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Are J.D. Robb’s Eve and Roarke the Best Couple in Romance?

Why Eve and Roarke deserve to win the title of 2017's Swoonworthiest Couple!

We're almost to the end of the Swoonies 2017 as our final round is prepared to launch on Monday. In honor of our EPIC Couples Battle, The Swoonies, we asked two of our bloggers to make their case for why our two champions should be crowned The Swoonworthiest Couple! In the final match, which is between J.D. Robb's Eve/Roarke and Penny Reid's Cletus/Jennifer, Lucy Dosch is Team Eve/Roarke. Here she makes her case for why they should win the Swoonies 2017!

(Are you Team Cletus/Jennifer? We've got you covered too!)

Apprentice in Death by JD Robb

What makes them work?

Eve and Roarke both come from brutal beginning. They were raised motherless with a father that abused them physically. They understand the need of the other to become more than what they once were; Eve by becoming a police officer, and Roarke by succeeding in business.  They also understand that sometimes the pain of the past sneaks back up on you no matter how hard you try to outrun it. 

It is not just their brutal beginnings which makes them such a perfect pair.  Roarke might have spent his youth on the wrong side of the law, but to keep ahead of the police, he had to outthink them.  His ability to “think like a cop” allows him to step in with his fancy tech skills and assist his cop in her investigations whenever he can. 

What might be their undoing?

Eve and Roarke have literally walked through blood together but the hardest thing they faced together was Eve’s past.   Once Eve found Roarke, her subconscious finally allowed her to remember her childhood.  Eve was continuously beaten and raped by her father and caused his death during one violent rape.  Hearing how badly Eve was hurt and not being able to do anything about the past, caused a wound in Roarke that he can’t heal since there was no one for him to take it out on.  When, during an investigation, Eve and Roarke found out that Eve’s father was under surveillance and that the government agents were well aware that eight-year-old Eve was continually being raped by her father, Roarke set about finding the men who allowed it to continue so as not to ruin their ultimate goal.   Roarke tracked them all down and had plans of painful revenge upon those who sat back and allowed Eve to be brutalized, but he stopped his plans upon Eve’s pleas.  The cop in Eve couldn’t stand back and allow Roarke to kill in her name, not without destroying all they were building together.  Roarke chose Eve over vengeance, but if he ever tried to go forward with those plans, that would definitely be their undoing.

Sexiest Scene (from Apprentice in Death):

What I love most of all about Eve and Roarke scenes in the In Death series is that there is as much play as there is passion in their sexy times.

His mouth – God, she loved his mouth – took hers again, ravishing like a man starving. Then he drove her, they drove each other, hands gripped together, bodies joined. On the edge, fused to the edge as the pleasure swelled to bursting.

When she came again, all she could see was the wild blue of his eyes.

After a long moment, after they both lay limp, like survivors of some brutal wreck, he turned his head enough to graze her throat with his lips.

“Nice, was it?”

“Worked for me. Appreciation?”

“Paid in full.”

“Huh. And no costumes or props.”

“You’re still wearing your clutch piece.”

Her eyes blinked open. “What?”

“That worked for me.” On a half groan, he rolled off her, sat up. Letting his gaze wander over her as she sprawled, naked but for the fat diamond around her neck and the weapon at her ankle. “And would again.”

“Men are just twisted.”

What's the Status of their HEA?

When they first got together, Eve was unused to having people close to her.  In the beginning, Eve didn’t know what to do with those feelings, let alone sharing them with someone. With Roarke’s love and devotion, Eve has learned to give that love to him freely and to show him how much he has come to be the center of her world.  Eve is no longer uncomfortable about being a wife, especially to one as rich as Roarke, and has come to see his fortress of a house as their home. With each story, their bond grows stronger. 

What will make them last:

Roarke and Eve will last because there is more to their relationship then their strong bond of love and attraction. They have a deep respect for each other.  They have both made themselves from nothing and where once Roarke thought of police as fools to outsmart, he has come to see the dedication the Eve puts into each investigation sometime working herself into exhaustion.  The fact that they work together as well as any partners shows that they blend as a couple both inside and outside of the bedroom. 

Go vote for Eve/Roarke in the final round of the Swoonies!


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