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Karen Marie Moning’s Feversong SPOILER THREAD!! (MAJOR SPOILERS)


Feversong by Karen Marie Moning

Here you have it: It's FINALLY HERE! A complete play-by-play of all of the events in Karen Marie Moning’s Feversong, out today. This post is made up ENTIRELY of SPOILERS and is intended only as a place for fans to gather and discuss the book AFTER reading it, so if you have yet to finish, steer clear of anything after the jump. Go finish the book, then come back. 




***LAST CHANCE: Seriously, leave this post now if you haven’t finished Feversong.  This is a post to discuss the entire book. 

ARE YOU READY? Are you? Because this - THIS was intense.

So let’s do this. A complete play-by-play of Karen Marie Moning’s Feversong, the ninth and final book in her Fever series, released January 17th 2017. This post is a screaming, raving mass of SPOILERS and mashed feelings below the jump so if you haven’t finished the book yet, TURN BACK!




*** Alright you’ve been warned so let’s do this! This is your last chance to leave because if you haven’t read Feversong yet and you keep reading below you’re gonna be sooooorry. No? Alright? Suit yourself! ***

Here is your super, mega-certified, awesome list of EPIC things that went down!! (Or most of them! I had to leave out some of the small ones as this epic list was getting epically long!)

Part 1: Operation Bad Book, Sit Stay.

(Okay so the parts in the book aren’t actually named but for navigational purposes of this post - and my own amusement - I have named them.)

How we left things:with Mac in the possession of the insidious Sinsar Dubh. I wish I could tell you it was all a Sweeper-induced nightmare but it was not. In fact Mac spends the first 14 chapters possessed by The Book. And though only 6 of those are from the Sinsar Dubh’s perspective they are 6 bloody, ugly chapters. RIP Jo. Sorry about your brains.

While Mac is locked in a little box inside herself Jada takes the lead, pulling chaos together like the boss she is, and rallies the troops. But she’s a bit more like Dani than the last two books, so it looks like the events at the end of Feverbornshook up her icy control. (Who can blame her? Don’t know about you but they shook me up too!)

Cruce is free! I shouldn’t be happy. I know I shouldn’t be happy but I was. And by the end of the book I really was. See I loved V’lane, even for all his dirty tricks, and so to have him come out a traitor in Shadowfeverwas a real kick in the heart. But he’s back, though a little worse for wear after a brush with “MacBook”. (I can’t take credit for that joke, that was Ryodan all the way.  “He’d said, Holy psychotic PCs, Robin, we’ve a murderous MacBook on the loose!”)

Aoibheal ,the Fairy Queen née Concubine née a mortal woman called Zara, apparently, Is still hanging out in the Concubine’s chamber where we left her last, wrestling with the reality of her situation. We get to learn more about her life before the King, and a bit more about what it was that drove them apart.

Mac, after some fascinating introspection, has an EPIC battle for supremacy of Mac’s body, which includes two of my favorite lines of the book: “There is a monster inside me. And she’s beautiful.”


(Yes that is her official title.) Aoibheal, tired and ready to let go, throws all her power in to Mac, which allows Mac stomp the book down into a tiny sad fragment and cast it out of her.

Okay, hanging in there?

Part 2: Operation Sing-a-Song of Salvation

With the book safely quarantined in the White Mansion (Are we tired of that place yet? I can’t decide if I want to live there or set it on fire. Opinions?) Mac, Dani/Jada, Barrons, Fade, Lor and Cruce, AKA the WeKill squad (Get it? Like WeCare but violent?), return to Dublin. In the month that they were in the silvers Ryodan has hauled taut, attractive backside and pulled Dublin together, stepping fully into his favorite role of the saltiest of Shadow Kings.

Shipper News: Apparently Dancer has a heart defect?! (AKA things that hurt me severely) He and Dani/Jada end up having a very serious conversation about what it is to live. AND THEY THEY KISSED!!!

