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First Look: Cherry Adair’s Stormchaser (March 7, 2017)

Stormchaser by Cherry Adair

Cherry Adair
Stormchaser (Cutter Cay Series #4)
St. Martin's Press / March 7, 2017 / $7.99 print & digital

I’ve been a Cherry Adair fan since Kiss and Tell seventeen years ago. She’s one of the OG romantic suspense authors who drew me into the genre and got me addicted to the breathtaking notion of falling in love while running for your life.

And warmer temperatures on the horizon mean Adair’s latest installment of the Cutter Cay series, Stormchaser, is hitting the shelves at the exact right time. Fans of Jacques Cousteau and his magical underwater world will love this story!

We meet Dr. Callie West, a marine archaeologist hired by Jonah Cutter to work with his team aboard the Stormchaser on a salvage off the shores of Greece. From the get-go, she assumes Jonah is just another “modern-day treasure hunter” like the rest of his family. She also assumes she’s only going to be working on the Ji Li. Boy is she wrong on both fronts.

Ji Li held a king’s ransom in treasure, but she wasn’t what had him so excited. No, it was what lay beneaththe Chinese junk that had kept his heart pounding and his mind racing for months. Now he was so close he could taste it. Even one more day waiting for the marine archaeologist to confirm his findings was a pain in the ass.

Callie is a major distraction for Jonah. Yes, they have treasure to dig and yes, the team is in tight quarters on a boat (albeit a huge yacht), but he has SO much more at stake than silk, spices and jewels from the thirteenth century Silk Road route between China and the Mediterranean. Like, an ancient city. THE ancient city. Callie’s research and opinions on Atlantis are the very reason he’s waited months for her to join the team.

Converts were the strongest advocates.

Caught in the middle of a treasure hunting family feud is Callie, who just wants her brother-in-law, Rydell Chase, to know he can rely on her. Because she’s a leader in her field, and perfectly suited for Jonah’s archaeology needs, she agrees to help Rydell gather intel on his sworn enemies, the Cutter family.

For a moment Callie had a niggle of misgiving for what she was about to do. Jonah Cutter hadn’t done anything to her personally; she’d never even met the man. Never met any of the Cutters. But they adversely impacted people she loved.

She was uniquely qualified to balance the scales.

Too bad Callie is as drawn to Jonah as he is to her, because the family feud that casts a shadow over both of their heads has nothing to do with either of them. Their attraction certainly muddies the waters and makes their jobs all the more difficult. Jonah thinks the widow is still married, and is in constant battle with his conscience; she fights to keep her focus on betraying him and handing over his findings to Rydell. Subterfuge is never easy, and it certainly isn’t for the faint of heart.

So many storylines are swirling around in this novel. Will they, or won’t they? Is this THE ancient city, or isn’t it? What is the mystical element surrounding the small Greek island? Can I finally let myself fall in love?

The only thing she couldn’t seem to compartmentalize was Jonah. Was he friend or enemy? Competitor or lover?

Stormchaser is full of adventure and excitement. It’s got just enough mystical elements to make you tilt your head and wonder at the possibility of an ancient secret, yet it’s planted firmly enough in reality that you can close your eyes and feel like you’re on a treasure hunting quest. I can’t wait for Hurricane next month!


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