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First Look: M. O’Keefe’s Wait For It (February 28, 2017)

Wait For It by M. O'Keefe

M. O'Keefe
Wait For It (Everything I Left Unsaid #4)
Loveswept / February 28, 2017 / $4.99 digital

Wait For It is the fourth in her Everything I left Unsaid series by Molly O'Keefe. We finally get Tiffany’s story as she leaves her abusive husband, Phil, for good. Blake Edwards is the last person she expects to help her, especially since he’s Tiffany’s brother-in-law. The same man who paid Tiffany to never contact him or his family again. Sometimes pride is a heavy dose to swallow. But with Tiffany’s case, she’ll swallow her pride and then some in order to protect her children.

And that’s what I love about Tiffany. She’s got grit and heart and she’s determined to make life better for her children and herself. When she unknowingly crashes her friend Annie’s party in order to ask for help, the last person she wants to see is Blake. Despite knowing the man has no soul, she can’t help but be drawn to him.

Someone walked in front of the door, a big man in a beautiful dark-brown leather coat and a black T-shirt underneath it, with curls that picked up the light, gilding him like some angel in a renaissance painting, and then he was gone…

Blake Edwards.

My hate was a wrecking ball against that big beautiful red-brick wall that held me up. My unadulterated loathing for that man took my wall down in one swing.

But Blake isn’t as heartless as we’re lead to believe. Once Blake learns how Phil abused Tiffany and terrorized his own kids, Blake stops at nothing to protect them. Though every cell in his body screams to claim her, he's determined to resist because Tiffany is off limits. At least the thought was valiant. But when she’s close, nothing will prevent him from taking what he wants.

She wanted me.

Tiffany. Wanted me.

I could smell it in the air. Taste it on my tongue like salt and a spice. It was unmistakable. But it was her endorphins and adrenaline—the result of the beating she’d very nearly given me, instead of authentic desire for me.

Which meant I should ignore it. I should send her on her way. We could go back to our weird pseudo-friendship…

I touched her hand and opened my mouth to tell her to leave, but the words didn’t come.

As Tiffany and Blake walk the tightrope between lust, fear, anger, and love, we begin to see Tiffany blossom and take ownership of her body and her desires, both professionally and personally. And Blake? He’s not such a rat-bastard after all. He can be quite romantic, actually.

He stopped and pressed a finger to each of the freckles I had on my thigh. And then with one finger, connected the dots of them, as if drawing a picture. He did it one way and then the other as we drove on, like time was nothing. Like he could touch my freckles all night if he wanted and it seemed like that was exactly what he wanted.

“Blake,” I breathed.


I exhaled, a needy little moan, and his gaze left my leg and met mine. “What are you doing?” I asked.

“Touching you.”

“My leg?”

“You have constellations on your thigh, Tiffany,” he said with perhaps the sexiest smile I’d ever seen in real life. “I’m just studying them in case I get lost.”

Squee!! Right??

Yes, they’re technically sister and brother-in-law yet their relationship doesn’t have an ick factor. And that’s because we understand Tiffany’s past and how her relationship with Phil was never one of true love but of violence and terror. Once Phil is out of the picture, we want her to be with the right guy—which despite his claims of taking advantage of people and his inability to love— we know it’s Blake. Squee on, ladies...Squee on.


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