Dec 21 2016 8:03am

Would You Rather Never Read Again But...

The reading world is full of hard choice: What to read next? Should I stop reading this book? Should I really buy my 30th title of the month... the feels excessive (never!)? However, at H&H we like to make you make the REALLY hard choices! So, in a fun game of “would you rather,” tell us your decision!

Would You Rather:

Never read again but you get to see all of your favorite books perfectly adapted into movies


Be the fastest reader in the world but the second you finished reading a book you would instantly forget everything that happened?

Let me know down in the comments!


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1. Scarlettleigh
I think the joy of reading is remembering the emotions evoked during the story -- so no recollection would sort of defeat the reason to read. Plus while there are many good books out there, there are many that don't appeal to me as a reader . . . I would hate to think of reading a bad book over and over because I didn't remember it.

Movies wouldn't be the perfect solution --you're allowing someone else to put their interpretation on a scene . . .but at least you would remember it.
2. Janga
Sorry! This is one choice I cannot make. I'm taking my seven bookcases of keepers, my list of most anticipated reads of 2017, and my Kindles, and Wi-Fi connection and retreating from this battle.
3. BrenWill3
I'd totally be the fastest reader - I already sometimes wish I hadn't already read a book just so I can read it for the first time all over again. Maybe just "memento" it to help me cull the bad ones out to save time? ha
Also - switching topic fyi - I stayed up till 1:30 reading "Kulti" (as y'all talked about in an earlier post) I feel like doodoo this morning but it was so good and worth it! Definitely reading more of hers. thanks for the reco!
5. carmenlire
No contest! I would 100% pick being the fastest reader everbut forgetting the book. I think I would always quibble over the movie adaptations, no matter how perfect, and I love too many authors to never read again. Plus, there are so many books that I absolutely loved the first time I read them and I would love to be able to experience that again!
6. Kareni
Neither! I'm not a movie watcher so option A holds no appeal. I'm a speedy reader who already forgets details .... thus the joy of re-reading.
Barbara Wilmot
7. miadevlin
Easiest choice ever! I love reading and re-reading (and re-re-reading) but I've got quite a good memory. Being able to forget the story and discover it again for the first time would be marvellous. I'll have a "Men in Black" memory zapper for Christmas, please.
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