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First Look: Kresley Cole’s Shadow’s Seduction (February 28, 2017)

Shadow's Seduction by Kresley Cole

NOTE:  A re-read of Shadow’s Claim is recommended and would help put all the background of this story and the characters fresh in your mind.

Kresley Cole breaks new ground in her Dacian/Immortals After Dark series by writing her first male/male romance, and just like all of her previous stories, she knows how to keep our anticipation high until we are all but crying for their HEA.  I don’t normally reach for a m/m romance, but as a longtime Kresley Cole fan, I had to see how she would deal with this new dynamic.  For those who hesitate to give it a try, I can only say that KC doesn’t disappoint in bringing both the sweet and the sexy to this new exotic pairing.

In the IAD/Dacian world of the Lore, these immortals sometimes spend centuries waiting to find their fated mates. Time and again, we have watched the males search for their females, and try to convince her that they are meant to be.   Demons search for their Lovers, while vampires search for their Brides. Can two males of different species accept their unusual pairing and find the same bond we have come to expect?

Shadow’s Seduction begins just as natural-born vampire Prince Mirceo Daciano is about to turn thirty and be frozen in his immortality.  He will lose his heartbeat and his ability to have sex until his body is reawakened by his fated mate.  But until that time, Mirceo plans to indulge all his hedonistic desires. He has been at the New Rome Pleasure Palace for hours (days? weeks?) indulging in pleasures of the flesh with males and females alike, but never the same partner. His time for pleasures is growing too short to repeat a performance not when there are new delights to be sampled.

It is here he meets the death demon Caspion the Tracker.  Mirceo sees the strapping demon as his next conquest, and has made a bet that he would have Cas in his bed.  Cas has no interest in Mirceo as a sex partner as such couplings are frowned upon in the demon’s old world culture. Yet he cannot deny that there is something about the handsome, seductive vampire which draws him. 

“Join me, sweetheart.  My treat.  We’ll journey the worlds, sharing wenches and drink.  I’ll take you to bacchanalia that will make tonight’s affair appear tame.  I’ll introduce you to gods, and we’ll wallow in meaningless hedonism.”

After Cas’s last two months, that sounded so bloody tempting. If the spoiled prince wanted to pay, maybe Cas should simply enjoy.  But first he’d get one thing clear…”If you think to seduce me, it won’t happen.  I will never desire another male.”

Cas and Mirceo become fast friends and use the time before Mirceo’s transformation to indulge in debauchery and revelry.  Knowing there must be some reason they feel such a strong bond between them, Mirceo takes Cas to the secret realm of blood and mists so that Cas can meet his sister in hopes that Cas is meant to mate with Kosmina and they would become true brothers.

Once an outsider finds his way to Dacia, he can never leave for fear he would return with an army. Cas’s growing feelings towards Mirceo, not his sister, confuses him and he decides he no longer wishes to be alone with Mirceo.  He wants to go home to check on his friend Bettina.  Mirceo warns Cas that leaving Dacia will compel his uncle Trehan to track him and execute him.  

His return home does not bring Cas the peace he was hoping for and to protect his long-time friend Bettina from being a prize in a brutal contest, he enters himself in the barbaric battle for her hand.  While Cas is a strong fighter, in the end he must face Trehan, who believes Bettina is his fated mate.  His battle in the infamous Iron Ring of Abaddon is a brutal one and changes something in Cas.  He flees to the Plane of Lost Years.  Cas returns to this plane more world weary and jaded then the boy who left Mirceo standing alone in the mists, but there is a despondency that now clings to him. 

Mirceo finally tracks down Cas with the help of the castle hag, Balery.  Her divination confirms something that Mirceo has known in his heart all along – he and Cas are mates.  He will use all of his powers of seduction to convince Cas not to walk away from the powerful couple they could be together.

“You once told me you hated tempering your strength during sex.  I’m a blooded Dacian; I can handle anything you can imagine.  Any filthy fantasy can be yours.”

When seduction doesn’t have the desired effect, Mirceo insists that Cas get over his phobia and accept fate…accept him, but Mirceo is surprised and devastated to find that it is not his sex that is keeping him from his mate, but his own spoiled, childish behavior and continued promiscuity. 

“Is that the reason for your hesitation with me?  Or is it because I am male?”

Cas pinched the bridge of his nose.  “You’d like it to be that simplistic, wouldn’t you?  Then you could assign all the blame to me, instead of having to look at your own failings.  Have you ever considered that the problem lies with you specifically?  Maybe I don’t object to the fact that you have a cock.  Maybe I object to the fact that your cock has you.”

Mirceo scowled.  “What the hell does that mean?”

“I’m an older demon, set in my ways, but I can evolve.  If my dream mate came in this physical package”—he waved at Mirceo from head to toe—“I would happily embrace my destiny.  But you’re not my dream.  You never will be.  The sooner you realize that, the more pain you’ll spare yourself.”

Mirceo might be a Prince by birth, but for Cas he will happily prove himself as a man of worth in order to win his mate. 

Kresley Cole has given herself quite the challenge in her newest novel. Can she take two male characters and give them the happily ever we anticipate?  And can she convince her fans that Cas and Mirceo belong in her lineup of fated mates? What do you think?


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1. willaful
"Maybe I don’t object to the fact that you have a cock. Maybe I object to the fact that your cock has you.”

I love this line! I didn't get into Shadow's Claim, but I'm going to have to read this.
3. LadyCarol63
Normally I LOVE Kresley Cole's books but have no desire to read this one. I'm straitly a F/M person!!
tina arnold
4. lindseygarwood
I do not typically read m/m romance. However, I do not normally read YA either. I am willing to try both with Kresley Cole. I fell in love with her Arcana Chronicles series. I am just as eager for those as I am her IAD series. So different can be good : ) KC is an automatic buy for me. Already have this on my Kindle and will dig into it this week.
Ellen Hutchings
5. shadowmaster13
I read this already, but no spoilers ;)
I think this was the best IAD novel(la) since MacRieve. Not that those books have been bad, just that the endings have been a little rushed, but I didn't think this one was.
6. AshleyE
M/M is not what I like to read, but I read this because it was part of the IAD. I enjoyed them as a couple. Would this be my go to IAD for a re-read, probably not, but I had to read it once because you never know what is going to be important in the next book.
Jennifer Proffitt
7. JenniferProffitt
Personally, I'm with @shadowmaster13, this feels like a return to form. I HOPE this is what we get with Wicked Abyss but I'm so pleased with Shadow's Seduction!
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