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Sleigh All Day: New Adult Best Bets for December 2016

December is here and onward to 2017! End the year right with some drama, angst and witty banter! New Adult ends it on a high note, keep reading to find out more!

Becoming a Legend by Sarah Robinson

Becoming a Legend by Sarah Robinson is the third standalone in the series. Kane is focused on his goal of being the best mixed martial arts fighter— that is until feisty Nora. Beneath the claws she wields when he’s around, she’s actually very nice. She’s trying to finish her degree but personal circumstances are trying to stop her from achieving her goal. Kane and Nora’s relationship is the catalyst she needs to move on from what’s been holding her back. But, will her history only serve to bring Kane down? The Kavanagh’s are back in this passionate tale about new beginnings.

Max by Sawyer Bennett is a feel-good romance perfect for the holidays. Max is by far the most romantic of the hockey BF’s in the Cold Fury series. He seriously pulls out the big guns to woo new mom, Julianne. After her sister passes away, she readily adopted her three small children and doesn’t have time to date. Max shows her that with the right partner no obstacles can stand in your way.

Jaded Hearts by Harper Sloan

Jaded Hearts by Harper Sloan is the first in a new series featuring Chance and Wrenlee. It's a standalone but, Chance was previously seen in the Hopetown series. In Jaded Hearts, the band has hit it big and they're attracting some unwanted attention, particularly Wren. As the lead singer of the band, she's at the center and Chance is just the man to protect her. Sparks fly and as their jaded hearts grow closer, Chance will stop at nothing to protect her. 

Tillie Cole’s A Veil of Vines is like a taking a stroll through Italy. With strong imagery, Cole paints a beautiful picture of the country and a love story. Caresa has always known she would marry and marry very well. But when she meets a local winemaker, Achile, her heart finds its true mate. What unfolds is a story of destiny and true love.

Downed by Jen Frederick is the story of a comeback. Ace needs this year and football season to be his best yet. However, he's the kind of guy you love to hate. Bryant puts everyone's needs above her own and as the coach's daughter is determined to help Ace turn his life around. Unexpectedly, the forbidden romance that springs between these two throws them off their game. Now that Ace has caught feelings, he will find himself downed by the depth of them.  

Face-Off at the Altar by Toni Aleo

Face-Off at the Altar by Toni Aleo brings on her signature hockey team, the Assassins in a younger light. Marcus and Mekena have a history, one that now causes them to avoid each other at all costs. The mere mention of their names brings on a torrent of emotions. When Marcus and Mekena are finally at the same place at the same time, will they be able to move past history or venture down the same lonely road? I love the glimpses into the older Assassins lives as family men and these new characters too! There’s hockey, love and a sense of family here so be sure not to miss out. 

Hit the Spot by J. Daniels is the second standalone in the Dirty Deeds series. Jamie and Tori have had an ongoing push and pull relationship since meeting. Tori puts up a strong front as she’s been mistreated by men and won’t be pushed around anymore. Tori dishes it right back to Jamie and Jamie loves it. His relentless pursuit of her is entertaining as well as romantic. Get ready for endless banter and hilarious antics. 

Until Ashlyn by Aurora Rose Reynolds brings on the Alpha. Ashlyn and Dillon can't be in the same room together without erupting into an argument. In Vegas for a convention, Ashlyn lets loose and wakes up married to a man she thought she despised. Dillon and Ashlyn's relationship takes an unexpected turn when the hate turns to love. But with sinister characters lurking in the background will they be able to survive without each other?  

What book will you be ending the year with?

Learn more about or order a copy of the books mentioned in this post:

Becoming a Legend by Sarah Robinson 
Max by Sawyer Bennett 
Jaded Hearts by Harper Sloan
A Veil of Vines by Tillie Cole
Downed by Jen Frederick  
Face-Off at the Altar by Toni Aleo
Hit the Spot by J. Daniels
Until Ashlyn by Aurora Rose Reynolds

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