between women, I'm pretty sure hostilities would have carried on for months. Which just goes to prove my point regarding women being the superior species, and having more commitment to things in general. We stick."
Snort. :)
22. trosado
I purchased a paperback of this book when it first came out and hadn't read it, yet. I know. Shame on me. Since I'm starting to prefer ebooks over physical copies, I went ahead and downloaded the ebook for the discussion. I, literally, couldn't put it down. Definitely, a fun read with a GREAT heroine. I loved Lydia and her humor. I, also liked (what I found as) an atypical hero in Vaughn. Since he was a bit down-on-his-luck with the dispersion of his band and lack of funds. This is in major contrast to the rich and successful heroes of many romances. It was a nice change and written well. In fact, it looks like most of the characters of this new spin-off series will be working-class.

I would be remiss if I didn't mention a couple of the issues I had within the story. I can easily overlook the insta-love between Lydia and Vaughn. Although, it was fast, I didn't think it was necessarily unbelievable. I didn't care that there were some loose ends in the story. I realize that there are threads of sub-plots that will weave themselves within the whole series and then answered in subsequent books, but there were a few things brought up with Lydia and Vaughn that I felt were left hanging.

My biggest issue was the unprotected sex and then using the morning-after pill as the source of contraception. I understand that the MA pill is a valid option for people, but I really don't like that it was thrown into this story. It seemed out of place. This day and age, contraception is thrown in our faces beginning in middle-school and sometimes earlier. To me, there is no reason to have "accidental" unprotected sex and getting lost in the moment is not a legitimate excuse. I'm not trying to make any fundamental or conservative stance, I just felt the scene itself was kind of irresponsible.
Elizabeth Halliday
23. Ibbitts
Thanks to H&H for starting this book club!
This is the first time I've read Kylie Scott and I'm always happy to find a new author to add to my list. I enjoyed "Dirty" and am looking forward to "Twist" and "Chaser".
Three things I particularly liked about this book:
Lydia was briefly described as a plus-size girl, but it wasn't harped upon like it is in some books - as if that's the major discriptive characteristic about her - there's much more to Lydia than her dress size.
It really doesn't matter if she forgives Chris or not; by the end of the book, Lydia had forgiven herself for making such a bad decision to marry Chris and letting the whole thing go, which allowed her to have a real chance for a future with Vaughn - not just a rebound romance.
She didn't whine. Oh, there was some sadness and self-recriminations, but - even though Chris and his family treated her badly - she still had trust and belief in people and tried to make the best of whatever there was that needed to be dealt with. And, she didn't whine.
Karen Harding
24. Evie Ryder
I thought the relationship was fast sometimes a bit clunky. They were both going through some massive life changes and I made sense their relationship would be fast as they were relying on each other. It felt clunky because beyond them knowing there was an end point there wasn't much other conflict between to the two of them.

I was far more interested in the other characters, especially Nell. Far out Nell, almost anyone else for a one night stand other than Eric. I think her story is going to break my heart.

I will be reading the next not because I loved Dirty but because I can see where Scott is going with the family of people I grew attached to. Hope the others have better pacing, I think they will.
Heather Waters
25. HeatherWaters
@ratchet409 -- That's a good point--how did Lydia end up there? Why didn't she have any friends checking in on her and giving her advice? I guess I didn't question it very much because Lydia's weak spot seemed to be family, which made her vulnerable to Chris's whirlwind courtship and promise of settling down to make one of their own.

@Diana Gru -- Not much beats a good binge read of a new favorite author, eh? So glad you enjoyed, and thanks for letting us know! Stay tuned for more books! :)

@Dolly_Sickles -- I'm actually more surprised by how quickly Nell welcomes Lydia into the fold--if my brother started falling hard and fast for someone he just met, I'd be telling him to slow down and really get to know her first! But maybe I'm just an overly protective big sister. ;)

@trosado -- Thank you you for such a thoughtful review. Protection or the lack thereof in romance is something I'm REALLLY aware of in romance novels these days myself. I'm willing to go with things in romance that I never would in real life, but it does take me out of the story a bit.

@Ibbitts -- Starting the book club is our pleasure! We're really excited about it, and I'm LOVING the conversations, so thank you very much for being part of it. The three points you make about Lydia are spot-on, and I'm especially with you on appreciating how Lydia being plus-size was mentioned here and there but not at all central to how Lydia saw herself, or how Vaughan did either. As a fellow curvy girl, all I can say is...How refreshing!

@Evie Ryder -- Nell became my favorite too! I found myself fascinated by her relationships with Pat and Eric and am curious about what happens next. I also think she's been a better sister to Vaughan than he has necessarily deserved in the past. Now that he's back in town for good, I hope to see Vaughan there for her 100%.
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