Dec 14 2016 9:11am

What Book/Author Has Been on Your Radar?

We all have one: That author or book that keeps popping up on your lists for “recommended based on...” or that you see everyone in your reading sphere talking about. However, for whatever reason, we hesitate to pick it. 

What is that book or author you've been circling around but have yet to pick up? Why do you think it keeps getting recommended to you? What haven't you read it yet?

Tell me about it in the comments!

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Elizabeth Poteet
1. ElizabethPoteet
(whispers) Julia Quinn (I worry I'm a failure at life)
EC Spurlock
2. EC Spurlock
A Study in Scarlet Women. It's been EVERYWHERE and it sounds so great, but with the holiday rush I haven't had time to pick it up!
Jennifer Proffitt
4. JenniferProffitt
^^^^^ That was me telling you to read Julia Quinn. The Viscount Who Loved Me shaped my reading forever.
5. lauralee1912
Until Tuesday was recently recommended to me by a friend because of my work with therapy dogs. Mary Alice Monroe mentioned the book at the beginning of Low Country Christmas. Then I heard that the author, Luis Carlos Montalvan, has passed away. I think Until Tuesday needs a place on my post holiday reading list.
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