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Fantasy Casting Kylie Scott’s Dive Bar Series

Twist by Kylie Scott

As we prep for the release of Kylie Scott's Twist and chat about Dirty for H&H Book Club, it's only natural to start casting the heroes and heroines in our heads! We asked our blogger to do one of the toughest jobs we have: Playing casting director and placing celebrities in the roles of each of the lead and supporting characters for the Dive Bar series (so far). Take it away, Tanya...

As Kylie Scott releases her second book in the Dive Bar Series, I keep imagining the characters on the screen. Big screen, little screen, I don’t care. In my mind, this series would make an awesome adaptation to film. Why? The characters are real. They’re gritty with struggles we all can relate to. And the male leads are not bazillionaires. Not that I don’t love me some bazillionaire romance. However, sometimes it’s nice to read about everyday folks. What’s more, they get to fall in love. Without further ado, I give you my very opinionated fantasy casting for Dirty and Twist (books #1 and #2).

Vaughan Hewson - Domhnall Gleeson (Lead in Dirty)

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Vaughan is a tall, lean, muscular, strawberry-blond tatted guitar-wielding guy whose initial few words masks a man deep in thought. A man who’s layered, with his own drama. Domhnall is just the man. We can easily paint tats on him, and we already know he can rock the messy hair and scruff. He’s a chameleon of an actor, able to play any role from pyscho-Hitler wannabe in Star Wars to a fur-trapper in Revenant to romantic in Brooklyn. He grew up in a musical family, playing fiddle. I say, it’s time to give this man a guitar.

Lydia Green - Christina Hendricks (Lead in Dirty)

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Lydia is a buxom blonde who seems to always find herself in interesting situations. The first of finding out her fiancé bats for the other team, and the second, that she’d resort to breaking into someone’s home, hiding out in their bathroom while her tears fill the tub. Christina Hendricks is gorgeous. She’s buxom. And who knew? She’s a natural blonde! She’s got the acting chops to pull off sarcastic, witty, and introspective.

Joe Collins - Chris Hemsworth (Lead in Twist)

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Joe is our leading man from lumberjack-Bigfoot-Nordic-God-stock. Who else to play Joe than Thor reincarnate? Chris Hemsworth is a beast of a man, blond, and rocks a beard. Now, I’m not one who loves a ton of facial hair, but on Chris Hemsworth? He could glue a pelt to his face and he’d still be sexy. And yes, we’ll have to give him hazel contacts. But other than the eyes? Chris is Joe Collins perfection. He’s handy with tools, he’s modest, and he’s a nice guy—always lending a helping hand. Essentially, he’s the guy who can never say no. A character Chris could pull off in spades. Bonus? He already knows how to wield a hammer.

Alexandra Parks - Demi Lovato (Lead in Twist)

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Alex is pretty for an “average” brunette, with a modest sized chest who wears a push-up like nobody’s business. She’s guarded and queen of the one-night stand. Only because she’s been hurt in the past, and her one-night stands? A chosen and emotionally safe coping mechanism. Until she meets Joe. Demi Lovato has been through the ringer and can call upon her life’s experiences to bring the multi-faceted character of Alex to life. And Demi’s beautiful in addition to meeting all of Alex’s “average” qualities in terms of height, chest size, and brown hair.

Eric Collins - Liam Hemsworth (Supporting Cast in Dirty and Twist)

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Eric is a chic magnet. A lure for female genitalia—and he knows it. Hell, he’s been the apple of most women’s eyes, as well as the recipient of many a curse from women he dates and then dumps. He’s not as shallow as we think, though he’s not exactly bending over backward to show us his more reflective side. If anyone can pull off the hot player vibe with brownish long hair and scruff or no scruff, it’s Liam. And! Liam is Chris’s younger brother in real life. Why not make that sibling action happen on screen, too?

Nell (Vaughan’s sister) - Isla Fisher (Supporting Cast in Dirty and Twist)

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Petite redhead who can hold her own among a group of grumbly tatted men. We need an actress who can play to all of Nell’s crazy relationships including her failed marriage to Pat, and her one-night stand with baby-daddy Eric. An older sister to Vaughan, she’s a true romantic at heart. Or maybe matchmaker. Isla Fisher (yes, she’s now in her forties) still looks amazing, and could pass easily for thirty. She is brilliant with physical comedy and drama. Can’t you see her in the kitchen, bossing everyone around, giving the evil eye to her baby-daddy and secretly pining after her ex?

Pat - Lee Pace (Supporting Cast in Dirty and Twist)

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Just imagine if Lee Pace were cast as a wizard instead of an Elf in the Hobbit, replete with the beard. And then, we tatted him and shaved the sides of his head. If anyone could make it work and still be hot, it’d be Lee Pace. Playing the character of Pat, he’d be perfect at the longing side-glances toward his ex-wife, Nell, while freaking strangers out to no end. Pat’s character is tall, dark, good-looking, and scary all in one. Well, scary until you get to know him.

Andre Bird - Hrithik Roshan (Supporting Cast in Dirty and Twist

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He’s tall, but not too tall, and owns the building housing the Dive bar and the tattoo parlor. Andre is our older and wiser brotherly type friend. Good looking, broad, with a few strands of gray melting our hearts. Hello, can we say Hrithik? The man oozes sex in a more “older gentlemanly” way. He’s musically talented to boot—with all his success in Bollywood.

Rosie - Camille Winbush (Supporting Cast in Dirty and Twist)

Editorial credit: Helga Esteb /

Rosie’s been with the Dive Bar from the beginning. At least the beginning when Nell took over. She’s young, spunky, petite, and not afraid to speak her mind. America, you’ll remember Camille from the brilliant Bernie Mac Show (RIP Bernie). Not only is she funny, witty, and beautiful, she’s a musician herself. She’ll fit right in with the rock music vibe going on at Dive Bar.

Valerie - Carmen Carrera (Supporting Cast in Twist)

Editorial credit: Debby Wong /

Carmen Carrera is a transwoman and she is gorgeous, makeup is always perfect, and every stitch of clothing looks like it was designed specifically for her body. Such is the character of Valerie, a makeup artist who always looks like she could run the catwalk. She needs attitude with a caring heart in order to be Alex’s one and only BFF.


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