Jan 3 2017 9:06am

How Many Books Do You Want to Read in 2017?

Half a million people have already made the pledge on GoodReads for how many books they want to read in 2017. Have you? If not, how many books do you think you'll read in 2017? Do you tend to estimate low or high? How do you come up with guess?

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Carmen Pinzon
1. bungluna
I always set my goal for the year at 160 books. Most years I read more than this, but that sounds like a good solid number, at about 3 new books per week.
Jen Wattley
2. JenWattley
My goal for the year is 50 non-romance titles. I'll never give up reading romance, and I get through them so quickly, so I imagine my final number for the year will be pretty high, but I'm excited!
3. BenidormBabe
Well my unofficial target is 4 per month, 48 a year, but most years it's more like 4 per week. Was 170 ish last year. With short stories and novellas easily obtained by kindle it's easy.
4. flmom1957
As many as I can and only the ones I want to read! None because " I should"!
6. lauralee1912
I'll probably read 1.5 "fun" books per week, or 78, this year. Last year, my count was close to 200 books. I also want to read ALL OF THEM, but life and work prevents me from doing as much reading for fun as I'd like.
Lucy D
7. Lucy D
I upped mine this year to 125. I hope to make that goal.
Lucy D
8. Theresa M Lepiane
Goals? Counting? You're kidding right? That's like asking how many chocolates will you eat in 2017.
11. Janga
My goal is 365 books with at least 100 of them non-romance--and not counting rereads. With six read since January 1, I have made a good start but they are all romances.
Lucy D
12. lizzie18
Oh, I'm sure I'll hit a solid 100 new books since I'm good for 2-3 per week.
And that is not counting some favorites from my keeper shelves which I often slip in between the new books.
So I guess total would be closer to 200 books.
13. bigedsgirl1
I'll probably read at least 130 new books, but I also tend to re-read titles from my go-to favorites shelf, so my actual total of books read for the year will end up being a higher number.
14. smmoe1997
I've pledged just 100 this year, I was in a major reading slump last year so I didn't get anywhere close to my original goal of 200 books. I'm hoping I'll go over my pledge, but I'll have to see.
15. Kareni
I don't guess; I just read and then read some more!
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