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First Look: Maya Rodale’s Lady Claire is All That (December 27, 2016)

Lady Claire is All That by Maya Rodale

Maya Rodale
Lady Claire is All That (Keeping Up with the Cavendishes #3)
Avon / December 27, 2016 / $7.99 print, $5.99 digital

Maya Rodale writes fun historical romance and this is no exception. I adore this series, Keeping Up with the Cavendishes, because of the blend of pop culture and historical romance. Who knew that was even a possibility?! Apparently Rodale knew, and this series keeps getting better and better. Lady Claire is All That gives a hint of the story in the title, it’s based on one of my favorite movies, She’s All That.

There are obviously big differences between this book and the movie, our heroine isn’t a budding artist a la Rachel Leigh Cook but, is actually a mathematician. Lady Claire struggles with the ton’s obvious disdain towards women who display their intelligence. She wishes she could meet with the brilliant mathematicians of the time but also wants to make sure her family isn’t disgraced. The Cavendishes have been the favorite topic of the gossip mags and she doesn’t exactly want to add to it. As the oldest, she wants to make sure that her family is always happy and she shoulders this responsibility, even if it’s at a cost of her own. Claire is hilarious and witty despite the circumstances and tries to deal with it as best she can. She does this by making up claims that her dance card is filled and has conversations that may not always work out the way she plans. However, her awkward interactions manage to catch the eye of Lord Fox.

“Lady Claire may have devoted much of her mental activity toward advanced mathematics, but she wasn’t blind. Or dead. She recognized a prime specimen of male when it bowed to her in a crowded ballroom.”

Lord Fox has been nursing a broken male pride since his fiancée left him. His frenemy (think Paul Walker in She’s All That) suggests a friendly bet — make Lady Claire the Society’s prized possession. Lord Fox has never known a wager that he’s lost and Lady Claire isn’t going to be the first. Lord Fox has great influence on “Society”, especially with the help of his sister, and he’ll exploit that as much as he can to win. But, as he gets to know Lady Claire, he realizes there’s more to her than just incessant talk of math equations. She’s witty and has a sensual side she’s been keeping under wraps.

“You stayed through that entire conversation on mathematics,” she said, honestly a bit awed and surprised. “You must have been terribly bored. “

“I was. But then I noticed I had a prime view down your bodice and I wasn’t.”

“Did you actually just say that aloud?”

“What I meant to say, very inelegantly, is that you are not without your attractions. Namely, the contents of your bodice, and your brains.

Fox and Claire’s romance grows right in front of your eyes. The writing style is spectacular in illustrating the gradual shift from nothing to a whole lot of something. Claire discovers that the chemistry between her and Fox ignites a sensual side of herself she didn’t know she had. Now, that it’s been stoked, she wants to fan the flames. Fox doesn’t think he’s a romantic but there are so many little things he does that make me swoon! I loved their journey of self-discovery that they took together.

Fox and Claire have an accidental romance that results in a lot of amazing and sometimes awkward moments. The Cavendishes don’t disappoint in bringing on the drama as well as feel good family moments. Claire pushes back on tradition and forges a new path for the Cavendishes, but can Fox keep up? Their attraction may start out skin deep but they prove that you should never judge a book by its cover.  


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