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First Look: Jessica Clare Dirty Money (January 17, 2017)

Dirty Money by Jessica Clare

Jessica Clare
Dirty Money (Roughneck Billionaires #1)
InterMix / January 17, 2017 / $3.99 digital

Jessica Clare launches a new billionaire series set in Texas. As the expression goes, everything’s bigger and better in Texas, and Dirty Money fits the bill. The hero, Boone Price, is one big badass oil tycoon, striking it rich on land he and his brothers purchased. Boone may be the wealthiest man in Texas, but he’s not about to pander to society’s dictates about how a man with money should behave. These societal expectations only piss him off even more. This new tax bracket he’s now perched at the top of? They scorn him, stick their noses down at him, and assume the worst based on his appearance. Because Boone hasn’t changed much about himself. He’s still straggly bearded, working the land, not afraid of dirt, and says it like it is.

No apologies for Boone, and I love this about his character. Outside of his loved ones, he couldn’t give a rat’s ass what others think as long as they respect him. Boone’s not above paying for that respect, nor using his money to shove that respect up everyone’s arse. Yet, Boone has such a soft heart. He cares deeply, even if he comes off a bit domineering. And Boone has his heart set on a certain lovely real estate agent he spies on a mailer. With this woman by his side, he’ll buy a classy home and secure himself with a classy lady. Surely, this is a recipe for respect.

Ivy Smithfield will do everything in her power to support her sister, ensuring Wynonna goes to college. Even if she has to reinvent herself, changing her name from Reba to Ivy, in order to play the part of a sophisticated real estate agent. When Boone demands she be his girlfriend and his realtor, things get complicated. Because Boone doesn’t really want Ivy…just the image she’s portraying.

“Boone, I don’t know that I’m the right realtor for you. It’s just…complicated.”

“Well, I think you’re the right one for me. I don’t want anyone else. I told you that.”

…I haven’t ever wanted anything as badly as I want this woman, and I feel like she’s dancing just out of reach. I need to figure her out. Figure out the right words that will unlock her reservations and make her fall into my arms.

As the reader, we are omniscient. We know why Ivy plays this role, hoping to land that client who can help pull her out of debt. We understand Boone’s pride and why he demands respect. And we totally get the chemistry budding between these two, even if Boone seems over the top at times, and Ivy’s secret wedges them further apart the longer her ruse continues.

Maybe it’s because I’ve given up so much of my life for the last few years for Wynonna that I’m doing thise wild, impulsive thing for myself. It can’t be that I’m addicted to a man I just met a few days ago…can it?

Well, it can be that too, Ivy. I think we’ve all experienced that love or lust at first sight. And Boone and Ivy’s story is classic.

“It changes nothing. You’re still mine.” I move back onto the bed, covering her. I prop up on one elbow and pull her body against mine. We’re both naked now, and I can feel every inch of her bare skin against my own.

She shivers and gazes up at me with big, soft eyes. “I like being yours,” she whispers.

I groan and capture her mouth with mine.

Ditto. I like Ivy being Boone’s, too. At first, I was worried I wouldn’t connect with a grizzly bear of a man, covered in dirt, and taking over everyone’s business with a bulldozer. The more I read, however, the more I fell, just waiting for Ivy to finally do the right thing and explain everything to Boone.

The chase is on, and if you like your heroes bearded, dominating, wise from experience, and mega-rich, Boone is your next book boyfriend. He do just fine until we get another one of the Price brother’s stories.


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