Dec 12 2016 9:13am

Have You Grown to Love a Type of Romance Novel or Trope?

Recently on H&H we've been talking about the divisive pairing of Jo and Laurie vs Jo and Bhaer. On social media and here on the site, many people have chimed in that Laurie was a boy and Bhaer was a man, and Jo needed a man—alternatively, that choosing Laurie as a reader, was the choice leftover from childhood while many grown women could now see the appeal of Bhaer. 

Have you found this to be the case with other romance novels? Do you find that you hated a certain type of book (whether it was an entire genre, or just one aspect) when you were younger/newer to romance vs. now? What changed? What makes you love something now?

Let us know in the comments!

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Carmen Pinzon
1. bungluna
I changed in reverse. I used to love older man/younger woman romances (think old Mills & Boom with 20 year difference!) Now I can't abide to wide a gap between the hero and heroine's age. Creeps me out.
Diane Benefiel
2. Diane Benefiel
I agree with Bungluna - I used to read the forty year old uber rich CEO with the naive, demure eighteen year old - can't stomach them any more. How our sensiblilities have changed. Today I want the heroine to be independent; I don't mind an overbearing hero, but he needs to respect the heroine and believe in her.
Jerrie Adkins
3. filkferengi
Ah, but what about an overbearing heroine? (And I don't mean having lots of kids, either. ;) )
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