Jan 9 2017 8:05am

Do You Think of Books as Luxury Products?

While listening to an XOXO After Dark Cast the other day, one of the editors on the podcast mentioned that books are considered a luxury good. What do you think of this idea? Do you agree? Do you consider books to be a luxury good?

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Lucy D
1. Lucy D
Absolutely not! Books are a basic need to me. I read vs watching TV. I would rather cut the cable and sell the TV then stop buying books. Eating could be optional too, and maybe should be :(
Carmen Pinzon
2. bungluna
Most definitely no! Being able to read and thea bundance of cheap reading material have helped humanity improve it's standard of living. Just take a look at countries with a high level of illiteracy and see how well they are doing. To me, readining is a necessity to keep up my standard of living!
3. keen23
I hate buying books. There. I said it. That said, I have access to a wonderful library system and can readily get new releases. I do read a lot, but I don't buy many books. I can't remember the last paper book I bought, the few that I have purchased have been digital.
4. PhoebeChase
I mean, if you look at it in it's true economic form, then, yes, books are a luxury item. If I had to cut back on my spending, this is one of the items that would be on the chopping block, though it would be further down on the list than a lot of other things. :)
Jennifer Proffitt
5. JenniferProffitt
@keen23, does that mean you don't re-read a lot? That's how I find I'm able to justify buying.
6. Scarlettleigh
Yes, in terms of buying them I do think of them as not so much luxury, not so much as non-essential because to those of us who read they are. They are entertainment and we need entertainment. But like television, or movies they're not necessities.

Most of are lucky enough to afford more than the neccessities.

I've read numerous articles on how to save money in 2017 -- you know the drill: don't buy Starbuck coffee; take your lunch; cook dinner at home; shop sales; and use the library rather than buying books.

You know I love getting books on the day they're released -- but I do prioritize. If it is a book that I don't think I'll re-read then I rather get it at the library. It sort like renting DVD's.

I do have a friend that has a wonderful library system and utilizes it for most of her reading. She lives in large city with a transportation system so she doesn't own a car. For the longest time she didn't have a cell phone. I think she has one now but very basic. What she does do, is go to Europe twice a year for two to three weeks at a time.
Lucy D
7. EC Spurlock
Books are a luxury in that I make sure all the bills are paid and I have sufficient discretionary funds before I will buy. (Also, I will buy on sale or at used book stores and charity book sales to get more bang for my buck.) But they are a necessity for preserving my sanity!
8. lauralee1912
I consider books luxury goods when they are purchased at a premium , like collectible or old first edition books. Otherwise, books are a discretionary purchase, like EC Spurlock said, after the bills are paid. I haven't done without something else in order to purchase a book for a long, long time as my college years are long gone.
Betsy Schindler
9. betschind
Books are a necessity for me! I keep the ones I love and give away the ones that are not my favorites in hopes that others will enjoy them. I think books are such a huge part of my life and they are entertainment for me. I love them ! I consider them a precious gift but not a luxury. My bills are all paid before I buy my books though! : )
Lucy D
10. SpiritedMuse
I used to didn't think so. But given some of these prices these days for books is a trip. So they are definitely a luxury item for me now. Puts me behind on most of my series, but have to do what I have to til I can afford the books I want.
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