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Where Are The Charmed Ones?: All the Questions We Have About a 1970s Charmed Reboot

A reboot of Charmed? How...charming. The CW has announced that a new Charmed series is in the works and will be directed by the executive producer of Jane the Virgin-Jennie Snyder Urman. According to TVLine, this is not a reboot per say but more of a prequel. The new series will be, set in a small New England town in 1976, the series features a new trio of witches—Annie, Tina and (curiously) Paige—none of whom are related by blood. Also, via TVLine, were unofficial character analyses for the new power trio.

There's no mention of the Halliwell sisters making an appearance though I see similarities in the characterization between the new characters and old characters. Tina's reserved and standoffish? Sounds like Prue. Piper and Paige could be twins with their all-American girl personas and strong desire to be married. Phoebe's devil may care attitude and fashion sense seems to have found a new home in Annie. As the CW has always been a ‘let's toss it all into the pot, stir, and see what happens’ kind of channel, this could all change.   

I was a devoted fan of the original Charmed series which ran from 1998 to 2006. The premise of three sisters all coming to live together who happened to be witches satisfied my love of family drama and supernatural shenanigans. As the series progressed, the sometimes cheesy acting, bad special effects, and outrageously entertaining plotlines solidified it. The Charmed Ones (Shannen Doherty, Holli Marie Combs, Alyssa Milano, and eventually Rose McGowen) were fated to be the most powerful witches alive and charged with saving the world from evil while trying to live normal fruitful lives. Humor, angst, love, and loss combined with plenty of action, suspense, and lots of drama kept me hooked for eight years. Aaron Spelling, the director, took quite a few chances in the series; killing off favorite characters left and right with the stroke of a pen while creating a host of supporting characters that we both loved and hated.

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The dynamics of the group—Phoebe's wildness, Prue’s autocratic nature, and Piper’s need to play the mediator—played a strong role in the popularity of the series. As did the fact they were sexy 20-something women who totally kicked arse. We cheered as the sisters grow not only in terms of their powers but also in their respective lives while trying to hide what they were from the world. Between saving the world and feuding amongst each other, they also divulge deeper into their family history which was interesting,to say the least. Lines were drawn and repeatedly crossed with the notion of good and evil were constantly challenged. The end finale wrapped up the main storyline up with some issues left open ended for just this situation. We even got a peek into the future that showed the sisters married and happy with children of their own. So this leaves us with some questions. What exactly will this reboot/prequel be about? How will the “power of three” premise play out since these women aren’t related? What is the focus? How will it tie in with the original series? Will it even tie into the original series?

The reboot is set in 1976 which many fans will note means the Halliwell sisters have already been born. Unless they pull a “Charmed” and bring a Halliwell sister from the future to warn the current stars of problems to come (remember the storyline where future Chris comes back in time to the present to try and stop his brother Wyatt from becoming evil?) I don’t see a Prue, Phoebe, Piper, or even Paige (the original) in our future anytime soon.

I can see quite a few possible storylines. I’m curious to see if these three young women know they’re witches. Are they already acquaintances and/or friends? Or do they live relatively drama free lives only to meet and suddenly find their powers activated. The fact the series is set in a small New England town instantly makes me think of Salem, MA. I’m intrigued by the thought of a storyline modernizing the famous witch hunts of the past and these three women struggling to understand their new powers and destany while avoiding overzealous witch hunter(s). Perhaps we’ll see further development of Patty Halliwell’s story and the reasons the Halliwells’ ended up in San Francisco. As Patty was already dead when the original series started, her story has never been properly fleshed out. Patty looks to be a bit of a paradox story wise as she was an only child, married to a non magical human, had an affair with her Whitelighter (creating Paige), which would have created some interesting situations.

Regardless of the direction the CW and Urman decide to take this new venture, I'm excited to see what they will bring to the table. I do hope they keep the underlying theme of strong, independent women kicking arse and maintain a mature atmosphere throughout. Remember Sleepy Hollow and learn from it.

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Pamela Cayne
1. Pamela Cayne
I heard once that Spelling said, "I don't want a show about witches who happen to be sisters, I want a show about sisters who happen to be witches." I *love* that description and (IMO) it is totally the backbone of the show.

I guess I'm wondering about that lack of connection with this reboot. Total CHARMED fan here, too, but my first question was why not do a show about the next generation of Charmed Ones, say Phoebe's girls or even Paige's with 2 boys and a girl. Family dynamics, possible gender dynamics or hell, have both sets be charmed. (And cameo possibilities? SWOON!)

I'll watch, but will be keeping my fingers crossed that the writers honor the connection of the Charmed Ones as much as the magic they posses.
2. Cerestheories
I think it'll be about the Charmed One's mom and her sexy forbidden love with her white lighter (resulting in Paige) and of course their badass Gram's shenanigans.
Terri Rose
3. Terri L
I absolutely love the original series and would normally be excited about this reboot.... but a prequel? I've never seen one that I liked. Part of that reason is that we have no mystery... we already know how it ends. Also, if the sister's are already born, and these new characters are not even related, how does that make them charmed? That is kind of the entire premise of the show. Also I am not crazy about the 70's decade setting. It is an awkward decade that has proven, at least in film, to be more successful as comedy setting rather than drama. I also dislike the director because I really dislike Jane the Virgin, which I know isn't a popular opinion. I've tried to get into that show so many times, but I find all the characters annoying.

The purpose of me posting was that I was going to say why not do a next generation thing? I see that Pamela Cayne already said some of this though. I would love to see future generations of kids and the end of Charmed set that up perfectly. They could do the kids of the sisters or even several generations down the line. Although I would love to see Chris and Wyatt again. It would also allow the sisters to guest star occassionally and their age would fit perfectly into that narrative. It makes no sense to do an awkward prequel when they have such a great set up for a premise already.

I will give the show a shot of course, but I don't have very high hopes for it.
Pamela Cayne
4. torifl
I agree with you all-I think a next generation reboot would have bene the way to go but I think they tried it a few times and it just never panned out. Maybe the original actresses aren't as "charmed" to be part of a reboot as we are. LOL
Pamela Cayne
5. Sherily
I agree with you all - I would love to see a next generation reboot. I mean these women are still around and most likely look great. They can continue with them and their children and take it from there. It would be great to bring the gang back together and do a show about them being older with their kids growing up and facing those dilemas.
To be a Prequel just doesn't sound appealing. I mean seriously 1976 the girls would be between 2 and 6 years old since they were in their young 20's when the show was on. What interest is there in 2 year olds? Also, they were all 3 supposed to be sisters and Paige was the one given up when she was younger, but still a sister none-the-less. So how would a Prequel play out where these girls aren't even sisters? That would seriously change the whole story around.
I will watch the show to see what it is about and give it a chance, but I'm not so enthused about it. I was a huge Charmed fan. Still have all the collectable cards from a few of the series, 3-4 years of cards series collection, and I loved all of the actresses, especially Phoebe - Alyssa Milano always my favorite. Maybe the prequel will be about thier mother's struggles and her affairs etc.
Good luck to this Charmed Prequel!
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