Jan 11 2017 1:30pm

Linda Howard Targets Her Toughest Books, Recommended Reads, and More!

Troublemaker by Linda Howard

Today we're thrilled to welcome Linda Howard to Heroes and Heartbreakers. Linda's name has become synonymous with romantic suspense and is a staple for many romance readers. With the paperback release of her book Troublemaker, we got the chance to pick her brain! Ever wondered what the hardest book for her to write was? What she would do if she was placed in the same circumstances as some of her beloved characters? We found all of it out! So dive in and get ready to uncover it all! Thanks, Linda!

1. What has been the hardest book for you to write? Did readers have a similar reaction to it?

Linda Howard: From a technical standpoint, Kiss Me While I Sleep. There was so much research into poisons, pandemics, and Paris! I’ve never been to Paris, so of course I set a book there. :-/. Thank heavens for Google Maps, regular maps, tourist books, etc. I don’t think anyone other than the writer knows when a book is research heavy. From an emotional standpoint, though, the two most difficult books were Sarah's Child—which is an oldie—and Cry No More. Both of them wiped me out, and yeah, readers  had the same reaction.

2. Your name is synonymous with romantic suspense, what do you love about writing in this genre?

LH: The sense of freedom, of being able to include multiple elements in a book. I look at everything—plot, dialogue, suspense, romance, etc.—as all part of the whole story, and I don’t like leaving out any one element (unless the story calls for it, of course). J

3. If you won the lottery like Jenner Redwine in Burn, how would you spend the money? 

LH: Most of it would go into trust funds for the family. I would travel a bit more, but that’s about it. I’m not a jewelry or fancey clothes type of person. I’d fund no-kill animal shelters, give to the Salvation Army and St. Jude’s. I don’t need much, and a lot of people need help.

4. Of all the books you've written, what is the one title you would recommend reading? 

LH: Oh, wow, that’s an impossible question, because it depends on what someone most likes to read. I write across the spectrum. Emotion punch? Cry No More. Want to laugh? Mr. Perfect, Troublemaker, To Die For. Lean more toward suspense? Kiss Me While I Sleep. Time travel? Killing Time and Son of the Morning.


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1. lizzie18
Received Troublemaker just last week, in paperback format, and looking forward to reading it. I've read all of Ms. Howard's books and a lot of them are on my keeper shelves. A couple not often mentioned are To Die For and Drop Dead Gorgeous. Very funny, different from her usual style, but they ended up being among my favorites.

By the way, ladies from Team H & H, you scared me with your e-mail title : Remembering Carrie Fisher, Linda Howard...
You do know what that sounds like, don't you ??? I thought we had lost Linda Howard. Ouf!
2. Toria Lyons
I thought the same thing about the email title! I thought I'd be clicking on here for an obit. Glad that it wasn't.
(I have a bit of an LH collection too. Kill & Tell is my favourite shorty.)
3. booklover
I thought the same thing too! Big LH fan, most of her books are on my keeper shelf. I think Mr. Perfect is probably one of my top 5 most favorite books ever. I think her earlier books are amazing - Mackenzie's Mountain, Shades of Twilight, etc.
Heather Waters
4. HeatherWaters
@lizzie18, @Tori Lyons, @booklover -- Apologies for the newsletter subject line confusion. We certainly did not intend that and will do better in future.
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