Additional Shipper News: Mac and Barron’s relationship FINALLY reaches a new level. They have the sort of romantic moment we’ve been waiting for for NINE. FREAKING. BOOKS. And don’t think I didn’t see what you did there with the “sun, moon, and stars”,  Moning. I see your Game of Thrones reference. Are you trying to kill my heart?

Also “My little monster” is now my favorite pet name of all time.

The Musicbox: THIS THING. So apparently when Mac opens the box she hears beautiful, breathtaking music. Everyone else hears painful music so soul-scratching it actually almost makes Ryodan and Barrons beast out. But Dancer figures it out! He figures out that Mac is hearing a perfect, mathematical inversion of the song the music box is actually playing!

But when they play it to one of the black holes nothing happens! When Mac hears the song it is absorbed into her (I mean she IS the Fairy Queen now!) and then POOF who shows up but the DE-freaking-G.That kind-of-creepy, annoyingly cryptic, remnant of the Unseelie King’s consciousness on Earth, who has apparently gone rogue from said consciousness and developed a life of his own.

Turns out it takes two to tango. Mac’s only got half of the song inside her. Cruce, of course, has the other. If he gives it to her to sing, it will unmake everything that was made by the king, or the book, or both. And that includes Cruce. And he’s not feeling particularly martyr-ish. So it looks like the world is going down.

Part 3: Cruce Keep-away

Stay with me, cause we’re rushing towards the end now!

Shipper News:  Dani/Jada FINALLY lets go and has her much needed melt down. She tells Ryodan the story of how she lost Shazam, Ryodan tries to comfort her and BAM emotional explosion. And they finally REALLY kiss! I’m not counting that last one as it was more of a pissing contest than a kiss but this, this is the real thing. I never thought Ryodan could kiss someone as though they were made of “fine bone china that needed exacting care and gentleness” and I am so glad to be wrong.

But even better than a kiss is Ryodan’s determination to let Dani live a real life. He’s so possessive and protective I wasn’t sure he could be objective and step back but he does! He knows that someday he’ll be the last. So he can let her have what she deserves when it comes to firsts: love, gentleness, normalcy.

YET MORE Shipper News! So of course Dani and Dancer share what is one of my favorite love scenes in the series thus far. We’ve seen some really emotional, moving love scenes from Barrons and Mac, but this one was just as special as Dani always deserved.

Cruce, better than his beginnings. Mac, determined to give it one last go, calls for Cruce at the very museum where they met for the second time over a year ago. And it’s everything I wanted in their last scene together. I’m a fanatic for redeeming people who are products of their bad circumstances! There are things Cruce did that can never be forgiven, but when he sits next to Mac and holds her hand, my heart did happy/sad flip flops. I hoped he would be a hero in the end.

Sad Shipper News: Cruce and Mac’s first real kiss, and last kiss ever. All he asked her in return for his martyrdom was one real kiss. (But is he really gone because THAT LAST CHAPTER WHAT?!)

Apparently you can’t keep a bad book down… Because the the Sinsar Dubh shows up just as Mac is about to unleash the song. And Barron takes it into him which SCARED ME SO, you don’t even know—or rather you probably do! I did NOT want to see him die again. BUT HE DIDNT! The book and everything it created died! And unfortunately Alina died for a second time. But thankfully everyone else pulled through!

Part 4: Happiness, Hurt, and Healing

I wish I could say that the pain ended with the destruction of the black holes and the saving of the world. After the Song of Making the whole world is even stronger and healthier than it was before the walls came down. They had a huge party. The sort of party that four or five books ago I wasn’t sure we’d EVER get to see. A “the world is safe-ish” party!

OKAY BUT THEN MONING KILLED DANCER. And Dani was not okay. And I was not okay. And I’m going to guess that you guys were not okay. Am I right? Show of hands, who cried?

That was rough. That whole section was painful beyond belief. And I was SO glad when they finally left to look for Shazam so Dani didn’t have to lose everything all at once.And he’s real! Shazam is real!I love that Moning made him so cat-like, right up to the touching of his wet nose to Dani’s. I love him.

