Feb 15 2017 2:30pm

KGI Series’ Final Mission—Maya Banks to Wrap Up Series at Book 15

Brighter Than the Sun by Maya Banks, the latest adventure in her thrilling KGI series, isn't even out yet (March 7 can't come quick enough), but we have a feeling even more people will be clamoring for the KGI series. Earlier this week it was announced that Banks would be wrapping up the KGI group with just three more books in the series—saying goodbye to her popular romantic suspense at book 15. 

The end of series will begin after the as-yet-untitled book 12 in the series, featuring the long-awaited Skylar as the heroine. Banks has been teasing us about Skylar's story for so long we can't even remember a time when we weren't clamoring for it. However, last year, Banks revealed that we'd have to wait even longer for her story as Joe Kelly (the hero of the forthcoming Brighter than the Sun) would be taking precedence. 

With these two getting their happily-ever-afters sorted out, what are you looking forward to in the final three books? 

UPDATED 8 p.m. ET: We're already getting more exciting information: Rusty's story will be told in the final book of the series, according to a comment by moderator Lillie on Banks' Facebook page! (Thank you to @KaylaBashe @ErinMickC on Twitter for alerting us to this new detail!)

What stories in the KGI group are you waiting for? Whose story has gone untold?

Tell us your theories in the comments!



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