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Family Ties in Lynsay Sands’ Falling For the Highlander

Falling for the Highlander by Lynsay Sands

Lady Murine Carmichael has been trying to contact her friends via mail. Fearing her letters may be getting confiscated by her brother, Montrose, she decides to try to sneak the correspondence out via some Scottish visitors to the castle. Dougall Buchanan knows Montrose Danvries may not have the money to buy the horses he asked to see, but Dougall goes, anyway, with three of his brothers in tow. Not only does Montrose not have the money for the horses he covets, but he shocks the Buchanans by offering Dougall “time” with his sister, Murine, in exchange for the animals. Appalled, Dougall refuses, and he and his brothers leave the castle immediately.

Having overheard Montrose’s offer to Dougall, and the his follow-up plan to offer her up to a neighbor in order to get the money needed, Murine decides to flee. On the road, the escaping Murine meets up with the Buchanans, at which time they all discover a shared history and devise a strategy to get Murine out of her brother’s clutches.

As one expects with Lynsay Sands, a significant thread of humor runs throughout Falling for the Highlander, proving especially appealing in regard to Dougall’s delightful brothers. When the men learn Murine’s full name, their enthusiasm and joy becomes evident.

“Murine Carmichael?” Conran breathed as if she was one of the world’s finest wonders, a sentiment Dougall completely understood as he realized just who he was staring at.  

It was Alick who said, “Our Saidh’s Murine?”

Murine glanced to him sharply. “Saidh Buchanan? Ye ken her”

“Ken her?” Geordie echoed with amusement. “Aye, ye could say that.”

“We’re her brothers,” Alick announced....

“Oh,” Murine breathed, relief pouring over her face. Her expression then turned to startled alarm, however, when Alick suddenly launched himself forward and grabbed her up in an exuberant hug that lifted her off the ground.

“Thank ye, thank ye, thank ye,” he crooned happily, swinging her around.

“Leave off, Alick. Ye’ll make her dizzy swinging her about like that,” Geordie growled and then stepped up to take his place when Alick set her back down... “Thank ye, lass. We can never repay ye for what ye did for us.”

“Oh, “ Murine repeated weakly, patting Geordie’s back uncertainly and looking confused. She obviously had no idea what the men were thanking her for.

Throughout this entertaining novel, the exchanges between Murine, Dougall, and the three brothers, in various combinations, continues to provide not only significant doses of humor, but also a window into the personalities of each character. Though clearly the protagonists of the tale, Murine and Dougall do not get all of the attention, as reference to previous installments and characters aids in filling out the story and providing context.

The mixture of the author’s trademark humor and engaging characters with a believable budding romance should please Lynsay Sands legion of fans, as well as historical romance readers who may not have discovered her yet—especially those who enjoy a few chuckles along the way.


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