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First Look: Kit Rocha’s Beyond Surrender (December 13, 2016)

Beyond Surrender by Kit Rocha

Kit Rocha
Beyond Surrender (Beyond Series #9)
Kit Rocha / December 13, 2016 / $4.99 digital

Can you believe this is it? There is no other dystopian romance series on the market that is more powerful, more starkly drawn and developed, nor more wildly sexy than Kit Rocha’s Beyond series, and with Beyond Surrender, not only is war between the sectors and the city compound Eden finally realized, but it’s also O’Kane princess Nessa and Sector Five’s groomed hero leader Ryder’s long-awaited love story. It’s darkness and urgency, passion and uncertainty, beginnings and endings. And it’s a testament to the family gang that Rocha has created that, no matter what’s coming next in this world, will make it awfully hard to say good-bye.

We’ve been itching for Nessa and Ryder’s story since their explosive introduction lit up the page in Nessa’s whiskey distillery in the previous book. Nessa, “the heart of O’Kane’s empire”—because of her OG status and her brilliance with hand-crafting the liquor that’s made them famous—is also the equivalent of the little sister with a bunch of scary, intense, big brothers to ward off any guy who got too close. But Ryder’s a force of his own, the man who hails from Sector Eight under the guidance of the only leader who prepared for every aspect of the inevitable war with Eden and then took over Sector Five through sheer will. He’s an outsider, unintimidated by anything except what comes after this grand plan and what dreaming looks like, so he’s the perfect fit for effervescent, hopeful Nessa. And it’s important to remember that in the midst of such destruction, they’re the light here.

She stepped closer and tossed the tablet onto the table next to him. “You taking a break between important war stuff?”

“Something like that.” He stared at the soft line of her neck where it sloped into her shoulder. “This could be our last night—here, alive, on Earth, all of it.”

It’s the finale book with the most going on and could have easily been another couple hundred pages, but whereas earlier books in the series are more introspective, this one is all action. There are layered attacks, multi-level strategies, and an ensemble through and through. Everyone has a part to play in the greatest war the sectors have ever known, and they’re all here, the whole family. It’s also fascinating the careful degree to which Rocha has fleshed out all of the sectors through the course of the series, each and every one unique and essential to a functioning, healthy society. And it’s wonderful to see leaders emerge from within Sector Four who are now taking over other sectors and helping them all to thrive. There’s just one big obstacle—the pristine, oppressive “utopia,” Eden.

If the end was coming for her, she was going to face it like an O’Kane—fighting to squeeze the joy out of every damn second she had left.

And if it wasn’t, she’d face that like an O’Kane, too. And fight for what she wanted.

Can’t say much, but even the smallest losses will be felt. That’s a fact, because of how much each and every character we’ve met matters, and no doubt the world the O’Kanes know has changed, but they’re still the heart. We could live amongst the O’Kanes forever, where having each other’s back and loving one another are the crucial tenets—and in our modern world, that sounds heavenly—but knowing that the sectors still stand and we get to spin off to explore Sector One next in the land of Gideon’s Riders sounds pretty great in the capable hands of Kit Rocha. 


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