Dec 7 2016 9:13am

Have You Ever Read Rosemary Rogers?

Bound by Love by Rosemary Rogers

Rosemary Rogers, for many, is a first of the genre for them—if she's not one of the first romances you read, her books certainly stand out to the readers who read her. 

Today is Rosemary's birthday, so to commemorate that, we want to know: have you ever read her? What do you remember about her books? What one is your favorite? As a modern reader with a different viewpoint than when you first read the books, can you go back and re-read some of her earlier works?

Tell me about it in the comments!

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Carmen Pinzon
1. bungluna
I certainly remember reading her books and being scandalized by all the goings-on! The first one I read was "Sweet, Savage Love" followed by "Wicked, Loving Lies". Even back then, I grew tired of the on-again, off-again shenanigans beween Steve and Ginny (?) and how arduous the road to the eventual HEA seemed to be. I don't think I could read her now at all.

I will say that I loved Sandra Hill's send-off of SSL "Sweeter Savage Love"!
Barb in Maryland
2. Barb in Maryland
I read her early books (both historical and contemporary) as they came out. But I didn't re-read them, except for 'Wildest Heart' (which I liked because it was a stand alone!). I quit reading her around 1980/81. I honestly don't think I could re-read any of her early books. They were so much a product of the times. I was never tempted to pick up any of her newer stuff. However, I will gladly wish her 'Happy Birthday' from the younger me who enjoyed her books back in the day.
Trish Copley
3. Vol Fan
Oh my goodness, yes, I read SSL and all of Rogers' books. Didn't care for her contemporaries, but in Avon's big bodice ripper days, I devoured these books. LOVED them. In fact, when I got my kindle, I wanted to have them for safekeeping and have a folder specifically called "Old Skool Bodice Rippers". I loved these books because they were epic. No tame, milk toast books, but huge stories, fabulous locations and strong emotions. They were just "full" of life. But yes, I agree, the fighting and back & forth did get old after awhile. Which is why when I added to my kindle, I only added SSL. I also added Wildest Heart by RR. That (IMO) was by far, her best book.

Have not heard of the Sweeter Savage Love book. Will check it out.
Barb in Maryland
4. Elaine in Texas
SSL by RR was my first and at that time it was SUPER SEXY! I read quite a few of hers then and occasionally since. Steve & Ginny going back and forth wore me out LOL! But I loved their characters. And I salute her today on her birthday. She's given us much reading pleasure.
Trish Copley
5. Vol Fan
Elaine, I was obsessed with SSL! I already loved the western setting & then came SSL. Holy cow, but I was immediately hooked. Happy Birthday to Rosemary Rogers, a real trend setter!
6. Kareni
I read her historical romances in the seventies and early eighties. I haven't read any of her more recent books, and I have little desire to go back and revisit what I once read.
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