The Unseelie King quit but wait can he DO that? Because now there’s an imbalance in the world that needs to be filled. And in the most confusing of final chapters Cruce makes it quite clear that the power has not come to him. According to Cruce it’s hovering out there in the universe somewhere. Waiting. (I mean technically we’ve still got two books waiting in the wings!)

And we finally, finally get to see that painting on the ceiling of BB&B and it’s glorious.  But also CONFUSING? Because for all intents and purposes it seems to be Mac, and Barrons, painted as the Unseelie King and the Seelie Queen? And if you pay attention to Barron's diction on that page it becomes abrupt, with short incomplete sentences just as the king speaks. I have NO idea what this all means but something tells me that we haven’t entirely seen the last of these two. No matter what the next two books may bring!

ETA: But I don't think we've seen the last of Dani and Ryodan either! There's definitely an endgame for them that we haven't seen played out yet. Because Dancer died so close to the end of the book there wasn't time for Dani and Ryodan to fall into a real relationship. But Ryodan made it clear that he has no intention of letting Dani go completely, so only time will (hopefully) tell if they manage to find their own happy end!  Don't give up yet Dani/Ryodan shippers! You might still be waiting but the future is bright!

But you’ve heard my thoughts, now I want to hear yours! What do you think about the painting? What about Shazam being real, or Dancer dying? That cryptic ending, what do you make of that? Remember we’ve got two books still that are going to be set in the Fever World. Were you left with any questions that you hope will be answered in future books?

Did you have favorite parts that I didn’t manage to fit on the list? I can’t wait to hear them! This book was an intense, emotional rollercoaster so come share all your feelings!


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Jessica Moro
2. JessicaMoro
I came here for the spoilers and now I'm concerned about the state of my fav couple! But, I am really interested in seeing what direction she goes in for the new fever books. I hope more Dani and Ry and maybe I'm in the minority but, I hope she leaves Mac and Barrons behind. haha
3. ashnesbitt
But major question about page 462 -

"And we smiled at each other, then he said something I never thought I'd hear Jericho Barrons say. He said -
"Fuck!" Alina exploded. "Mac, the Sinsar Dubh is here!"

WHAT WAS HE GOING TO SAY? That he loved her?! There is no follow up to this in the rest of the book and it kills me!
Jessica Avery
4. RomancingtheBookworm
Hello all! After a bout of technical trouble I am back online, ready to shout with you about Feversong!

Jen: UGH MY HEART. I wasn't sure about Dancer before this book, and then I LOST HIM. *sob*

Jessica: I can't wait to see where she goes from here! I really would love to see Dani and Ry finally hit it off. That last kiss was pretty electric.

ashnesbitt: AHHHHHH OMG HOW DID I NOT NOTICE THAT!?! That's going to kill me now. WHAT WAS IT?
5. MsSarahHawley
My two big questions:

1. Was Barrons a piece of the Unseelie King all along? Mac says "You could have told me. Saved me from worrying I was you." right before Barrons starts talking like the Unseelie King. Or is the implication only that Barrons might eventually become the Unseelie King? On a reread I'm leaning towards Barrons being a "normal" beast who may turn into the Unseelie King at some point, but it's still pretty ambiguous.

2. Was Dancer a piece of the Unseelie King? I didn't miss that Aoibheal's description of the Dreamy-Eyed Guy sounded exactly like Dancer: "Young, strong, with dark hair, the lithe body of a dancer and beautiful eyes." And we saw Dancer's full name on his tombstone: Dancer Elias Garrick. DEG.

