Jan 5 2017 2:00pm

7 Reasons Why Pitch Needs a Season Two

Kylie Bunbury as Ginny Baker in Pitch

Pitch is an anamoly of a show for me, because I don't usually fall so fast or so hard for a show. Y'all, my insta-love affair with Pitch happened fast, and I don't think I'll ever be the same. I quickly fell for the story of Ginny Baker (played by the incredible Kylie Bunbury)—a badass, relentless, hurt, vulnerable, and deeply cared for black woman who happens to be the first female pitcher for the MLB.

For those of you who are sportsball averse, I will tell you that MLB sits as a backdrop—an important one—to the heart of the story: Ginny Baker and her relationships, the most important of which (in my humble opinion) is with her catcher Mike Lawson (played by the incredible Mark-Paul Gosselaar).

And even though I’m a tried and true Ginny x Mike shipper, they're not the only reason for needing more of this show—right now. Pronto. I need more Evelyn and Blip. I need more Oscar and Al. I need more Amelia and Eliot. I need more of my fictional Padres and their colorful commentary. 

This show is far too good to only get one season. 

Here’s 7 reasons why we need a season two of Pitch:

1. Ginny Baker’s story is far from over


In the final episode of Season 1, we see Ginny, alone, going into an MRI machine, and we don’t know the outcome. A ground ball curtailed Ginny, who was well on her way to pitching a no-hitter, and things just sort of unravel from there. We don’t know the extent of her injury or how long it’ll take her to recover. Will she have to go down to the minors recuperate, and usher in some new characters? Or will she be ready to go at spring training? What’s gonna happen with Noah? (Hopefully nothing). It was such a privilege to watch Ginny fight and struggle and fail throughout season one, to see her be so deeply cared for and loved. I’m so invested in Ginny Baker’s story, and it’s only just starting.

2. Blip and Evelyn are…?


What’s going to happen to my favorite married couple on TV? At the end of Season 1, Blip and Evelyn are at a crossroads. Blip wants to have another kid, and Evelyn wants to follow through with the restaurant idea even though she’ll be doing it without Ginny’s brother Will. We see Blip toying with his wedding ring at the end of the season, encamped on the couch instead of near his wife. My heart needs a resolution.

3.  Mike and Rachel need a denouement


This is making the cut because I honestly need to see a definite end to this relationship. (Yes, I’m looking at this through shipper goggles, don’t judge me.)

Mike still has feelings for his ex, but he also has totally undeniable feelings for Ginny Baker, too. And because I loathe love triangles and find them infinitely boring, I have no desire to see this thing play out as such. Mike and Rachel need to figure out what in the world is going on with the two of them then decide to consciously uncouple. 

4. Jealous/Pining Mike


It’s a favorite of mine, and I regret nothing saying so. I desperately need to see a pining, moony-eyed Mike Lawson. When Ginny dumps her billionaire and starts dating someone who doesn’t play the guitar in coffee shops (please no more, thanks), Ginny should get some hunky, non-baseball player boyfriend who’s also cuddly and supportive. Maybe he shows up at her games in her jersey. Maybe Mike sees and hates it. Maybe my heart rejoices from all the wonderful, delicious tension this creates.

5. Ginny and Mike doing the baseball


I really do enjoy the sport of baseball—40% because of the actual game, 60% because of baseball pants. I love the connection between Ginny and Mike when they’re on the pitch. They’re synchronized and have learned to trust one another. And as Mike’s career starts to dwindle, while Ginny’s continues to rise, it’ll be interesting to see if that dynamic shifts and if this obvious, beautiful thing between them is going to continue to affect how they work with one another.

6. Friendships for Ginny outside of baseball


We had a glimpse of that with Cara in episode 1x06, and I really enjoyed having her around. It feels really important to remember that Ginny Baker dedicated so much of her life to baseball, and as such, doesn’t really know anything else, and hasn’t lived much of life as just your average twenty-three year old. Watching her cut up and have a great time was fun to watch, now we need to see it without the dire consequences.

7. Ginny and Mike’s...yeah


So, we all know why I’m here—Ginny and Mike’s slow burn for the ages. Ginny states that she and Mike won’t be having any talk about them as it pertains to their almost kissing while they’re teammates. So I’m interested I must see how the Pitch writers plan to handle this, because it’s all out there. They were prepared to take that big leap in episode 1x09, and because Mike didn’t go anywhere, they didn’t. So what now? What now?? Please, please, give us all the delicious tension, my shipper heart is ready.

So, powers that be, do us a solid and renew this wonderful show, because it’s too good not to get a second start.

What’s your reason for needing a Season 2? Tell me in the comments!

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1. natcfc
Honestly same! I want to see more of Ginny in therapy, because it was so important to me that they showed the pressure she was in (and I'm not a ballplayer or anything, but I think it's relatable for people in all ages) and I'd actually enjoy very much to see Mike in therapy too or at least commenting about it, because the man has VERY LOW SELF ESTEEM (he thinking he ruins good things and placing the blame for his failed marriage ALL UPON HIMSELF broke my heart!) and he needs to love himself like I love him. I'd love to see how they bring Amelia back into the picture or if she returns at all (if she doesn't, can Eliot assume her positions? He knows tons about baseball - even if it's from playing that thing online) and I want Oscar to take a vacation, because he is always so stressful. I want to see more of Rhonda too, because she's super funny and I need to see Blip and Evelyn figuring things out. I want Livan and Mike to become friends too, because they'd actually help each other a lot. And yes to pining (if it's mutual the better!).
Can FOX make my dreams come true, please?
Thanks for writing this!!!
2. Pamela Cayne
"Did you know that she hums Katy Perry songs when she stretches? And not in-key. That’s how off-key she is! But if you listen carefully, it’s the worst rendition of Firework you’ve ever heard."

That speech. *sighs*
Nicole Pettay
3. npettay
Agree!! For all the reasons you just listed we NEED a second season.
5. Torifl
I really need to start watching this.
7. Cor
It's my heart's deepest desire to have a season 2 of Pitch.
9. Nancy Goldberg Levine
It's a great show--I love baseball!
Darlene Marshall
10. DarleneMarshall
I'm a fan of baseball and PITCH, but not so much the Ginny/Mike shipping. I'd prefer to see them maintain a friendship that's deep and true without the romance. They need each other as friends, but it could wreck both their careers if they were romantically entwined.

Put me down for another vote for season 2.
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