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First Look: Maya Banks’ Brighter than the Sun (March 7, 2017)

Brighter Than the Sun by Maya Banks

Maya Banks
Brighter Than the Sun (KGI Series #11)
Berkley / March 7, 2017 / $7.99 print & digital

When you are the last remaining single brother in a close family like the Kellys, all your happily married sibling are always looking to help you out. But Joe Kelly is content to remain blissfully unattached, even if he surrounded by lovebirds. The idea of spending your whole life focused on one person is insane. Right?

Maya Banks bring us the downfall of the last bachelor standing, Joe Kelly, in Brighter than the Sun. Joe has happily sat back and watched over the last few years as his brothers fell, one by one, for their wives. He has been quite content with life while they started families of their own. And he is very, very certain that he has no interest in taking the fall himself.  He is quite comfortable in his life as a confirmed bachelor.  That is why watching him fall just as hard as any of his brothers is so much fun.

“And you wonder why I avoid the fine institution of marriage,” Joe drawled in a low voice.  “Look at him.  He’s a fucking basket case and that man never loses his shit.  Ever.  Except when it has anything to do with Marin or Olivia.  Who the hell would willingly sign up for a lifetime of constant worry, stress and anxiety?”

Joe might not go looking for love, but fate makes sure to handle those little details for you, especially when the most beautiful woman he has ever seen comes walking right into your family compound to stay with your sister, a woman with haunted eyes.  Joe just can’t help being drawn to her.   Of course, wanting to help out a woman who obviously is hiding from something does not equate to a marriage proposal.  She is just in need of a friend.  So, in that vein, Joe takes Zoe out, a few times, and shows her some of his favorite quiet haunts. Joe just needs to make sure that no one is jumping to any false conclusions about his interest in Zoe and more than a friend.

“Look, Ma.  I wasn’t trying to imply you would ever hurt anyone.  You’re incapable of it.  I just didn’t want you or anyone else to get the wrong idea and as a result make Zoe feel pressured or embarrassed.  She obviously needs friends, support, and I’m offering her both.”

Friendship is exactly what Joe wants from Zoe.  At least that is what he originally wanted.  It is just that the more time he spends with her—just trying to get her to trust him, of course—the more certain he is that she is the one for him.  He just needs to convince himself before he can convince her that they are meant to be together forever.

He mentally kicked himself for even going there after he’d already lectured himself, convinced himself and tried to convince his mother that this was nothing more than a friendly gesture. The only problem was he wasn’t so convinced, and it was huge.

The final Kelly bachelor has met his match, but is he ready to say good-bye to his single life and accept the Zoe is the one for him?  And will he be able to handle all the torment from his brothers after all his assurance that married life isn’t for him?  


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