I don't know how I feel about major characters being part of the Unseelie King, but that DEG thing is a hell of a coincidence... and as KMM says, there are no coincidences.
6. JET
How did Cruce survive the Song? For that matter how did the King?
Jessica Avery
7. RomancingtheBookworm
MsSarahHawley: Re: Barrons being the Unseelie King, KMM actually had a really intersting post in her facebook page yesterday where she discussed the abiguity of the end of the novel!
8. Ampurp85
Okay so I have several theories:

I do not think Barron's will be the UK, whatever the 9 are is far greater in power than the Fae or the king. I think that painting was nothing more than a pacifer for Mac. She needs her lables and boxes. I believe that Barron's was always meant to be king for he was always the greatest of them all but that does not automatically mean he needs to be the UK ...if that makes sense.

I believe Cruce survived like Christian and Sean because the song only unmakes those deemed imperfect, lacking an essence or soul. Since the UK always had access to the Song of Making it could be assumed that the Unseelie Princes were made from that. Cruce was indeed balanced for he cared greatly for his kind and showed a darth of emotions. Also they were liken to the four horsemen and as such would HAVE to be a part of the world.

To quote another one of my favorite authors, Mac "talks too loudly and listens poorly". While the DEG said Cruce would die in either outcome; he was not the UK and words are choosen carefully. I believe Cruce did die, for he has alway lived for his race. The ending for me left me thinking about how War behaves. It needs two things to enemy and tools of distruction..aka weapons. The seelie exist, so does war and by rebuilding the unseelie, Cruce is creating his tools of distruction.
9. Dsyc
Does anyone else feel like Mac will get pregnant in the next few books? I only grew suspicious after those small insect-like fae came to her, asking to be accepted again after they were kicked out for being able to procreate. Seems like a random thing to include if not to foreshadow a Mac/Barrons baby!!!
10. Nika Ford
I think that Mac might have a child.

I think Dani and Ryo will start to sleep togther but not be in a relationship.
If they are in a relationship well KMM is giving us what we want.

I want the book to be fast forward a few years.
I wan to know about kat baby.
I want to know about christian.
I want to know about daguraes.

I want to see the Ryodan I know or think I know. The story needs to be in the future so we could see them all after the black holes, death and rebuilding of life.

I want to see how they have evolved.
11. DGallov
The mural on the ceiling stated it had an open Silver which tells me there is only one way in and out. It stated the wall between the worlds would not yet be put back up until Mac could figure out how to use the Song to raise it. I think the empty Silver in the mural is the PORTAL to the other world (all the others were decoys). The Wall between worlds is the closing of this portal, the open Silver. KMM is fantastic with offering choices. Mac & Barrons can CHOOSE to be the Seelie Queen & Unseelie King forever and do so by crossing through the open Silver & seal the portal with a wall, OR NOT! They can also leave it open and not cross over. Because of this open Silver in the ceiling, I do not think the White Mansion or the Hall of Silvers exists anymore.
Also, love the idea of the Dreamy Eyed Guy - DEG, being Dancer (Dancer Elias Garrick - DEG)! If so, it is very possible that Dancer is like the Nine & can came back again as DEG in the last chapter! Maybe Dancer & Dani are not over after all!
12. Josie Falbo
Did Cruce really survive? How did that happen and is he up to his old tricks again? Also, Barron as UK? How did that happen?
13. bboyer
Is KMM writing more Fever books?

I just finished this book last night, I am still processing...

I love Dani and Ryo, But Mac and Barrons own me, I loved every morsel of them in this book, except the ending. But I'll never tire of them.
I am very intersted in the rest of the characters though...
14. Niria
After rereading the final pages and reading KMM post on facebook, I don't think Barrons is the Unseelie King. She said: "Maybe Mac will remain the Queen. Maybe she won’t. Maybe the UK magic
will go to Barrons. Maybe it won’t. Maybe they’ll both reject the
seemingly pre-ordained fate in the mural."

Also remember that one time when Mac and Baroons were in the White Mansion, Mac was able to pass the mirror between the Concubine's roomto the the King's room, pulling Barrons with her, but he died, which means he was not a piece of the Unseelie King.

I'm inclined to agree that these last part might be a teaser, pointing that, in the next Books, Mac and Barons might become the Seelie Queen and the Unseelie King... It makes more sense that way.

Can't wait to read the next book!!
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