Dec 28 2016 8:40am

Game: The Last Song You Listened To Is Your Romance Novel Title

We hope this lovely game helps you get over Hump Day! Scroll through your music and the last song you listened to is the name of “your” romance novel—the one you would be the hero or heroine of! 

Let us know in the comments:

What do you think this romance novel would be like based on that title? What tropes would it use? Would you personally pick it up or pass it on? 

Tell us about it!

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1. Katieb
For Your Entertainment by Adam Lambert, I'm not entirely sure what that says about my story, though
Carmen Pinzon
2. bungluna
Mediterraneo by Joan Manuel Serrat. Definitely a friends to lovers set in a lovely island off the coast of Spain.
3. lauralee1912
So They Say It's Christmas by the Brian Setzer Orchestra, uh, three times in a row this afternoon. One of my favorites and could be a prelude to a second chances story.
4. Lizzie R
Brilliant, I'm listening to Work Work Work by Rihanna and Drake. A boss-secretary romance?
5. Janga
Bonnie Raitt's "The Ones We Couldn't Be"--hmm. Maybe a reunion romance with a really dark "black moment."
6. Kahintenn
Mad World. Paranormal or fantasy romance is what it makes me think of, with friends to lovers or colleagues to lovers and Lots of barriers to HEA.
7. wsl0612
I know the song title is "Fire" but I can't think of the musician (it was playing in my car). So I think it would be hot and steamy, involving a red headed feisty heroine!
7. wsl0612
I know the song title is "Fire" but I can't think of the musician (it was playing in my car). So I think it would be hot and steamy, involving a red headed feisty heroine!
9. willaful
If t.v. themes count, "I'm no Superman" which is very appropriate.
Elizabeth Poteet
10. ElizabethPoteet
"No Air" Jordan Sparks.
Great I'm going to be burried alive in 2017 or get into real kinky sh*t.
15. lizzie18
A few minutes ago, I opened an e-mail from my sister and the attachment showed beautiful landscapes.
And the music was 'Amazing Grace' !
So that would be the most recent music I listened to.
17. Carp
Already Gone by The Eagles.

Hmm. The heroine finds out her fiance is going to leave her at the altar, so she leaves him the night before. Has a whirlwind fling with the hot neighbor who lives upstairs the day of her wedding and disappears for her solo honeymoon. At a bed and breakfast owned by the hot neighbor's mom. Who shows up. Because, of course! Wacky small town hijinx!
18. Shadowspun
Hmm Born in America by Emerald Rose (a local Celtic Rock group)
so it would be a Hero or Heroine called back to one or all of the Celtic homelands for mystic purposes...
19. Cathy S
Candlemas Eve - Kate Rusby. Definitely a historical with possibly a few supernatural elements, a winter storm and the happy ending in the earliest spring.
23. LizetteH
Get it on Tonight by Montell Jordan
24. Mimi2801
Song was "California Dreamin'" by the Mamas and the Papas. Story goes like this...sweet receptionist at a talent agency run by an ogre. Late night phone call comes in for stripper to bachelor party. Sweetie decides to take on the job herself, only to find that Ogre is in attendance. Fearing for her job, she dons a wig and heavy makeup, thinking that she can pull this off. Ogre immediately recognizes Sweetie, and begins to berate and degrade her. Until his brother, Hero, steps in and punches him in the nose. Hero has had a crush on Sweetie for a long time, and lusts after her body. In the ensuing melee, Sweetie vanishes. Hero threatens Ogre until he releases information re: Sweetie and how to find her. He goes to her haunts, only to be disappointed when she is nowhere to be found. He hits the beach, dreaming of what could be. The beach is still and quiet until someone trips over his prone body and lands on his chest. Guess who?
25. LadyWesley
I Am Not Throwin' Away My Shot.
26. Sophia Ryan
Home To Me, Tyrone Wells
27. Janette Powers
'Total Eclipse of the Heart' by Bonnie Tyler. Relationship implodes because of bad situation but years later the hero & heroine meet and the sparks are still there... I would give it a read.
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