Feb 1 2017 11:00am

Who is Your Book Boyfriend?

Do you like the strong and silent type? Do you prefer the studious and pious type? Or perhaps a billionaire or a reformed rake are more your speed. With Valentine's Day just around the corner, we couldn't resist finding a book boyfriend to snuggle up with. Take our quiz and find out who your hero is!


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M & M
1. M & M
I got Sebastian from Devil in Winter, one of my favourite heroes, from one of my favourite books! I may have taken the test more than once...ok, I took it twice. I got Roarke the first time, but I haven't read that series, so I'm not sure we would get on. ;)
Heather Waters
2. HeatherWaters
I got Lawrence from Piper Huguley's The Lawyer's Luck--oh, yeah!
Jennifer Proffitt
4. JenniferProffitt
Kulti! I'm so excited. I fell in love with him when I first read Kulti. Guess I'll have to become a pro-soccer player now...
M & M
7. Hart
Kulti. I guess I'll have to read the book now.
M & M
10. Lady A.
I got Sebastian, but I want Kulti!!!!!!
M & M
12. booklover
"Oscar Mendoza, Cream of the Crop by Alice Clayton" - I didn't care for the one book I read by her. So...I guess I'll have to try again. I saw the quote from Roark and was hoping I'd get him!
Jennifer Proffitt
14. JenniferProffitt
@booklover, you totally should! What book by her did you read?
Also, I'm not saying you should take the quiz again, but Roarke WOULD appreciate your willingness to bend the rules a tiny bit!
15. lauralee1912
Sebastian from Devil in Winter.

A favorite of mine, too, and first try, M&M. ;)
M & M
16. M & M
@lauralee1912: my result still counts! ;)

BTW, are you looking forward to Devil in Spring?
17. allyson55
Kulti?! I don't know who that is. I want Roarke. I'm taking the test again! :)
Yay! I finessed Roarke. Is cheating allowed? I might just have to read the Kulti book, see what I'm missing. ;)
M & M
21. kahintenn
I got Jay na Thalang from Hold Me by Courtney Milan. I've read all her historicals but not this contemporary. I'll have to try it!

The quiz said we are both demanding and driven. I'm not sure how it got that from my responses... but it is true for me!
Jennifer Proffitt
22. JenniferProffitt
Haha, @kahintenn, the quiz knows all O_o But yay! I'm so glad you'll get to discover Jay!
23. TanyaLK
I got Jay Na Thalong...Hold me is on my TBR pile, maybe I need to move it up!
M & M
24. happybookworm
Aww, I got Kulti. I loved that book.
M & M
25. lizzie18
Yes! Yes! Yes! I got Roarke ! Hourrah !
Now, how will you send him to me, and when ?
M & M
26. kai227
I got Kulti ^_^. That'll be the next book on my TBR list!
M & M
27. Germaine Robison
Roarke...another book for my TBR pile. Will I like it?
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