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First Look: Lexi Blake’s Satisfaction (January 3, 2017)

Satisfaction by Lexi Blake

Lexi Blake
Satisfaction (Lawless #2)
Berkley / January 3, 2017 / $15.00 print, $7.99 digital 

In Lexi Blake’s second installment of the Lawless series, readers will be compelled to read the entire book in one sitting. In this contemporary romance, revenge and espionage grip readers tight in a world of corporate greed.

For Carly Fischer, starting over comes with a price.

After discovering her cheating husband has embezzled millions from her employer, she’s ready to resign from her position as assistant to the Devil Wears Prada Patricia Cain. But Patricia has something entirely different in mind for her assistant’s future with the company. Seeing as how Carly’s ex-husband put some of that stolen money in Carly’s sister’s name, she’s not going anywhere. At least, not until Patricia has used her until she’s worthless. But while she might just be an assistant, Carly has valuable information on Patricia and the Cain Corporation.

And Brandon Lawless intends to extract it.

From the moment Bran steps onto the page as an internet dating site match, readers are hooked. Considered the screw-up of his family, he’s not the typical Alpha hero gracing the pages of thousands of Romance novels. With a savior complex and a whole mess of family telling him how to run the operation they’ve been planning for years, Bran has his own set of rules when it comes to using Carly for bringing his parents’ killers to justice. There isn’t a cell in his body that intends to force her to help him against her will, but that doesn’t mean he’s not willing to have some fun in the process.

He would protect her. He would help her. If she let him, he would sleep with her and give her as much pleasure as she could handle. He would show her not all men were assholes, and when the time came to leave, she would be ready to find her one.

But soon, Bran’s cavalier attitude toward this heroine turns to something stronger, deeper as the investigation into Patricia Cain becomes more dangerous. Their lives are on the line as the mystery behind the Lawless parents’ murders unfolds, driving Carly and Bran closer to the point neither of them can imagine walking away.

He wasn’t sure he would be able to let her go. As he’d lain there with her in his arms, he’d started bargaining. There was no reason why he shouldn’t try with her.

With Carly in just as deep, she questions where her loyalties lie, but can’t turn back now. Her family, her future, her life. It’s all at risk. But more importantly, so is her heart.

When Bran was inside of her she felt more than she had in years. When he kissed her the numbness faded and she could feel a spark of the…woman she wanted to be.

As the second book in the Lawless series, Satisfaction is easy to follow without having read the first book. Lexi Blake has written a high-octane read that will keep readers glued to their reading spot, gripping their devices hard until the suspense wave passes. Hint: it doesn’t!


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